The Secret of NIMH (1982) Poster

Peter Strauss: Justin



  • Jenner : I learned this much: take what you can, when you can.

    Justin : Then you have learned nothing.

  • Jenner : Hear me! The Thorn Valley Plan is the aspiration of idiots and dreamers! We...

    [sees Justin] 

    Jenner : We were just talking about you.

    Justin : That's refreshing, Jenner, usually you're screaming about us.

  • Justin : It was you. You did it. You killed Nicodemus. That was no accident.

    Jenner : Yes. I killed him.

  • Justin : [Sneaks up behind Mr. Ages and covers his eyes]  Reveal thy name.

    Mr. Ages : Justin, you featherhead! Get your hands off me!

  • Justin : [after battling Jenner]  Friends, tonight we journey to Thorn Valley. We will leave no tracks - no evidence that the rats of NIMH ever existed. Come...

  • Justin : It's Jenner. He's at it again.

    Mr. Ages : There blows an ill wind!

    Justin : He's before the Grand Council now. This time he's attacking Nicodemus openly.

    Mr. Ages : And the plan, no doubt.

    Justin : Nothing will come of it. I'll pass.

    Mr. Ages : Beware, boy, he's dangerous! He'll be the undoing of the rats of NIMH.

  • Billy Fitzgibbons : Mom don't let the cat in yet, I've caught a mouse.

    Mrs. Fitzgibbons : A mouse?

    Billy Fitzgibbons : Can I keep it, can I?

    Mrs. Fitzgibbons : No silly um, put it outside.

    Justin : Damn.

    Billy Fitzgibbons : Aww mom please? I can feed it the portion ok.

    Mrs. Fitzgibbons : Oh alright, come on junior.

    Justin : I'll have to come back for you later.

  • Jenner : The plan is nothing but folly, a doddering old fool's fantasy! Nicodemus would have us destroy this colony only to lead us to starvation in some wilderness!

    Justin : He! Good old Jenner.

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