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Bruce Boxleitner: Alan Bradley, Tron



  • Alan Bradley : [about the digitizing laser]  Great. Can it send me to Hawaii?

    Lora : Yep, but you gotta purchase your program 30 days in advance. How's it going upstairs?

    Alan Bradley : Frustrating. I had Tron almost ready, when Dillinger cut everyone with Group-7 access out of the system. I tell you ever since he got that Master Control Program, the system's got more bugs than a bait store.

    Dr. Walter Gibbs : [laughs]  You've got to expect some static. After all, computers are just machines; they can't think.

    Alan Bradley : Some programs will be thinking soon.

    Dr. Walter Gibbs : Won't that be grand? Computers and the programs will start thinking and the people will stop.

  • Tron : We made it!... this far.

  • Alan Bradley : You invented Space Paranoids?

    Kevin Flynn : Paranoids, Matrix Blaster, Vice Squad, a whole slew of them. I was this close to starting my own little enterprise, man. But enter another software engineer. Not so young, not so bright, but very very sneaky. Ed Dillinger. So one night, our boy Flynn, he goes to his terminal, tries to read up his file. I get nothing on there, it's a big blank. Okay, now we take you three months later. Dillinger presents ENCOM with five video games, that's *he's* invented. The slime didn't even change the names, man! He gets a big, fat promotion. And thus begins his meteoric rise to... what is he now, Executive V.P.?

    Lora : Senior exec.

    Kevin Flynn : *Senior* exec...?


    Kevin Flynn : Meanwhile, the kids are putting eight million quarters *a week* into Paranoids machines. I don't see a dime except what I squeeze out of here.

    Alan Bradley : I still don't understand why you want to break into the system.

    Kevin Flynn : *Because*, man, *somewhere* in one of these memories is the *evidence*! If I got in far enough, I could reconstruct it!

  • Ed Dillinger : What's the project you're working on?

    Alan Bradley : Well, it's called Tron. It's a security program itself, actually. It monitors all contacts between our system and other systems. It finds anything going on that's not scheduled, it shuts it down. I sent you a memo on it.

    Ed Dillinger : Part of the Master Control Program?

    Alan Bradley : No, it'll run independently. It can watchdog the MCP as well.

  • Kevin Flynn : Alan?

    Tron : Where did you hear that name?

    Kevin Flynn : Well that's your name, isn't it?

    Tron : The name of my User. How did you know?

    Kevin Flynn : I'm a program from a User that knows Alan.

  • Sark : [to Tron]  I don't know how you survived, slave. It doesn't matter. Prepare to terminate.

    [throws his disc repeatedly at Tron, who blocks every throw] 

    Sark : You should've joined me; we'd have made a great team!

    [Tron is being visibly worn down by repeated blocking with his own disc] 

    Sark : You're very persistent, Tron!

    Tron : I'm also better than you...

    [throws his own disc at Sark; it shears through Sark's blocking disc AND the Game-Master's helmet. As Tron's disc returns to him, he catches it] 

    Tron : ... Consider that a present from Ram.

  • Ram : You really think the Users are still there?

    Tron : They better be. I don't wanna bust out of here and find nothing but a lot of cold circuits waiting for me.

  • Alan Bradley : [about Flynn]  The best programmer ENCOM ever saw, and he winds up playing space cowboy in some backroom.

  • [last lines] 

    Alan Bradley : [to Lora]  Try to look official. Here comes the boss.

    [helicopter lands] 

    Kevin Flynn : [to helicopter pilot]  Pick me up in an hour. Thanks.

    Kevin Flynn : [to Alan and Lora]  Greetings, programs.

    [hugs them] 

  • Kevin Flynn : It's time I leveled with you. I'm what you guys call a User.

    Yori : You're a User?

    Kevin Flynn : I took a wrong turn somewhere.

    Tron : If you are a User, then everything you've done has been according to a plan.

    Kevin Flynn : Ha! You wish! Well, you know what it was like. You just keep doin' what it looks like what you're supposed to be doin', no matter how crazy it seems.

    Tron : Well, that's the way it is for programs, yes.

    Kevin Flynn : I hate to disappoint you, pal, but most of the time, that's the way it is for Users too.

    Tron : Stranger and stranger.

  • Kevin Flynn : You were never much for small talk, were you?

    [to Alan] 

    Kevin Flynn : She still leave her clothes all over the floor?

    Lora : Flynn!

    Alan Bradley : No!

    Lora : Alan!

    Alan Bradley : I mean, not that often.

    Lora : Now you can see why all his friends are 14 years old!

    Kevin Flynn : Touche, touche.

  • Tron : [to Dumont]  My User has information that could... that could make this a free system again! No, really! You'd have programs lined up just to use this place, and no MCP looking over your shoulder.

  • Ram : [about Flynn]  The new guy was asking about you.

    Tron : It's too bad he's in a match now. I'll probably never meet him.

    Ram : You might. There's something different about him.

  • Blue Leader : This is Blue Leader to Blue Bikes. Run these guys into your jet walls.

    Blue Bike #1 : Copy Blue Leader.

    Blue Bike #2 : Copy Blue Leader.

    Tron : This is Gold-1 to Gold-2 and 3. Split up. Take them one-on-one.

    Blue Leader : Watch it! Watch it!

    Blue Bike #1 : [Tron corners him between a light wall and his own trail]  Aah!

    Blue Leader : Taking him into the maze.

    Kevin Flynn : This is it. Come on. Gold-3 to Gold-2 and 1. I'm getting out of here right now, and you guys are invited.

    Ram : Got it.

    Tron : Ready?

    Ram : Ready!

    Tron : So long, suckers!

    Kevin Flynn : Greetings, programs!

    Announcer : Video game warriors escaping game grid. This is an illegal exit. You must return to game grid. Repeat! This is an illegal exit. You must return to the grid.

    Ram : Gold-3 to Gold-2. Those demons are coming down.

    Sark : Get them! Send out every game tank in the grid!

    [knocks his lieutenant down] 

    Sark : Get them!

  • Tron : This is the key to a new order. This code disk means freedom.

  • Lora : You know, Flynn has been thinking of breaking into the system ever since Dillinger canned him. And he had Group 7 access.

    Alan Bradley : [sour]  Flynn had access to you too.

  • [an exhausted Flynn slumps towards the energy beam guiding the Solar Sailor; Tron rushes forward and prevents Flynn from falling into the beam] 

    Kevin Flynn : [groggily]  Did we make it?

    Tron : [nods]  Yeah.

    Kevin Flynn : [still groggy]  Hooray for our side.

  • Alan Bradley : Flynn, are you embezzling?

    Kevin Flynn : "Embezzling" is such an ugly word, Mr. Bradley.

  • Ed Dillinger : We've had to shut down all Group 7 personnel, just briefly security. Someone with that access has been tampering.

    Alan Bradley : I hope you don't think it's me. I don't even balance my checkbook on downtime. I have an abacus at home for that.

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