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True in integrity, under-appreciated vehicle
mransom1 February 2000
It was as easy to get "into" Casablanca, the 1983 TV series, as it was to get into the original 1942 movie. David Soul was surprisingly engaging as Rick Blaine. The series' plots were interesting enough, and the characters well developed. Just I continually lose myself in the '42 film, I always lost myself into the TV series mosaic each week. Alas, mine was apparently not the opinion shared by most Americans. A never-cultivated audience worked to see the show's production in only one season. Too bad. Maybe someday another like it will rise up -- and stay.
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Great attention to detail
dJohnActor17 November 2002
This short-lived series (6 episodes shot, only 4 aired in the US) is meticulous on detail. Rick's Cafe and the Blue Parrot are recreated to a tee at the Burbank Studios. The supporting cast is superb and the production crew are consumate professionals rich in the history of filmmaking: Ralph Senensky is a true actors' director with over 40 years experience in television directing (from Dr. Kildare to Hart to Hart). Joe Biroc is legendary as cinematographer (remember It's a Wonderful Life)? And "Shotgun" as makeup artist rounded out a consummate filmmaking team.
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Play It Again!
jimpmeyering16 January 2005
As I recall, and my memory (is not what it use to be), this television series was about the good old war-time adventures in an exotic locale called Casablanca (house white). The actors were especially trying and the audience (TVland) showed appropriate appreciation. Surprisingly the dialogs had a wonderful old-timey crackle about them. Remarkable for it's remarkable supporting cast (except "Scatmen" Crothers.) The Bogey character, played amply by Mr. David "Starky" Soul, was a delight week after week (four weeks). Hopefully the DVD version will include the "lost" episodes. Authentic in every other way, the show was alas, marred by Mr. Soul's too-tight trousers.
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