Just Good Friends (TV Series 1983–1986) Poster


Paul Nicholas: Vince Pinner



  • Vince Pinner : Pen, what's wrong with you?

    Penny Warrender : Can't you tell?

    Vince Pinner : What?

    Penny Warrender : God, what a zonko! Vincent, you are the most cretinous, slow-witted, irritating moron that I've ever come across.

    Vince Pinner : Don't mince words with me, Pen. Have you got something to say?

  • Stan : 'ere let me ask you something, who's in charge here?

    Vince Pinner : Go on, Stan. I ain't heard this one.

    Stan : You are the assistant manager, I make the decisions.

    Vince Pinner : Stanley, so far today you've decided to turn down good business, give fraud a bad name, and to accept a bet on an elephant race. In my opinion you are to bookmaking what Wayne Sleep is to rugby league. No offence.

  • Norman Warrender : Amazing article in this magazine. Were you aware that 76% of women in the over 40s group have only ever made love to one man in their entire life?

    Vince Pinner : Really, does it give his name?

  • Penny Warrender : What have you been doing with yourself today, hmm?

    Vince Pinner : Well, I've been window shopping. Looking for new bedding, that sort of thing.

    Daphne Warrender : [sarcastically]  Pity the army surplus store has closed down.

    Vince Pinner : Yes. I imagine you must miss it terribly, Daphne.

  • Penny Warrender : Graham, this is Vince. Vince, Graham.

    Graham Perry : It's a pleasure to meet you.

    Vince Pinner : Yeah, I suppose it must be.

  • Graham Perry : I'm a vegan.

    Vince Pinner : You'd never guess it.

    Graham Perry : Do you know what a vegan is, Vince?

    Penny Warrender : Of course he knows what a vegan is, don't you, Vince?

    Vince Pinner : Absolutely, I never missed an episode of Star Trek.

  • Penny Warrender : Do you mind if I have a wine?

    Vince Pinner : Why not, it's all you've been doing since you got here.

  • Vince Pinner : Pen, what I have to say isn't going to be easy. So would you just for this once allow me to speak without interrupting? You see, Pen...

    Penny Warrender : What do you mean interrupting? I never interrupt.

    Vince Pinner : No. I must be thinking of someone else.

    Penny Warrender : Yes, you must.

  • Penny Warrender : The very first night we met you tried your luck.

    Vince Pinner : Nothing happened between us for a long time.

    Penny Warrender : Only because I wouldn't allow it. I'd known you for exactly one hour. You'd bought me a coca-cola and tried to undo my bra. I can remember thinking "I'm glad I didn't order a Bacardi with it".

  • Vince Pinner : She loves me, Pen.

    Penny Warrender : Yes, but what about me?

    Vince Pinner : She's never met you but I think you'd get on like a house on fire.

  • [Penny is cuddling up to Vince on the sofa] 

    Penny Warrender : [tenderly and seductively]  I used to dream about you. I used to dream about your body.

    Vince Pinner : [surprised]  Did you?

    Penny Warrender : [laughing]  I used to dream the police came round and asked me to identify it!

  • [Les is telling Vince about a villain that he stood up to] 

    Les Pinner : He used to be an enforcer for the Kray Brothers - till they sacked him for being too aggressive. He knew I was earning and he wanted his cut. Now unlike you, Vincent, I ain't never been a fighting man. But I knew I had a straight choice. I either paid him what he wanted and had him on my back for the rest of my natural, or I fronted him out. And that's what I did. I was scared, petrified, but I stood up to him. And do you know what? I discovered I had an inner strength. It was as if it weren't me fighting - it was another feller, stronger than me, who had no fear. Every blow was considered in a calm and clinically violent way. George Fimbo never came near or by that yard again.

    Vince Pinner : And were you hurt?

    Les Pinner : Hurt? Three months in a convalescent home, eighteen months before I could walk without a stick!

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