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DVD Review: "Hitler's S.S.: Portrait Of Evil" (1986) Starring John Shea, Bill Nighy And Tony Randall

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By Doug Oswald

“Hitler’s SS: A Portrait of Evil” is a 1986 made-for TV movie telling the fictional story of Helmut (Bill Nighy) and Karl Hoffmann (John Shea), brothers who become a part of Hitler’s rise to power in Germany. The movie opens in 1931 as we meet the brothers, their family, friends and associates. Hoping they can sway and minimalize the radical elements through their intellect and character, Helmut and Karl willingly join the Nazi Party.

The Hoffmann brothers are eager participants in the Nazi party early on as their mother Gerda (Carroll Baker) provides worried commentary. Factory worker Karl joins the Sa while his university student brother Helmut is coaxed into joining the SS by fencing instructor Reinhard Heydrich (David Warner), much to the objection of his mentor and Jewish professor Ludwig Rosenberg (Jose Ferrer). Tony Randall is interesting appearing as a comic performer for the Nazis known as Putzi.
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What happened to the cast of Jurassic Park? Sam Neill and co-stars 22 years later

What happened to the cast of Jurassic Park? Sam Neill and co-stars 22 years later
Jurassic World is shattering box office records across the globe, but what happened to the stars of the movie that kick-started it all? Steven Spielberg's 1993 classic Jurassic Park was flawlessly cast, mixing well-known stars and fresh faces in a perfect blockbuster thrill-ride.

With Jurassic World overhauling its stars entirely (just two remain from the original), we take a look back to find out what the stars of Jurassic Park are doing now...

Sam Neill

Already a well-known star when he appeared in Jurassic Park, Neill won himself a fresh fanbase playing Alan Grant, a palaeontologist invited to see John Hammond's breathtaking park up close.

A one-time contender to play James Bond, Neill's early credits include espionage series Reilly: Ace of Spies, Dead Calm and The Hunt for Red October. In the years after Jurassic Park he notched up roles in Event Horizon, The Tudors and Peaky Blinders. Neill
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Jim Goddard obituary

Prolific television and film director whose output included the internationally successful 1983 drama Kennedy

Jim Goddard, who has died aged 77, was among the most prolific and distinguished television drama directors of his generation. Bleak and violent atmosphere and vivid characterisation were the hallmarks of his more than 200 distinctive works over the course of four decades. His Kennedy (1983) was shown simultaneously on Us network television, in the UK and Germany, and achieved the highest recorded viewing figures to that date for a televised drama.

Goddard's work included the 13-part drama Fox (1980), Reilly: Ace of Spies (1983) and The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (1982), the early Channel 4 version of the RSC production. The power and visual immediacy of his directorial style owed as much to arthouse film as it did to his abilities as a painter. Indeed, he never forsook painting, which he studied at the Slade in London, or his love of set design,
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