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Alternate Versions

The rare laserdisc version (released by Image Entertainment in 1995) is advertised as being a director's cut. This version runs 127mins, is widescreen in its proper ratio of 1:75:1 and has a commentary track by director Nicholas Meyer. At the time of this release full versions of the film were not readily available. So it stands to chance this director's cut is actually the same as the current mgm dvd (US region 1) as far as content and running time goes, with the exception of the widescreen format and commentary track which so far has only be found on this laserdisc.
The German EuroVideo DVD runs 115 min.
Originally filmed at 3 hours, the original release version (which ran in European theatres and later worldwide on home video) ran 126 minutes. The network telecast version (available for a time on LaserDisc) ran 120 minutes. Heavily edited for later telecast showings. Most current video cassette and disc versions run the full 126-minute length.
First broadcast without commercial interruption after the nuclear attack sequence.
In the original broadcast, in an effort to be "contemporary", the radio address by the President of the US was given by a voice that was a mimic of Ronald Reagan. This apparently offended a lot of people. In subsequent broadcasts, and on the video release, the voice was changed to a more generic, non-identifiable voice.
The Brazilian (South American) version is re-edited. Most of the military stock footage is removed, while many of the other scenes are extended. This version is more intense with added scenes of burn and radiation sickness victims.

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