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Alternate Versions

Some television versions include additional footage after the original downbeat ending, showing Eva Cuza (Alberta Watson) turn around, entering the Keep and finding the body of Glaecen (Scott Glenn), dead after the final battle with Molasar. Eva hugs Glaeken, who is revived by the power of her love.
In the theatrical version, there is a scene in which Eva looks past Glaeken into a mirror behind him, and sees that he casts no reflection. Later, she sees that he as turned the mirror around. These scenes are missing from various video and cable versions.
The theatrical trailer shows some deleted and extended scenes: Longer conversation between Woermann and Alexandru in which Woermann says that the keep looks like it was build to keep something in. Longer version of the scene where Molasar is talking with Dr.Cuza for the first time, also in this scene Cuza asks Molasar "What are you?" one more time. Glaeken talking with Eva asking her did she find what she was looking for and did she expect to find him. Glaeken touching Eva's face while she asks "What's happening to me?". Glaeken walking inside the Keep with his eyes turning white. Longer version of the ending where Glaeken is standing at the entrance of the keep looking over Molasar's fog. Different version of the scene (different visual effects) where Glaeken is walking towards the room where Molasar is waiting for him, in this alternate scene Glaeken's sword is covered with some glowing grey light.
Another TV version features a different ending where Glaeken is seen carrying the dead Molasar in his arms in the inner chamber of the Keep.
A strangely edited version that appeared on Channel 39 in Houston, TX around 1989 had a scene where Glaeken is telling Eva that it has been so long that he couldn't remember what he looked like anymore. That version ended with Glaeken alive at the bottom of the gorge, wounded after his battle with Molasar, crawling to the stream there and seeing his reflection.
The more upbeat ending showing Eva and Glaeken alive together is closer to the ending in the novel by F. Paul Wilson.

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