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Ian McKellen: Dr. Theodore Cuza



  • Dr. Theodore Cuza : I don't know what it is and I don't care. He is like a hammer! He can help smash them!

    Eva Cuza : What are you talking about? We're dealing with a Golem! A devil!

    Dr. Theodore Cuza : A devil? Now you listen to me! The devil in the Keep wears a black uniform and has a death's head in his cap, and calls himself a "Sturmbannführer"!

  • [Molasar appears and talks to the frightened Dr. Cuza] 

    Molasar : You have... death around you.

    Dr. Cuza : Your hands?

    [points at Molasar's powerful hands that touched him last time and healed him] 

    Molasar : No.

    Dr. Cuza : Then, what you sense is my fate in a death camp?

    Molasar : A place where people gather to die?

    Dr. Cuza : A place where people are murdered!

    Molasar : [loud]  My people are murdered?

    Dr. Cuza : Yes! And others, from all over Europe!

    Molasar : [angry]  Who does this?

    Dr. Cuza : Their leader... in Berlin. And the soldiers in black.

    Molasar : [screams]  I WILL DESTROY THEM! I will consume their lives...

    Dr. Cuza : When could you do this?

    Molasar : When I am complete. In two nights. If... I can leave this place.

    Dr. Cuza : Why couldn't you?

    Molasar : Because an object of mine, the origin of my power, must be removed from the Keep and hidden in these mountains and kept save from people here... and from anyone who may come here. It must be done by someone I can trust... like you. Only then can I leave the Keep and destroy the soldiers in black and their leaders. Will you carry this object... out of here... for me?

    [Molasar touches Dr. Cuza on the shoulder like a friend] 

    Dr. Cuza : Yes.

  • Captain Klaus Woermann : [looks at picture of young man]  Who's this?

    Dr. Cuza : My son. He died in Spain. Five years ago this month. Fighting on the republican side. Where you in Spain?

    Captain Klaus Woermann : If I were, I would have been in the Thälmann brigade. The anti-fascist Germans. Your son and I, we would have been fighting on the same side.

    [with sadness] 

    Captain Klaus Woermann : But, no, I wasn't.

  • Dr. Theodore Cuza : There is a stranger at the Inn, he asks questions... I believe he's connected to the people who pay for the Keep's maintenance.

  • Major Kaempffer : [whispers]  I will tell you something if you allow me. The people that go to these "assessment camps"... There are only two doors. One in and one out... The one out is a chimney.

    Dr. Cuza : [Dr. Cuza gets upset and screams] 

    Major Kaempffer : You better find a way to be of use to me in three days. Three days. Or back to the camps go you... and your daughter.

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