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Sex & Nudity

  • A man stares at a woman's breast through her shirt. The camera zooms in on her erect nipple. He grabs her and takes off her shirt while they kiss passionately (both breasts are visible). They begin to have sex against a sliding glass door. The woman's breasts are pressed against the glass.
  • A woman is seen taking a shower. Breasts, pubic hair, and buttocks are shown. A man takes of his shirt and pants and enters the shower with her. They begin to kiss passionately.
  • A woman enters a temple wearing very few clothing.

Violence & Gore

  • Over-the-top and absurd violence and gore throughout.
  • A man's skin begins to deform and melt. Large, white bubbles form around his face and arms and pop due to their ridiculous size.
  • A man removes the crown off of a slimy, rotting skull to reveal it's brain.
  • A man rips of the head of a chicken and pours it's blood over a collection of alligator skulls.
  • A Buddhist monk hammers a spike into a bat's chest. The bat's body later decomposes, leaving only it's skeleton.
  • Men are punched and kicked in the face during the boxing scenes, causing them to spew blood and leaving their faces bruised and swollen.
  • A group of men slice open a dead alligator's chest and begin removing it's organs. They then place a corpse inside the hollowed out reptile and stitch it back up.
  • A man vomits a large slug-like creature in his bathroom sink.
  • A man cuts open his forearm and later stitches it back up.
  • A few scenes where large needles are inserted into people's eyes.
  • Several scenes where men eat disgusting edibles and vomit them back up. One scene in particular shows three men eating foods them throwing them back up, only to be eaten again shortly thereafter by someone else.
  • A slimy, green alien-like head emerges from a bubbling pile of disgusting goop. The head begins to float towards a man. The man uses magic to cause the head to explode.
  • Several scenes of heads and bodies melting or decomposing.
  • A woman summons large, fuzzy maggots that begin to crawl into a man's ears and nose.
  • A man uses magic to cause a woman's skin to melt. Her veins and arteries are exposed as a puddle of blue blood begins to form underneath her.
  • A group of men carry a body covered in maggots and worms.
  • A man emerges from a lake covered in leeches.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man hallucinates that there are maggots in his eyes.
  • Many scenes where people are killed in horrific and disgusting ways.
  • Occasional scenes where statues of demons have glowing red eyes.
  • Many scenes involving monsters, demons, spiders, bats, insects, and reptiles.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A naked woman is brought back from the dead through black magic. Her breasts and pubic hair are visible.

Violence & Gore

  • A man sticks two needles through his neck, causing his head to rip off his shoulders. There are long, stringy red veins dangling from the bottom of the severed head. The head begins to attack another man by wrapping the stretchy veins around his head and lifting him off the ground.
  • Three blobs of slime (containing what appears to be fetuses) emerge out of a corpse. Three men then emerge from the blobs, covered in white goop. One of the men pulls out a knife and stabs himself in the chest. The other two slice open their wrists and pour their blood into the man's chest. The three of them die. Suddenly, three tiny monsters with long necks and eyeballs for heads crawl out of the first man's chest and start to attack another man.

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