The Right Stuff (1983) Poster

Kim Stanley: Pancho Barnes


  • Girl at Pancho's : I just noticed that a fancy pilot like Slick over there doesn't have his picture on your wall. What do you have to do to get your picture up there anyway?

    Pancho Barnes : You have to die, sweetie.

  • Pancho Barnes : What are you two rookies gonna have?

    Gordon Cooper : Rookies? Now hold on, sis. You are looking at a whole new ballgame here now. In fact, in a couple of years, I bet you're even gonna immortalize us by putting our pictures up there on your wall.

    [unwittingly referring to the dead pilot memorial over the bar] 

    Gordon Cooper : What? I say somethin' wrong here?

    Pancho Barnes : I tell you, we got two categories of pilots around here. We got your prime pilots that get all the hot planes, and we got your pud-knockers who dream about getting the hot planes. Now what are you two pud-knockers gonna have? Huh?

  • Chuck Yeager : [NASA recruiters are talking to test pilots]  You need lab rabbits.

    Recruiter : Sorry, I didn't get that.

    Chuck Yeager : I said you need lab rabbits to curl up in your damn capsule. With its heart going "pitter-patter". And a wire up the kazook. I don't hold with it.

    Scott Crossfield : I don't either. You want a pilot to become a balistic missile. And then splash down - possibly get lost at sea.

    Pancho Barnes : See, some peckerwood's gotta get the thing up. And some peckerwood's gotta land the son of a bitch. And that "peckerwood" is called a "pilot".

  • Pancho Barnes : Why Yeager, you old bastard. Don't just stand there like some lonesome god-damn mouse-shit sheepherder. Get your ass over here and have a drink.

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