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Meryl Streep: Karen Silkwood



  • Karen Silkwood : You think I contaminated myself, you think I did that?

    Mace Hurley : I think you'd do just about anything to shut down this plant.

  • Winston : These pills don't look like enemas to me.

    Karen Silkwood : Winston, do you know what these are? These are little tiny time capsules, like the ones you see on TV. They clear up your nasal passages for up to twelve... hours straight...

    [Karen sneezes into her hand loudly, then wipes it on Winston's lab coat] 

    Karen Silkwood : Excuse me.

    Winston : God bless you.

  • Karen Silkwood : I remember in high school her saying, 'Now what'd you want to take that science class for? There's no girls in that science class. You take home ec, why don't you? That's the way to meet the nice boys.' 'Mom,' I said, There ain't no boys in home ec. The boys are in the science class.' She hated when I said, 'Ain't.'

  • Karen Silkwood : What should I wear on the plane?

    Angela : Uh, somethin' that won't wrinkle!

    Drew Stephens : Yeah, like a shroud, maybe!

    Angela : I get sooooo tired of yer jokes...

  • Karen Silkwood : My urine sample container! Somebody put plutonium in my urine sample container!

  • Mace Hurley : We're getting a room for Dolly... we can help you, we want to help you! We can help you with a place to stay, we can help you with money!

    Karen Silkwood : [tearfully]  ... but first I have to sign somethin' right? Sayin' I did all this?

    Mace Hurley : Just in your own words what happened.

    [holds out a notebook and pen] 

    Karen Silkwood : Okay... uh, in my own words... I'm contaminated... I'm DYIN'.

    [Karen drives away through the crowd of rubberneckers in a rage, and Hurley glares at her car worriedly] 

  • Karen Silkwood : I work in metallography, and uh... well, um, quite frequently we have negatives altered.

  • [Karen is digging through a filing cabinet, trying to find the film negatives and records from the plant. When she turns around she sees Morgan next to her and nearly screams] 

    Karen Silkwood : [gasps]  Morgan!... jesus you scared me!

    Morgan : Had to.

    Karen Silkwood : ...I'm doin' somethin' good.

    Morgan : I know what you're doing, and you're the wrong person to be doing it. It's dangerous... that's all I'm going to say.

  • Drew Stephens : Sweetheart, it's like you're two people. I'm in love with one of them. But the other one is just...

    Karen Silkwood : A real pain in the ass.

  • Paul Stone : I don't think it's the smartest, getting involved.

    Karen Silkwood : We already got involved.

  • Karen Silkwood : What's that?

    Winston : ...Well, what do you want with it?

    [Karen licks his finger and dips it in Winston's sandwich] 

    Karen Silkwood : Mystery meat, hmm?

    Winston : There's no mystery!

  • Karen Silkwood : [about her kids]  I had 'em in the car... I could've just driven away with 'em and headed straight for Oklahoma...

    Drew Stephens : What would you have done with them?

    Karen Silkwood : ...I don't know...

  • [first lines] 

    Man on the intercom : Name?

    Karen Silkwood : Karen Silkwood.

    Drew Stephens : Drew Stephens.

    Dolly Pelliker : Dolly Pelliker.

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