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Season 8

24 Dec. 1991
A Bun in the Oven
Two years have elapsed and it is now September 1943. The airmen have escaped to England and Bertorelli and the Italian troops have withdrawn. Rene's hopes for peace and quiet are, however, dashed as Yvette announces her pregnancy. With the war now seeming to turn against Germany, Von Klinkerhoffen considers assassinating Hitler. Gruber and Von Strohm hope to sell the original painting and flee to Spain so they get Helga to steal it. To ensure her cut when the sale goes ahead she 'removes' one of the Fallen Madonna's boobies as her insurance.
5 Jan. 1992
Arousing Suspicions
Michelle wants Rene to set up a mobile radio station to broadcast propaganda, the parts of which will be dropped by plane. Unfortunately they fall down one of the chateau's chimneys. Happily a Spanish flamenco group are booked to perform there so Rene and his staff impersonate them. Gruber is aware that the real dance troupe contains a Spanish art expert to whom he is to give a photograph of the painting for copying, but he gives it to Alphonse by mistake.
12 Jan. 1992
A Woman Never Lies
Herr Flick gives Helga a truth serum.
19 Jan. 1992
Hitler's Last Heil
When Michelle hears Hitler and Göring will be coming to Nouvion, she plans to blow them up. Meanwhile, it's René's birthday.
26 Jan. 1992
Awful Wedded Wife
The colonel and Gruber decide to make a down payment on the ransom while Helga is still trying to get Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen out of jail.
2 Feb. 1992
Firing Squashed
Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen face the firing squad for robbing the pay truck.
9 Feb. 1992
A Fistful of Francs
Von Klinkerhoffen orders Gruber and Colonel Von Strohm to dress up as Hitler and Göring pretending to leave town so he can catch any Resistance group that tries to attack them.
1 Mar. 1992
Swan Song
After the colonel and Gruber find out Von Klinkerhoffen will get the photo of Gruber with the painting, they plan to flee to Spain.

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