G.I. Joe (TV Series 1985–1986) Poster


Mary McDonald-Lewis: Lady Jaye, Buto, Cobra Trooper, Female Scientist, Jimmy, Madame Vail, Mara, Miss Henderhaunch


  • Tomax : No! Please don't.

    [Flint heaves Tomax over his head and starts spinning him in the air. Tomax starts spinning on the ground and screaming] 

    Xamot : Stop!

    Lady Jaye : What's going on? I didn't even touch him.

    Flint : They must be telepathic. Whenever one of them feels something the other one feels it.

  • [a polar bear has gone to sleep on board a G.I. Joe boat] 

    Lady Jaye : You're not just gonna let him nap there, are you, Duke?

    Duke : I have a policy about ten foot bears. Lady, as far as I'm concerned, they can sleep anywhere they want!

  • Destro : The ion attractor generates forces strong enough to pull down the Aurora Borealis, the ions melt the ice, eventually raising the water level eighty feet around the world. Every coastal city will be flooded! And then with the world in chaos, Cobra strikes!

    Lady Jaye : Brilliant, Destro! I bet you'd take first prize at the science fair!

    Destro : Beware, Lady Jaye! With so sharp a tongue you could cut your own throat!

  • Lady Jaye : Maybe we have an ancestor in common?

    Destro : I find that to be most distasteful.

  • Flint : I'm hoping they'd?

    Mainframe : Hi, Flint.

    Flint : I was hoping they'd get here without...

    Lady Jaye : You were hoping they'd get here without what, Flint?

    Flint : Without being too conspicuous.

  • Lady Jaye : [as she looks at the guys sheepishly out the lady's change room door]  Could someone please pass me my pants? I'm a little too big for my britches.

  • Flint : [Looking at his chopstick with squid on the end]  They don't seriously expect us to eat this do they?

    Lady Jaye : Come on Flint. Keep an opened mind.

    Flint : My mind is opened... It's my mouth that's closed.

    Lady Jaye : Come on you guys. You'll insult our hosts.

  • Flint : [swimming away]  You don't need it!

    [Fish hits him in the face] 

    Lady Jaye : [laughing]  Turn off the charm, Flint! You're liable to attract a whale!

  • Flint : [pointing to Baroness on her speeder boat]  There!

    Baroness, Mongolian Warrior, Sandy : [Pulls off her mask, puts on her glasses]  All's fair in love and war!

    [Blows him a kiss as she escapes on her speeder boat] 

    Baroness, Mongolian Warrior, Sandy : It could have been WONDERFUL, Flint!

    [Flint waves good bye to her as she escapes with an incredulous but wry grin] 

    Lady Jaye : Are you SURE that stuff wore off?

    [Flint hugs her, gives her a kiss] 

  • Flint : Lady Jaye! I... I was worried about you.

    Lady Jaye : That doesn't exactly make me unhappy, you know.

    [awkward pause, then they hug] 

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