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Season 4

2 Oct. 1986
The Next Voice You Hear...
In this pivotal episode in the series, a long lost letter is delivered to Harry from his mother who abandoned him. After learning she's passed away, he receives a visit from his stepfather, Buddy, who was married to her for twenty-three years. This is the first of many episodes to feature Buddy, played by the wonderful John Astin, known for his role as Gomez on the original Addams Family. More importantly, this is the episode that introduces Roz, the third female bailiff (following Selma Diamond and Florence Halop), who completes the final character lineup that will ...
9 Oct. 1986
Giving Thanks
Dan saves Christine from choking in the cafeteria. Convinced that she owes him her life, Christine asks how she can repay him. His answer is simple: sleep with him.
16 Oct. 1986
Author, Author
Bull is horrified to be told that his entry in a children's book contest was unintentionally violent, horrifying, and obscene. He breaks both hands punching holes in the wall, then goes to hide at the Natural History Museum. Dan is enticed by a woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder whose personality switches without warning from a prude to a sexpot, and back again.
30 Oct. 1986
Halloween II: The Return of Leon
Leon returns to Manhattan, but threatens to run away again if Harry reports him to the authorities. Dan plans to crash District Attorney Daniels's Halloween party.
6 Nov. 1986
Dan's Operation: Part 1
Dan is hospitalized for surgery on a minor ulcer, but refuses to stay in the hospital. Insisting on returning to work, he eventually collapses and must return to the hospital in an even more serious condition. After foolishly attempting relations with Sheila while in his hospital bed, he falls into a coma.
13 Nov. 1986
Dan's Operation: Part 2
Dan awakens from his coma, and Harry confronts him about his selfish and self-destructive behavior.
20 Nov. 1986
The New Judge
Harry's temporary replacement carries a huge revolver with him everywhere he goes. When the new judge offers Dan a bribe, Dan becomes the reluctant pawn in a sting operation.
27 Nov. 1986
Contempt of Courting
While Harry's away a female judge fills in for him. And Christine talks back to her in court which leads to her being thrown in jail. Harry returns just as Christine's being taken away. Harry goes to see her and suggests that she apologize to the judge but she refuses. Harry offers to talk to the judge. And in the end, Harry spends the night with her. And when Christine learns about it she feels betrayed.
4 Dec. 1986
Dan quickly goes to pieces when an earthquake traps him in an elevator with Roz and a pair of sumo wrestlers.
11 Dec. 1986
Prince of a Guy
A woman arrested for swimming naked in Central Park claims to be a princess from a tropical island; Harry is convinced to help her escape her arrogant brother, the Prince, and her arranged marriage with the trollish Ogg. Meanwhile, the prince becomes smitten with Christine.
18 Dec. 1986
New Year's Leave
On New Year's Eve, a sweet old man brought into court on a minor charge turns out to be a convicted felon who has escaped prison to visit Times Square in memory of his wife; another man runs around the courthouse in a diaper, claiming to be the spirit of the new year.
8 Jan. 1987
A sweet old lady comes into the courtroom and cheerfully confesses to murdering her husband. Harry is not sure he believes her.
15 Jan. 1987
Baby Talk
Mac goes over the edge when Quon Le spends all their money and then announces that they are having a baby.
29 Jan. 1987
The Modest Proposal
Christine is engaged to Bill, the world's most boring human being. When she gives signs of cold feet (including throwing up in Dan's briefcase) the others try to gently (or not-so-gently) talk her out of it.
5 Feb. 1987
A Day in the Life
In the first of several "day in the life" episodes, the court has to process an unusually large docket (200 cases) before midnight - in this episode, to head off a federal judge's general amnesty setting free all defendants not arraigned by then.
12 Feb. 1987
A stray dog that Harry picked up bites Dan, putting him in fear of contracting rabies.
19 Feb. 1987
Christine's Friend
Dan and Harry compete for the attentions of Christine's attractive friend Heather.
26 Feb. 1987
Caught Red Handed
Christine accuses her boss of sexual harassment; Harry and Bull participate in an elaborate scheme to get proof.
18 Mar. 1987
Dan is slapped with a paternity suit, and his supposed son shows up at the courthouse to claim his father.
25 Mar. 1987
Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson
While swearing in a group of immigrants as U.S. citizens, the gang is interrupted when Quon Le goes into labor at the same time Mac is struck down by appendicitis, and both are rushed to the hospital.
29 Apr. 1987
Her Honor: Part 1
Dan confidently expects to be nominated as a judge, but takes a blow when the committee picks Christine instead. Everyone else is happy for her, until they are told that Harry has been turned down for re-appointment.
6 May 1987
Her Honor: Part 2
Christine tries to convince Harry to fight for his job, but Harry rejects her advice, planning instead to play the ultimate prank, a stunt so outrageous and crazy that it will get the attention of the entire city.

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