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Season 7

27 Sep. 1989
Life with Buddy
Buddy is released from the mental hospital, and Harry invites him to live with him, unintentionally letting himself in for a world of aggravation. Dan hovers over a rent-controlled Park Avenue apartment, waiting eagerly for its elderly owner to pass on.
11 Oct. 1989
If I Were a Rich Man
Bull saves the life of billionaire Jordan King, earning a spare-time job with him. Overhearing the details of a real estate deal King has going, Dan swoops in and buys the land, expecting to make a killing. Meanwhile, Quon Le's devotion to her new job selling cosmetics on commission forces Mac to help her, or face bankruptcy.
18 Oct. 1989
The Cop and the Lady
Dan receives a death threat and demands police protection. Sparks fly between Christine and the undercover detective sent to the courthouse. Bull carries a video camera everywhere around with him, filming his average night for his mother.
25 Oct. 1989
Come Back to the Five and Dime, Stephen King, Stephen King
On Halloween, Mac finds a decades-old file stuck behind his desk drawer, on a case that was never finished because the defendant dropped dead in the middle of his trial. Soon, a series of poltergeist-style events convinces Harry that the man's ghost is haunting the courtroom. With the help of a medium, Harry and the staff hold a trial for a spirit.
1 Nov. 1989
Blue Suede Bull
Dan's prize new Mercedes is repossessed; after Bull has an angry argument with Rhoda, his girlfriend, he promises Dan the money he needs to get it back, if Dan takes him to a famous singles club. Christine receives a courtroom visit from a feminist judge whom she idolizes, but who gets the wrong impression when Harry asks Christine's help in performing a magic trick.
8 Nov. 1989
For Love or Money
Buddy, Harry's dad, meets a wealthy widow who was in Harry's court. At the time he's wearing a captain's outfit, which he does not explain is his work uniform. They start dating and soon Buddy tells Harry he proposed to her and wants him to marry them. Concerned that she doesn't know enough about Buddy, Harry talks to her, but she says she knows everything. But just before the wedding Christine realizes that she does not. Meanwhile, Dan has been living in his office after going broke because of a failed business deal. but the office manager finds out and gives him ...
15 Nov. 1989
Auntie Maim
Roz's pushy Aunt Ruth comes to visit her, trying for the umpteenth time to set her up with a man. Knowing that Ruth once took care of her whole family while her father was sick, Roz can't be her normally forceful self, and instead conscripts Mac to masquerade as her fiancé. A Zsa Zsa-like widow is detained at the courthouse when her diamond necklace is swallowed by another defendant's dog.
22 Nov. 1989
Attack of the Mac Snacks
Harry and Mac decide to market one of Quon Le's snack inventions. Christine has a unexpected visitor.
29 Nov. 1989
Branded: Part 1
Dan receives a job offer from the most prestigious law firm in New York, and, as a favor to the hiring partner, arranges an early hearing for the senior partner's son, who is appearing on a shoplifting charge. Dan later finds out that the boy is a repeat offender, and the job offer was a scam. Dan brings a bribery charge against the hiring partner's son, but ends up facing disbarment for blackmail.
6 Dec. 1989
Branded: Part 2
Dan is suspended from work while preparing for his disbarment hearing. Broke, he is forced to take a job waiting tables in a French restaurant under an assumed name. He has lost the will to defend himself, but his friends go to the hearing to stick up for him. Meanwhile, Roz and Christine's co-dieting is causing some weird behavior in both of them.
20 Dec. 1989
Passion Plundered
An attractive reporter comes to the courthouse to interview Harry; a jealous Dan listens to one of her tape recordings, and is shocked to find a steamy message on it. Unknown to either Harry or Dan, Christine finds out that the reporter is a lesbian, who publishes romance novels under a pseudonym.
3 Jan. 1990
Amore or Less
Christine's relationship with Tony goes through a rocky phase when his devotion to his job as a cop cuts down on their time together.
17 Jan. 1990
Razing Bull
An old vaudeville theater that Harry and Bull both remember fondly is targeted for demolition; Bull takes the extreme route and shackles himself to the front doors, while Harry tries to organize a benefit concert with the theater's old performers. In doing so, it is revealed that Mac used to be one of the Starlites.
24 Jan. 1990
A man claiming to be from the future (and armed with a working laser gun) takes the courtroom hostage, while two street punks are holding Dan. Bull tries the whole range of remedies for getting rid of his hiccups.
7 Feb. 1990
Wedding Bell Blues: Part 1
Tony announces that he is taking a job with the DEA and leaving for South America; on the spur of the moment, he proposes to Christine over dinner, and they are married in the restaurant. Meanwhile, Art is forced to leave his job during a dispute between the union and the city. In the hands of his pencil-pushing replacement, the courthouse quickly goes to pieces.
14 Feb. 1990
Wedding Bell Blues: Part 2
Trying to deal with Tony's absence, Christine discovers she is pregnant.
21 Feb. 1990
The Talk Show
Dan's girlfriend convinces him to appear as a shock-host of a talk show. Mac and Quon Le's planned vacation to Graceland encounters problems.
28 Feb. 1990
Melvin and Harold
Mel Torme can't appear at Harry's birthday party because Harry sent him to jail.
7 Mar. 1990
The Glasnost Menagerie
Harry works on a visa extension for Yakov, and Mac buys a defective washing machine.
14 Mar. 1990
I Said Dance!
Roz could be sued with the help of Bull's cousin after Bull shoots himself with her gun.
28 Mar. 1990
My Three Dads
With Tony absent, Harry, Bull, and Dan all volunteer as Christine's Lamaze coach. At their first class, Christine is tormented by visions of her child as a younger version of each of them.
4 Apr. 1990
Still Another Day in the Life
A man asks Harry to help stop the marriage of his girlfriend to another man.
11 Apr. 1990
A Closer Look
A TV reporter is watching everyone in the court and they have to be on their toes.
2 May 1990
The Blues of the Birth
Christine is stuck in an elevator as she goes into labor.

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