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8 Jan. 1987
A sweet old lady comes into the courtroom and cheerfully confesses to murdering her husband. Harry is not sure he believes her.
15 Jan. 1987
Baby Talk
Mac goes over the edge when Quon Le spends all their money and then announces that they are having a baby.
29 Jan. 1987
The Modest Proposal
Christine is engaged to Bill, the world's most boring human being. When she gives signs of cold feet (including throwing up in Dan's briefcase) the others try to gently (or not-so-gently) talk her out of it.
5 Feb. 1987
A Day in the Life
In the first of several "day in the life" episodes, the court has to process an unusually large docket (200 cases) before midnight - in this episode, to head off a federal judge's general amnesty setting free all defendants not arraigned by then.
12 Feb. 1987
A stray dog that Harry picked up bites Dan, putting him in fear of contracting rabies.
19 Feb. 1987
Christine's Friend
Dan and Harry compete for the attentions of Christine's attractive friend Heather.
26 Feb. 1987
Caught Red Handed
Christine accuses her boss of sexual harassment; Harry and Bull participate in an elaborate scheme to get proof.
18 Mar. 1987
Dan is slapped with a paternity suit, and his supposed son shows up at the courthouse to claim his father.
25 Mar. 1987
Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson
While swearing in a group of immigrants as U.S. citizens, the gang is interrupted when Quon Le goes into labor at the same time Mac is struck down by appendicitis, and both are rushed to the hospital.
29 Apr. 1987
Her Honor: Part 1
Dan confidently expects to be nominated as a judge, but takes a blow when the committee picks Christine instead. Everyone else is happy for her, until they are told that Harry has been turned down for re-appointment.
6 May 1987
Her Honor: Part 2
Christine tries to convince Harry to fight for his job, but Harry rejects her advice, planning instead to play the ultimate prank, a stunt so outrageous and crazy that it will get the attention of the entire city.
17 Sep. 1987
Her Honor: Part 3
Christine's about to start her first day as a judge but she's preoccupied with finding Harry to tell him that she convinced the Mayor to reappoint him. But he left before she could tell him and is planning some childish prank. And her first session doesn't turn out so well and she freaks out. And they try to keep anyone from finding out Harry's not around but when the Mayor calls Mac has Dan pretend to be Harry. And when someone comes to begin Harry's reappointment and when he sees Dan talking to the Mayor, he assumes Dan is Harry and he wants him to sign something ...
24 Sep. 1987
Her Honor: Part 4
As part of his grand prank, Harry prepares to hang-glide from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Statue of Liberty. He gets side-tracked when he meets Gus Melman, who's about to commit suicide by jumping. Back at the courthouse, Dan has to masquerade as Harry for his swearing-in ceremony.
15 Oct. 1987
Death of a Bailiff
Bull is struck by lightning, and is clinically dead for a few minutes. After recovering, he says God has told him to give away everything he owns to the poor.
22 Oct. 1987
Ladies Night
After Roz dumps her boyfriend, Christine tries to make friends in order to comfort her. The two end up sharing a wild night at a male strip club.
29 Oct. 1987
While practicing an escape act for his Halloween party, Harry accidentally locks himself inside a safe and nearly suffocates to death; Dan thinks it's a joke when a man in a devil costume gives him $100 in exchange for his soul, but becomes afraid when the man seems to know everything about his past life.
12 Nov. 1987
Mac's Dilemma
Mac faces a dilemma when an old Army buddy who saved his life in Vietnam asks him to delete his prior record to avoid sending him back to prison. A Japanese businessman drops dead in court, and Bull installs the body in a motorized wheelchair to take it to the morgue, leading to it wandering all around the courthouse.
19 Nov. 1987
Who Was That Mashed Man?
An aged actor famous for his Lone Ranger-type character refuses to take off his mask, even after his studio obtains a court order barring him from appearing as the character in public. He threatens to commit suicide by dropping a two-ton air conditioner on himself. Dan is tortured by the closeness of District Attorney Daniels's very sexy, very willing, and very off-limits niece, Kitty.
29 Nov. 1987
No Hard Feelings
Dan is crushed when he is afflicted by impotence. Harry hires Joy, a blind woman, as his personal assistant, whose abrasive manner drives nearly everyone to thoughts of homicide.
3 Dec. 1987
The Constitution: Part 1
Roz is diagnosed with diabetes, and the new limitations on her lifestyle lead her to quit in frustration. When she accidentally takes an overdose of insulin, she wanders around the courthouse in a delirious stage, in danger of falling into a coma or dying. Meanwhile, a crazy man holds an original draft of the Constitution hostage with a cigarette lighter.
10 Dec. 1987
The Constitution: Part 2
A delirious Roz is frolicking around on the edge of the courthouse roof, and Dan, Christine, and Roz's doctor have to talk her down to medicate her. Down in the courtroom, Harry has to stand between the crazy hostage taker and a squad of trigger-happy federal agents.
17 Dec. 1987
Let It Snow
A blizzard outside and a broken boiler inside puts the court staff and all the defendants in danger of freezing to death.

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