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During 1993-94, many episodes of the series were rebroadcast as "Transformers: Generation 2". These episodes included new main/end title sequences and computer-generated scene bumpers and enhancements.
In Germany, the series was first shown in 1989, and of the 98 episodes, only 39 were released: all of seasons 3 and 4, and a handful of episodes from the first two seasons. These were misleadingly shown out of order, giving the illusion that seasons 1 and 2 happened after Optimus Prime's return at the end of season 3 and 4. Voice actors also alternated between episodes. The dubbing studio claimed that all 98 episodes were dubbed into German, but the missing 59 episodes have never been broadcast anywhere and their German dubs are presumed lost. Later in 1994, the Generation 2 re-edit also saw a German release, consisting of the first 26 episodes. The Transformers: The Movie (1986) was dubbed into German as a sort of "pilot series" for the Generation 2 episodes, hence why it did not use the voice actors from the original '89 German dubbing.
The Region 1 Rhino DVD box set contains the first season of the series. The episodes on the DVDs are based, for the most part, on the original 35 mm film masters instead of the publicly-known 1" broadcast masters. Thus, the DVD versions contain some less "finished" versions of the episode, and there are a number of coloring and artistic differences between the DVDs and the original airings/video releases.
The following changes were made for the "Generation 2" syndication airings of the pilot episodes.
  • In the recap of the previous episode, Megatron's fusion cannon makes a really wimpy laser gun noise.
  • When Optimus introduces himself to Spike and Sparkplug, some team symbols helpfully pop up in mid-air to illustrate the differences between Autobots and Decepticons.
  • They added a window inset which makes it exceedingly obvious that Soundwave is eavesdropping when Trailbreaker explains transforming to Spike. This changes the feel of the entire scene--as though they were suggesting that Soundwave is attempting to discover the secrets of transforming (while he himself is transformed, mind you).
  • They dubbed in a new swoosh sound as Soundwave lunges for Spike.
  • In the scene change from Soundwave retreating to Prime spotting him, the animation takes on a strange greenish hue while it's inside the computer window. I think the computer animators forgot to adjust their tint settings; once the window goes away, the colors of the scene are restored.
  • When Prime is dangling on the ledge inside the power plant and Megatron asks if he has any last words, when Prime says, "None you'd wanna hear, Megatron!" they used an inset of Prime's head. The problem is, they took it from a later scene when he's back outside, so it's got a blue sky background.
  • They also added a fizzling sound when Megatron steps on Prime's hand.
  • The "green screen" effect happens again when Prime grabs Jazz's grappling cord. At the end, during the preview for part 3, they sampled the sound effect of Hound creating the holographic rocket base and reused it for the scene of Prime being blasted out of the sky by the Decepticon space cruiser.
  • The voice credits are from "More Than Meets the Eye" this time, but there is no mention of Frank Welker.
The versions of most episodes on the Region 1 DVD sets from Rhino Home Entertainment feature newly-added sound effects, incomplete/incorrect/missing animation, some incorrect main titles, and episodes in incorrect order. Also, the version of season 3's "Dark Awakening" is the one with the voice-over at the end telling viewers to watch "The Return of Optimus Prime".

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