V: The Final Battle (TV Mini-Series 1984) Poster

Michael Ironside: Ham Tyler



  • Ham Tyler : [the red dust was just successfully tested on Brian. Now Ham and Mike are wondering if it's safe for humans]  Too bad we didn't bring our little brown shirt along


    Ham Tyler : . Now we're gonna have to find another guinea pig.

    Mike Donovan : You can't just pick someone out at random, that would be murder.

    Ham Tyler : There are plenty of collaborators out there, how about your mother?

    Mike Donovan : That's cheap!

  • Ham Tyler : You know, from this distance I could almost cut him in half.

    Mike Donovan : Anything more than a flesh wound and you get the same.

  • Ruby Engels : What happened to you Mr. Tyler? How did you become someone so... dangerous?

    Ham Tyler : You make it back safely and I'll tell you the story of my life.

    Ruby Engels : I have a hunch that's worth coming back for.

  • Ham Tyler : [looking at a dead Visitor with his reptilian skin exposed]  Now that's a waste of good luggage!

  • Ham Tyler : I like to get everyone's attention. That way, I don't have to repeat myself.

  • Ham Tyler : [to Donovan after Ham and Donovan fought over releasing the red dust before an antidote was prepared]  I'd rather fight you again than tell you this. And I *don't want* to fight you again!

  • Ham Tyler : Move the M-16 or I'll make you eat it.

  • Ham Tyler : You're in my way, Piglet.

  • Ham Tyler : The Visitors came here to suck us dry, and when they're finished with this planet, they're gonna take it like an empty beer can and toss it over their shoulder.

  • Chris Faber : Where do you want this one?

    Ham Tyler : Put it on their front doorstep.

  • [Gooder' is Ham Tyler's nickname for Donovan] 

    Ham Tyler : You know, if you let them live Gooder, they are gonna breed...

    Mike Donovan : I prefer them to you.

    Ham Tyler : I may bring the neighborhood down, but they'll eat it!

  • Chris Faber : I never thought of the Padre going AWOL. I always thought of him as a standup kind of guy.

    Ham Tyler : You start believing in that "peace on earth and goodwill stuff," there's no telling how screwed up you'll be.

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