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Jane Badler: Diana



  • [after the capture of Julie by Daniel] 

    Diana : Congratulations... I wish we had more like you.

    Juliet Parrish : Oh yes, congratulations on selling out your people to a bunch of nightcrawlers!

    Diana : [Slaps Julie in the face]  You need an attitude adjustment my dear. And it will be my pleasure to give it to you.

  • Pamela : You scientific types are so easily ruffled.

    Diana : And you military types are so predictable.

    [takes out weapon and shoots both her and her guard] 

  • Diana : Goodbye, Pamela. Consider this an early retirement.

  • Pamela : Diana, sex for favors is as old as ambition. And sex is much too fragile a platform to support your ambition.

    Diana : You seem to have done well for yourself.

    Pamela : That's because I've controlled my ambition. You might reflect that your... lover... has sent you 65 million light-years away from him.


    Pamela : Hardly an indication that he can't bear to be apart from you.

  • John : Pamela always said you were ambitious, but she underestimated you.

    Diana : You stupid, feeble man! If it hadn't been for me, you'd still be trying to decide where to land on this planet! You and your petty, idiotic intrigue, wondering who was in charge! *I* was in charge! I directed this entire operation, while you made pretty speeches! I had the power, and you wore the crown!

    John : [with contempt]  A crown. It's yours now, Diana. Enjoy your reign.

    John : [walking away]  Queen of a poisoned realm.

    [Diana shoots John in the back and kills him] 

  • Elizabeth Maxwell : Pretinama?

    Diana : It is not our destiny!

    Elizabeth Maxwell : Pretinama?

    Diana : *No*

  • Pamela : Is that the sound of panic in your voice, Diana?

    Diana : The situation is under control.

    Pamela : Oh, "under control," you say? One of your most trusted lieutenants has betrayed you, escaped right under your nose with the leader of the Resistance and you have the gall to tell me that everything is under control?

    Diana : They will be captured and dealt with.

    Pamela : Oh, I hope so... Otherwise... I'll be forced to strip you of your command!

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