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Brian Taggert, TV and Film Screenwriter Known for ‘Poltergeist III,’ Dies at 81

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Brian Taggert, a prolific TV and film writer whose credits include “Adam-12” and the script for the feature film “Poltergeist III,” died on June 1 at the age of 81.

His cause of death has not been made public, but the Los Angeles County coroner’s officer said Thursday that Taggert died in his home.

Taggert’s career took off in the 1970s with an extensive list of credits that includes “Adam-12,” and “Emergency!” He went on to write for TV films like “The Mark of Zorro,” “The Spell” and “Night Cries,” the television remake of “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane,” and the TV miniseries “V: The Final Battle” and “V” the series, among many others.

He also co-produced “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”

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In the 1980s, he began writing for film, with credits including the 1982 slasher “Visiting Hours” starring Lee Grant
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Brian Taggert Dies: TV And Film Writer For ‘Poltergeist III’ Was 81

Brian Taggert, the screenwriter for Poltergeist III and Visiting Hours, died at age 81 at home in Los Angeles on June 1. His death was confirmed by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

Taggert had a varied career as a TV and film writer. His television resume from the 1970s includes episodes of Adam-12 and Emergency!, as well as the 1984 NBC miniseries V: The Final Battle. He later worked on the V series that lasted a season, and had three telefilms on his resume:1974’s The Mark of Zorro, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and Omen IV: The Awakening.

He turned to film in the 1980s and scored a feature with the slasher picture Visiting Hours in 1982. The film depicted actress Lee Grant as a TV journalist targeted by serial killer Michael Ironside.

Taggert shared Poltergeist III credit with director Gary Sherman. They had also collaborated on the drama Wanted:
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Brian Taggert, Screenwriter on 'Poltergeist III,' Dies at 81

Brian Taggert, a screenwriter who worked on such horror films as Poltergeist III and Visiting Hours, has died. He was 81.

Taggert died June 1 at his home in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County coroner's office confirmed.

In the 1970s, Taggert wrote episodes of Adam-12 and its spinoff Emergency!, then penned the 1984 three-part NBC miniseries V: The Final Battle. He also worked on the subsequent V series that lasted a season.

Taggert made his feature debut on the slasher pic Visiting Hours (1982), which starred Lee Grant as a TV journalist who is the target of a serial killer (Michael Ironside). Critics complained about ...
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The Classic 80s Sci-Fi Miniseries V is Being Adapted as a Feature Film Trilogy By Original Creator

In 1983 NBC produced a sci-fi alien invasion miniseries called V. When I was a kid, this was one of the coolest things that I had seen on TV! I thought the reptilian aliens described as humans were so rad. I'm not sure how many of you remember this miniseries, but the original creator, Kenneth Johnson, is developing a feature film trilogy adaptation with Desilu Studios called V: The Movie.

After the humans learn that there is a reptilian alien race living amongst them, some of them embraced their new overlords and fell into line with them. But there was a resistance that formed that didn't trust the aliens, and it's a good thing because there's a point that we discover the aliens were using the humans for food! Yeah, it's pretty much an updated version of the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man", but it was still enjoyable.

The original
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Cult alien invasion series V set for a big screen trilogy

The Visitors are returning, with Kenneth Johnson, creator of the cult 80s sci-fi series V, revealing that a big budget cinematic trilogy is in development at Desilu Studios.

“We are delighted to team up with Desilu to bring the timeless – and timely – story of resistance against tyranny into the 21st Century,” said Johnson. “V will be the first of a cinematic trilogy which will tell the full epic tale in the manner I always envisioned.”

Just as he did with 1983’s V: The Original Miniseries, Johnson is set to write and direct the movie(s), as well as producing with John Hernansen (Gray Matters) and Barry Opper (Critters).

V revolves around mankind’s last stand against a race of human-like aliens who arrive on Earth claiming to have benevolent intentions, but are revealed to be carnivorous reptilian creatures intent on taking over the planet.

The original miniseries was followed by
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V: A Feature Film Is in the Works -- from Desilu?

V is coming to the big screen. Syfy reports Desilu Studios is developing a film version of the NBC/ABC TV series.From Kenneth Johnson, the sci-fi drama first premiered in 1983 and "chronicled an invasion of Earth by vicious reptilian aliens who disguised themselves as friendly humanoids, triggering a human resistance movement." The miniseries spawned a sequel, V: The Final Battle, and a weekly TV show, V: The Series, which ran from 1984 to 1985. A reboot of the series aired on ABC from 2009 to 2011.Read More…
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V TV Show Is Becoming a Movie Trilogy

V TV Show Is Becoming a Movie Trilogy
Desilu Studios, Inc announced today that it will bring the long awaited sci-fi feature film V The Movie, a big-budget treatment of the highly successful, critically-acclaimed 80's mini-series to movie screens worldwide. The film will be written and directed by the original's creator, Kenneth Johnson and produced by John Hermansen and Barry Opper. Here's what Kenneth Johnson had to say about this new project.

"We are delighted to team up with Desilu to bring the timeless, and timely, story of resistance against tyranny into the 21st Century. V will be the first of a cinematic trilogy which will tell the full epic tale in the manner I always envisioned."

Maverick businessman Charles B. Hensley acquired the Desilu brand with a vision of reimagining Desilu into a global entertainment and commercial empire. The highly sought-after project was brought to Desilu by development executive Sean Stone. Here's what Charles B. Hensley had
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*Updated* Bad Dreams and Visiting Hours Blu-ray Release Details

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*Updated* Back in 2011, Shout! Factory released 80′s horror cult movies, Bad Dreams and Visiting Hours, in a 2-disc DVD set. Thanks to Scream Factory’s recent success, both titles will be getting a Blu-ray upgrade next year:

via Scream Factory: “Some of you may be aware that Shout Factory released this double feature already on DVD only in 2011 as a “Killer Double Feature”. All the extras from that release will be ported over including new extras that are in the works for Visiting Hours (which had only TV spots and a still gallery at the time.). No firm details to report on them at this time. Artwork is not final but expect it to look close to what’s presented here.”

Bad Dreams: “In the mid-1970s the members of the love cult Unity Fields sought “the ultimate joining” by dousing themselves with gasoline and committing mass suicide. A
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Delamorte's Dungeon of Deadly Delights: Sybil Danning and More

Hey there Fiends! If you have been checking out the show from the home of Dread Central, we are greatly appreciative at The Dungeon! We have spoken to some incredible genre guests this month ... but our final guest for March is going to hopefully blow your minds! She did ours.

On tap for you this week we have part one of a two part interview with one of the reigning queens of the cinema galaxy, the timelessly beautiful Sybil Danning!

Sybil let us in on everything, including the future of Rob Zombie's Werewolf Women Of The S.S. and let's just say that the future of female Nazi werewolves looks very bright! Join my Terror Team of F/X Maestro Thomas Surprenant and our Special Guest Co-host, Dinah Cancer of 45 Grave, as we talk about "V: The Final Battle", the aforementioned sexy Nazi werewolves, and badass female bounty hunters.
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Neva Patterson obituary

Actor often seen in unsympathetic roles

Although she rarely had a leading role, the actor Neva Patterson, who has died aged 90, made the most of the parts she was given. She had a great line in cold, uptight, probably sexually repressed women. In the romantic comedy An Affair to Remember (1957), she played an heiress, Lois Clark, waiting on the dock in New York for a playboy (Cary Grant) to arrive from Europe to marry her. But she had not reckoned that he might have fallen for another woman (Deborah Kerr) on board. Although her character is spoilt and controlling, Patterson elicited some sympathy as Lois gradually realises that she is losing her fiance.

To a degree, Patterson was typecast in the movies. In the delightful comedy The Solid Gold Cadillac (1956), she is Judy Holliday's prim secretary, with her hair in a bun and dressed in a severe suit. Holliday
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Stars of Harry Potter, Merlin, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures and V at Winter Memorabilia Show

The full line-up of guests has been announced for the Winter Memorabilia Show 2010, to be held at the NEC, Birmingham, this coming weekend (November 20-21)

They include Angel Coulby (above) and Rupert Young from the BBC series Merlin and Tommy Knight and Anjili Mohindra from Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Hollywood actors coming to the event include David Warner (pictured below left) - whose five decades in the industry have seen him in films such as Time Bandits, Tron, The Omen, Titanic and Planet of the Apes - and David Bradley, best known for playing cantankerous caretaker Argus Filch (below right) in the Harry Potter movies. Also attending is Warwick Davis, who plays Professor Filius Flitwick in the Potter films and whose other credits include Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Willow and the Leprechaun series.

TV stars making the trip to Birmingham include Richard Herd and Andrew Prine,
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The Bionic Woman: Season One DVD Review

The thick and manly Lee Majors is part of the last wave of 1950’s-style leading men. Tanned, helmet-haired and squint-eyed (complete with crow’s feet), Majors wears 70’s styles such as a powder blue denim suit like nobody’s business, and has a wink that says…something only Lee knows. Like Gil Gerard, the star of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Lee resembles a husky adult male, and not some boyish waif like the body type that became common with 1980’s stars like Michael J. Fox from Family Ties, Henry Winkler from Happy Days or Johnny Depp from 21 JumpStreet. It’s cool that, when Steve Austin punches a guy, one can actually believe that they would go down. Big time. Why so much focus on Lee “The Six Million Dollar Man” Majors? Because it was on his show The Six Million Dollar Man where America fell in love with Lindsay “The Bionic Woman” Wagner.
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Jane Badler Confirmed to Reprise Role in 'V'

Sometimes it's best to use what worked the first time; it's been confirmed that Jane Badler will be playing the evil Diana, mother to the reptilian queen Anna, in the popular TV series V. Badler also played Diana in the original 1980's miniseries from ABC.

Reprisals of Diana's role are nothing new to Badler. The original mini-series, viewed in 1983, led to two sequel mini-series titled V: The Final Battle and V: The Series, both of which aired between 1984 and 1985. Badler returned to both sequels to play the cruel and evil lizard mom.

This new appearance of the role of Diana was new as of July's Comic Con, and, at the time, it was announced the choice of character name was nothing more than "...a wink to the audience." Since that time, ABC must have realized the popularity of the idea of casting Badler and it has come to be.

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Confirmed: Jane Badler to Play Alien Queen on ABC's V

It's a homecoming of sorts. Televisionary has confirmed reports that Jane Badler, who starred in NBC's 1983 miniseries V (and the subsequent V: The Final Battle and the short-lived 1984-1985 series) and is currently recurring on Aussie soap Neighbours, has been cast in ABC's revival series, which returns for a second season in November. V showrunner/executive producer Scott Rosenbaum teased crowds at the V panel at San Diego Comic-Con (moderated by yours truly) when he let slip that we would soon be meeting the mother of Visitor high commander Anna (Morena Baccarin) and that Mommy Dearest's name was, um, Diana. (I then asked Rosenbaum point-blank if Badler would be cast and he declined to answer.) Rosenbaum today confirmed a TV Guide Magazine report that indicated that Badler had been cast in the role. "I'm very excited," Rosenbaum said to me via email earlier today. "As I said [at] Comic Con, the
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'V' season finale recap: Red Sky/Blue Sky

More things happened in the season finale of V than in every other episode of the first season combined. That’s a good thing. V definitely needs to inject some adrenaline into its reptile heart, now that it’s won the “hey, it’s more popular than FlashForward” sweepstakes and will be coming back for a second season. You could still argue that about half the characters in the main cast are extraneous, but you have to admit that the cliffhanger ending left you just a little bit interested in seeing where they take things in season 2.

The gist of the episode,
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TV Or Not TV: 3/29 - 4/4

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I’m sort of amazed that just this time last week I was pondering if it was really possible that Fox wouldn’t renew 24 we’ve already received word that Fox has decided it won’t. Now the clock that ticks during each remaining episode is also counting down to the shows end (even though I know that the clock runs up, but let’s not deconstruct the metaphor, ok?)

The fact that 24 has lasted so long is quite an accomplishment. The concept of the show inherently has a limited shelf-life since there are only so many threats and crisis that can be thought up. The show has had to deal with assassination attempts (at least 2), nuclear threat (at least 3), electronic terrorism, bioterrorism (at least twice) and at least one attempted coup of the American government. The current season has had at least two of these scenarios and after that
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What's On Tonight: 60 Minutes, Extreme Makeover, Californication

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Syfy is showing V: The Final Battle all night. At 7, ABC has a new America's Funniest Home Videos, followed by new episodes of Extreme Makeover, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers & Sisters. CBS has a new 60 Minutes at 7, then new episodes of The Amazing Race, Three Rivers, and Cold Case. NBC has a new Football Night in America at 7. At 8, Fox has Game 4 of The World Series. Food Network has a new Challenge at 8, followed by new episodes of Next Iron Chef and Iron Chef America. Nickelodeon has a new Dora The Explorer at 8. At 9, PBS has a new Masterpiece Contemporary. There's a new Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO at 9, then a new Bored To Death. Also at 9: Showtime has a new Dexter, followed by a new Californication. At 10, AMC has a new Mad Men. Vh-1 has the series premiere of Sex Rehab at 10. At 11:30, Cartoon Network has a new Titan Maximum.
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A quick look back at the original V franchise

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To prepare for next week's debut of the remake of V, I picked up the V: The Complete Series DVD of the weekly 1984/85 series that followed the original two mini-series, V and V: The Final Battle. I remember loving the original as a kid, sparking my imagination that anyone I saw could be an alien lizard making plans to haul my carcass to a warehouse for storage.

I tore the plastic off of the package with a bit of trepidation. Not everything you loved as a kid holds up to your scrutiny, or even your tastes, when you watch it all grown up. Which is why I'm sure some people cringed when they heard about the remake.

Would it stink? Would it be just as good as I remembered it? Should I have left well enough alone and saved my fifteen bucks?

Continue reading A quick look back at the
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TV Or Not TV: 10/26 - 11/01

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Welcome to another edition of TV or Not TV where I never cease to be amazed by Fox.

Just last week the Fox network put out a press release about the exciting programming we could expect for the sweeps season. In the day-by-day breakdown we were informed of all of the pending action, drama and great guest stars coming up on Dollhouse. The network also started sending out press screener copies of the next two installments of Dollhouse to wet critic appetites to show them the forthcoming Whedonistic brilliance so they could shout from the rooftops to tell the masses to watch for they would be amazed! What is the network now doing to cash in on this? Apparently they have decided to put the show on the backburner during sweeps and instead air repeats of House and Bones.

Joss Whedon commented on this situation via whedonesque.com. Here’s an excerpt:

“Howzabout that schedule?
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