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Alternate Versions

German version was heavily cut to avoid being banned like part three (which was uncut) but became banned nevertheless. Only in 2017 the banishment was lifted.
In Australia, the film was originally refused classification for a video release. As a result, the initial video release distributed by CIC-Taft in 1985 was heavily cut for violence including the Jason machete face slide in order to obtain an R rating. The second video release distributed by CIC-Taft in 1994 has all previous cuts waived and can be identified by the words "Horror House Unlimited" printed over blood red on the bottom of the front cover.
An extra scene of conversation between Sara and her boyfriend, cut out of the theatrical and North American video releases, is included in the television version of the film, put in to bring up the film's running time
The following scenes were cut from the film:
  • Nurse Rhonda was originally held up and gutted, but it ended up being cut out so that it only showed her being stabbed.
  • A scene cut in which Tommy shows Rob a fake guillotine. Tommy puts a stick in the guillotine. It drops and the stick is cut in two. Then, Tommy puts a fake arm in and cuts it off. Rob thinks its real and starts screaming. When Tommy starts laughing, Rob figures out that it is a joke. Trish comes in and asks Rob if he wants to stay for dinner. He doesn't.
  • One scene in which Doug and Sarah are on the porch. They stand outside and talk about not dancing.
  • In another scene, Mrs. Jarvis goes into Trish's room and tells her to go get a car part in town. Mrs. Jarvis also announces that she is going jogging before it storms.
  • A small scene cut during the time in which the Jarvis' car breaks down. In the original version, right after Trish tells Tommy to hurry up it cuts. It did continue with Tommy running up to Trish in a scary mask, scaring Trish. Tommy declares that he made the mask the first week that he got there.
  • Sarah and Doug are together in their room (before the party starts). They talk about how nice each others legs are and how nervous they are about going to the party.
  • A scene where Tommy shows Rob a toy soldier melting under a magnifying glass.
  • A scene where Trish finds her mother drowned in a bathtub.
  • The original script had character Tommy Jarvis splitting Jason's head open with a machete at the conclusion. Tom Savini wasn't particularly enthused with this lackluster method, and after a member of his effects crew (John Vulich) toyed with a prop machete used in Dawn Of The Dead, Savini got the idea of having the machete blade plowed into Jason's head, followed by the hilt hitting the floor and the villain sliding headfirst down the blade.
  • A scene after Rob finds his shotgun broken to pieces in which he sets up a motion sensor in the woods.
  • An extra scene at the very beginning in the moving ambulance: the two paramedics converse, the female medic says "I could've had the night off" and the male responds "Well, this was an emergency, like every damn thing." We then cut to the ambulance arriving at the scene and being directed to Jason's body, which is all we see in the wide release.
To obtain an 18 (the highest certificate given to a non-sex film in the UK) the BBFC originally cut 20 seconds of extreme gore from the film with edits to Jason's gory death, an aerial shot of the unconscious Trish on the lawn and the killing of Rob with a garden harrow. In April 2001 the BBFC passed the complete version with all previous cuts waived, so British audiences can now see the infamous machete face slide at the climax of the movie.
In most VHS versions, Jason turns the lights out right before he kills Doug. In the DVD version, you can hear the click of the light switch, but the lights don't go dim.
Sound cues are missing from the 2000 DVD release. They occur in the following scenes:
  • When the 'Final Chapter' title card explodes through Jason's mask, the 'sweeping sound' is missing.
  • When Jimmy meets his demise, the stinger sound when Jason plants the corkscrew into Jimmy's hand is missing.
  • When Sara meets her demise, the stinger sound effect is also missing when a closeup shot of her lying on the floor with the axe planted in her chest is shown. These were all restored for the 2004 boxset release.

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