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What a rush this was!
debruin19754 September 2009
I knew this that this film was the very first I ever visited at a Imax theater and it still gives me thrills all over. From the early bicycle to the grand sonic boom at the end, this movie is a thrill ride all on its own.

Altho it's now available on DVD (you have to look really hard, but it's there!), it's better to see this on the big IMAX screen. Home screen on TV just don't cut it, you have to experience this movie as big as possible or else the magic just won't work.

But the movie isn't bad and even on the short side - 30 minutes, that's all, but what a ride!
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GOOD original, but the DVD is lacking
hootentom17 October 2009
I had the chance to see it when it debuted as one of the attractions @ the ill-fated "Autoworld" in Flint in July of 1984; and as a vendor in the theme park, I'd often sneak into the theater after my 'shift' ended. As one of the 1st films created for the IMAX format it was a real pleasure to experience in (groundbreaking in 1984) "six-story picture" and (what we would now call) 6.1 surround sound.

After over 15 years, I was EXTREMELY happy to see the title on the shelf in the documentary section of DVDs @ Best Buy, and could hardly wait to crank up the picture and sound on my new home theater system... Until it started...

Just a word of warning- the DVD is an edited and slightly overdubbed version of the film. I found it rather disappointing that the producers chose to clip a few scenes and have a voice-over "explain" some of the ideas, rather than let the pictures do the talking- or at LEAST have the option to see/hear it in it's original form, as is not uncommon in many film -> DVD transfers. It is a good film, but lost something in the translation (consider the different versions "Blade Runner"... 'nuff said)

In other words; Don't expect the same "Thrill" when you get it home... I'd recommend borrowing/renting a copy first!
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