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Michael Paré: Tom Cody



  • Tom Cody : [to Ellen Aim]  Look, I know you're gonna be goin' places with your singin' and stuff. And... I'm not the kinda guy to be carryin' your guitars around for you. But if you ever need me for somethin'... I'll be there.

  • Tom Cody : [Ben Gunn has just told them where Ellen Aim is being hidden]  Pay him.

    Ben Gunn : Yeah. Pay me.

    Billy Fish : I'm not gonna pay this jerk!

    Tom Cody : Listen, shithead. You give him some of your money, or I'll give him some of your money.

  • Raven : *I'm* lucky? I guess maybe I am. And you're dumb. *Real* dumb if you think you can pull this off.

    Tom Cody : I think you're forgettin' somethin'. I got the gun.

    Raven : I can get guns smart guy, lots of 'em. Now why don't you tell me your name.

    Tom Cody : Tom Cody. Pleased to meet ya.

  • Tom Cody : Ey, you always walk around packed, huh?

    McCoy : I told you, I'm a soldier.

    Tom Cody : Yeah, well don't go pointin' that thing at me, I wouldn't like it.

    McCoy : I don't go pointin' it unless I'm gonna use it.

    Tom Cody : Yeah. Right.

  • Tom Cody : You know somethin'? The only trouble with kickin' the shit outta you is it would be too easy.

  • Tom Cody : [to Ellen Aim; coldly]  You know no one ever had a hold on me the way you did. I woulda done anything for you. A long time ago I woulda thought you were worth it. Not anymore, babe.

  • Reva Cody : Tom. Come on! Slow down!

    Tom Cody : Reva, there's no point in stealin' a car if you're not gonna ring it out!

  • Tom Cody : Try it again, punk.

  • Billy Fish : [to the strains of "I Can Dream About You"]  Take it easy, Cody. Thanks.

    Tom Cody : I'll *take* it wherever I can get it.

  • Tom Cody : I like shootin' the guns. But I didn't win no medal.

  • Tom Cody : [telling his sister goodbye before leaving to rescue Ellen Aim]  Don't worry about it. They always hire bums like me for jobs like this.

  • McCoy : Hey, look, I did real good back there!

    Tom Cody : So what? I'm all outta medals! Besides, you're gettin' paid.

  • Billy Fish : The famous Sorels sure put a lotta money into that bus, huh? Listen, Cody, I didn't know you had a thing with Ellen in the old days. But you gotta get some smarts. Learn to adjust to the fact that you're outta the picture now. You see Cody, I do things for her. Things that a guy like you could never do. Things that matter in the real world.


    Tom Cody : You know somethin'? The only trouble with kickin' the shit outta you is it would be too easy.

  • Raven : I'll be comin' for her. And I'll be comin' for you, too.

    Tom Cody : Sure you will. And I'll be waitin'.

  • Tom Cody : You smart guys. You always think you can hire a bum like me to do your dirty work. Well not this time!

  • Tom Cody : I've always been a tequila man.

  • Tom Cody : OK, Fish, you head back to the car. I want you in that doorway over there in fifteen minutes. And I mean fifteen minutes.

    Billy Fish : Are you crazy? They'll notice me in a second down there!

    Tom Cody : Don't worry about that, I'm gonna give 'em a couple of other things to worry about.

    Billy Fish : Well what about her? I thought she's supposed to do the drivin'!

    Tom Cody : Get movin', and you better be ready when we get there.


    McCoy : Do you trust him, or you just desperate?

    Tom Cody : You take the front entrance. I'm goin' topside. If you can work your way upstairs to help me out, fine. If not, I'll handle it.

    McCoy : Just what I always wanted to do, Cody. Take on the Bombers.

  • [last lines] 

    Tom Cody : I guess this is my big chance, huh?


    McCoy : Hey cool down, big guy. I already told you. You're not my type.

  • Tom Cody : [Reva embraces him]  Aw, Reva. Cut it out! We made it. Everybody's in one piece.

    Ed Price : What about that, Ellen. You OK?

    Ellen Aim : [pause]  Yeah, I'm all right I guess.

    Billy Fish : No she's not, she's tired and she's been roughed up. I'm gonna take her back to the hotel so she can get some rest. This whole thing started 'cause I had to do a gig in this shithole. I shoulda stayed the hell away from this dump.

  • Tom Cody : Maybe some other time, huh?

    McCoy : I doubt it, but anything's possible. Hey, look... About the spare bed: I'm just passin' through this district, I don't know anybody. I'm between jobs and last time I heard hotels cost money.

  • Tom Cody : Ey, I got a problem with Ellen I gotta talk to you about.

    McCoy : Yeah, I understand about these kind of things. You know Cody I was actually in love once myself. It didn't work out.

    Tom Cody : The kind that makes bad picks, huh?

    McCoy : He was the worst! Lied to me all the time, cheated on me.

    Tom Cody : Well if I ever run into him I'll give him your best.

    McCoy : 'Course, uh - You know, that's before I was a soldier.

  • Reva Cody : Well somebody figured out how to make it work with her, she's been livin' with a guy named Billy Fish.

    Tom Cody : *Who's* that.

    Reva Cody : He's done some rock joints in the Battery. Started managing her act.

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