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  • The film was created with the intention of being the first in a series of three. Sadly the terrible commercial response to 'Streets' eliminated any possible continuation. Despite frequent requests from hardcore fans, there is little chance of any sequels seeing the light of day.

    However: the 2008 film "Road to Hell" has Paré and Van Valkenburgh reprising their roles as Cody and his sister. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Perhaps due to the fact that the part had originally been written for a man and was only slightly modified after Amy Madigan expressed an interest in playing the role, this has become one of the most frequently debated topics on these boards and sadly there is no definitive answer. Both sides of the argument can quote dialogue that they feel proves their point but no one involved with the production has ever truly taken a side to either confirm or deny the characters orientation. It is simply left for each fan to decide for themselves. However, throughout the film, McCoy smokes cigars. In the old days of Hollywood, this was a visual code that a woman was gay. Hill likely added this as a knowing wink to older viewers. Edit (Coming Soon)


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