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The army has never been the same
Petey-101 October 2007
Uuno Turhapuro, the character we love to hate goes to army this time.That means nobody is in safe.Uuno Turhapuro armeijan leivissä (1984) has done the best at the box-office of all the Uuno movies.Ere Kokkonen is the director and writer.Spede Pasanen is the producer and portraying Härski Hartikainen, naturally.Also he and his buddy, Sörsselsson, played by Simo Salminen, are seen in the army.Vesa-Matti Loiri portrays Uuno himself, naturally, and he does it very comically, as he always did.The legendary Tapio Hämäläinen is once again Vuorineuvos Tuura and Marita Nordberg is his wife.Their daughter and Uuno's wife, Elisabeth Turhapuro is wonderfully portrayed by Marjatta Raita.This beloved actress sadly passed away last week at too young of age.Here we can still see her doing her most known role.And in this one she's also pretty comical, when you see her replacing Uuno at the army.Spede actually told her not to be funny, but she could be also that.Her husband Aarno Sulkanen also acts in the movie.Helge Herala, who was usually Uuno's teacher is now Kenraali.Mr. Herala turned 85 yesterday (congratulations!).It was really heartwarming watch him share his memories in the show "Viihteen 50" on Saturday.So the years pass...Elli Castren is there doing her Unelma Säleikkö character.Hannele Lauri is there playing tennis with Uuno.Eini visits there singing her hit "Kesä ja yö".Also the singer Riki Sorsa is there, not singing though.Ensio Itkonen visits there playing himself.Ismo Kallio does his impression of President Mauno Koivisto.Jyrki Kovaleff is the angry Kapteeni.The younger Mikko Kivinen is there.The late great Ville-Veikko Salminen plays the butler.Other actors to mention are Kalle Holmberg, Juhani Kumpulainen, Jukka Sipilä, Riitta Väisänen and Ulla Tapaninen.There are many funny moments in this movie, like when Uuno, Härski and Sörsselssön have a piece of entertainment.There's a burst of nostalgia when you watch these Uuno movies.Watch Uuno Turhapuro armeijan leivissä and laugh.For the old times sake!
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Uuno- again
rosefluo24 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I'm pretty sure, that Uuno- movies are not made to be very intelligent and that's OK (Pertti Pasanen wasn't so modern person, so modern people might not like this at all). This film is just pretty frustrating once in a while... Uuno's wife (Raita) goes to army because her husband is too lazy to do so... And there you go, you have a movie. Of course Uuno is trying to impress all the ladies that he meets but that's pretty disgusting and boring. It's funny and I used to love this movie as a child, but that's all.

Although this movie isn't very good, it can be pretty entertaining. Maybe foreigners don't understand the quality of the humor of Uuno, but... This is quite old movie, so I think it isn't made for abroad. This is Finland for Finns..
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Uuno with army
malmsteneino27 August 2019
This is second funniest film what I'm see (Funniest is Dumb & Dumber). Jokes are funny, and inside the jokes is more jokes. If You're not see this film, watch it NOW! But if you do not live at finnish or swedish, you can't find these films any-where!
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