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The catalyst for the Anime explosion in the West
phoenix_80921 July 2001
Warning: Spoilers
I first saw Robotech as an 11-year old at 6 in the morning back in early 1986, when it aired for the first time. Having grown up on anime in the form of Marine Boy, Battle of the Planets, Star Blazers, and Astroboy, I was totally blown away by this incredible series.

It was not until nearly a decade later I learned of Robotech's Japanese origins, that it was a melding of three totally unrelated Japanese anime series. That just increased my awe of this series. To take three totally unrelated series and make it into a coherent story spanning almost half a century is absolutely incredible (the only link was that Super Dimension Cavalry: Southern Cross and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, which constituted the "Robotech Masters" and "New Generation" portions of Robotech, were trying to cash in on the phenomenal success of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, which obtained a cult following on prime-time Japanese television).

What made the show so popular then, and still makes it amazingly popular more than 15 years on, is a combination of storyline, mecha, and characters that people connected to. Sure, there were transforming robots, lots of battles and action, but these things did not cause detriment to the storyline. Characters died, grieved, fell in love, bickered, protested, the list goes on. And these aspects made the story, and were never overshadowed by the slick Veritech fighters and alien mecha, but were instead complimented by them.

It took bold steps in the somewhat conservative realm of American cartoon timeslots - major characters died, Earth was annihilated, and characters fought the odds and won. Fans talk of how they cried when Roy Fokker died, how they cheered the RDF on as the SDF-1 and the Zentraedi aligned with them took on 4 million ships and beat them, how they cursed when Rick Hunter was pining over the annoying Lynn Minmei when Lisa Hayes was right under his nose the whole time. Fans related to the characters, the story, their trials and tribulations.

Add to this a brilliant background music soundtrack and mood-setting songs (the Lynn Minmei rendition of "We Will Win" as SDF-1 and her air group took the enemy armada head on could only be be described as inspiring) and you have a series which will stand the test of time.

Macross purists can bag it all they want, but they must realise anime would not have gained as big a foot in the door of the US market if it weren't for Robotech - anime would still be imported from Japan and viewed in college dorms and club meetings instead of seeing the likes of Neon Genesis Evangelion on the shelves of the local video library or DVD store.

Robotech's popularity has not dwindled over the past 15 years, but has instead flourished, bringing new fans who may not have even been born the time the series first aired. This can be evidenced at the series' official site, with the Robotech Renaissance being born in recent times with new DVDs, collectors' items, computer games for the latest platforms, and even talk of the possibility of a new series to entice the next generation of Robotech fans.
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My favorite TV show of all time.
StudentDriver26 September 1999
I'm usually a purist with my anime, but I make no apologies for saying this- Robotech is my favorite TV show of all time, and my favorite anime.

I won't get into the whole discussion of whether the translation butchered the original Japanese creators' intentions or not; I stand in awe with what Carl Macek was able to do with 3 distinctly unrelated series, and feel that the whole Robotech mythos is more engaging and fun than the original series.

This is the only show that I have felt such an emotional attachment to, for so long. There is no rational explanation; my wife gave up trying to figure it out a long time ago...

Robotech spans 3 generations of people battling to save earth. It was one of the first American cartoon series to have a continuing storyline, to have character deaths (and births!). It showed racism, interracial relationships, the futility but necessity of war... all in 1/2 hour weekday installments right before school. Plus, it had the coolest mecha around.

I've heard rumors of a new Robotech 3000 series under development by the animators responsible for Beast Wars and the Voltron 3D show. I'm apprehensive but hopeful; I doubt any show can ever really hope to match (and mesh with) the standards set by the original series- identifying with characters may be a wee bit hard with CGI models. But, I hope that it renews interest about Robotech with the public. Perhaps then the snafus that have kept causing Robotech to disappear from store shelves will be overcome. (Anyone for a full DVD set?)
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The most compelling anime TV series ever, at least to me
BlackwingSeraph6 September 2000
I was probably being born at the time when this show was first being aired, so I can't really relate to how it was recieved in '85, but from watching the other cheesy war and action cartoons, this was, by far, the most realistic because of its uncensored views on the hardships of war (Come on, nobody even got hurt in GI Joe!). Losing friends, coming to know your enemy, and the like.

From today's standards, the animation may be bad, and the singing a little more than awful (MINMEI HAS TWO SONGS! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!), but the storyline was just as compelling to me and my friends as it was to my brother and his friends almost fifteen years ago.

I recommend this series to anyone who loves classic anime, or a good storyline, or hell, just the mecha (big robots that blow stuff up) are cool enough to draw anyone in. So, if you can, find this anime (it's NOT a cartoon, and I will fight to the death anyone who says it is!)and watch every last episode. Trust me, you won't regret it.
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The Anime Saga of the 80s
Fury90331 January 2005
Well, what can be said? First step for a lot of kids when this originally aired into a more mature anime world.

This was the first, that took itself seriously and was not censored by the relentless attacking parent groups out there who try dumb down anything that may seen as violent or potentially harmful to children.

Well, they missed this one for long time and damn well happy they did. It was story about human race being finally forged into one people instead of divided nations. War without happy ending in may sense. A Drama that shows all faces of humanity facing inhuman forces from beyond. Which in may ways, did not know what they were doing as well.

It puts a very big spin on anti-war, despite the conflict, glamorization of giant robots which i am a fan of. However its a hardcore story that with original writers of Japan and the American adapters trying make it work on American Television...before the television Der-regulations started to take away the independent television stations. This show was the thing to watch.

Thou now it is a very affordable DVD, its may seem to a lot of purist that its is a rip off of another anime and its seems to be hacked up. This maybe bit crude...However, for those who had NOTHING but few scant shows (Starblazers, Force Five (For those who've heard of it!), Galaxy Rangers and even Transzor Z) I say to you, this was godsend and should be given a second look. This was NOT a goofy, far fetch show that has bubblegum style (unbelievable, trying hard not explain itself or take seriously) This was serious hardcore television show that was a true Story-book on TV, precursor to shows that came after it like EXO-Squad or more common Sci-fiction show....Babylon 5. This was Anime-Mech show that put generation on notice that there more to animation then goofy silly stuff. Starblazers started this in American (Maybe Gundam but i've never seen it when i was growing up), Robotech took America by the balls and kept its attention for least a decade!
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Robotech is still one of the best anime/mecha series yet to date.
Raged_Maniac3 February 2005
I remember seeing this show on channel 25 after coming home from school. Now 20 some odd years later I still watch them. The series was very well done by one Carl Macek an the combining of 3 separate series was nothing short of brilliance. As a young person just starting to think girls where no longer yukky an icky, the show had a lot of feelings that I myself was starting to feel as well. The relationships between the main characters an how the situations either brought them closer or apart actually kept my interest just to see what was gonna happen next. I could never guess who was going to have the final relationship till the last episode. The giant transforming robots were also a big thing that kept my attention. About the same time Transformers were on TV an loved them big robots too. The three series that were combined were. Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber Mospeda. All were unrelated until Mr Macek did his magic. This was one anime I do not think I will ever forget. This is a must see anime for anyone who would like a well done English dubbing an a series with a very interesting story like....oh yea! an lotta giant robots too!
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One of my favorite childhood memories
Cube_TX24 June 2002
I remember running home to watch this show after school. I played little league baseball and missed it the first time around but was able to catch the repeats. I can't describe how much this show stuck with me. It was the first time I could remember seeing shows end on down notes the way this one did on all 3 parts. The Robotech Masters was my least favorite of the generations but I eventually came to enjoy that one too. The Invid Invasion was just great, especially with all of the love stories they added to keep it from being the typical sci-fi shoot 'em up that some other similar shows were. I recently started buying the episodes on DVD. I can't believe I'm still watching. The date on this site says 1985 but I know it was on TV before that because I saw it when I was in 6th grade, which was in 1983-84.
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one of the few greats
anton_cronje9 December 2004
I have sat and watched the first robotech (macross) edition many times. I used to rush home after school just to watch it when it first aired in South Africa. I was amazed at the animation and the (in my opinion) depth of the characters, i also enjoyed the way the characters grew and evolved as the series progressed. I have recently managed to watch all the 2nd series episodes (robotech masters) and have started watching the third series. I was just as enthralled to sit and watch the characters evolve and their lives play out in the series.

I have bought the DVDS of robotech and intend to introduce my kids (if i have any) to the magic that is robotech. If you love animated films/manga then i would recommend that you watch the robotech series.
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Real Fantasy world
angel_bluesky210031 July 2003
I would love to say I highly recommend this series....but due to the 80s animation, it would prolly turn off new viewers. The original robotech fans can still view this series and admire the great story lines and wonderful characters. Although the animation is really bad compared to what we have today, the characters still come through with amazing clarity despite the fact that we don't even see their lips move properly when they talk. As much as its a science fiction/fantasy story, the issues addressed are still real. Robotech is divided into 3 different series as one person already pointed out and it circles around wars with alien races. There is violence and death, there is even the seemingly glorification of war. But ultimately the moral of the story is "war produces nothing, it only leads to death and destruction" (quote by the character of Lynn Kyle...quote may be off a lil'). And the series proves that message mostly in the last of the 3 series when there is a compromise and a truce with the alien race of invids. By then much had been lost but the lesson has been learned by both sides.

The love stories are told wonderfully; the dilemnas of romance and how ppl sometimes fall out of love and outgrow each other. I can still watch this cartoon series (i hate calling it a cartoon!) with interest and i'm in my mid 20s. I was lucky enough to be outside of North America when this series aired so I got to view all 3 different series. And yes the sentinel movie was a bit of a disappointment. It was nice to see the characters grow but it seemed the artists behind the work just made everyone look older by making them taller and changing their hair completely. Yes I'm being picky here and the musical score was not as good as the original series did.

This is the most amazing set of stories told in any animated series I've seen in my childhood (and i saw plenty!). The characters are so real and well developed that you really identify with them. Even the villains are portrayed as well developed characters with human frailties and flaws, as opposed to being an evil alien race. All characters learn and grow and can change their perspectives on things.

I loved robotech when it first came out and it still makes me nostalgic when i see it or hear about it, not just because it reminds me of my childhood but because it represents a wonderful fantasy world with fantastic characters embarking on wonderful adventures...something that strikes everyone with an active imagination as extremely viewable.
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takmaz24 April 2001
All I can say that I was amazed by the story after I've watched the 36 episodes one by another. I was a child when I first met ROBOTECH. It was on tv every sunday and I remember I couldn't wait the episodes and every sunday morning I was happy to watch ROCOTECH.

After ( I tink 11 years ) I've found 36 episodes of Robotech. Yesterday I've spent 12 and a half hours, I'm now exhausted because at 7:00 AM I've managed the finish all episodes with a smile on my face.

The story is so briiliant that it shows whatever we live in the real world as male's and females. I can hardly believe that such emotional scenes can be made in an animation series.
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The greatest anime of all time
keyblade10006 August 2003
Robotech is one of my favorite anime of all time. I love the old 80's style of animation. Early Japanese animation is great, some old anime is even better than the new stuff. Robotech is a very detailed series in Japan it's called Macross. One day I would like to see the japanese version. I have all of them on DVD except volume 8 which is part of the Robotech Masters series(season 2). The charaters are so unique and different and the love story is so much better than those other cliches used in today's anime, video games and movies. If you love watching the series you should also try Robotech Battlecry, even though you are using a character that doesn't even exist in the series it's a good game for any Robotech fan. If you are new to anime, Robotech is the perfect anime to start with. Robotech was one of my first.
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A great idea that suffered unfairly
StlBlade18 September 2000
As many Robotech fans know (And just where are all your comments?), this series was originally 3 different series in Japan that was slightly (or horribly, depending on who is asked) re-edited to be one series here. The first, Macross, is the best of the 3, mostly because it has the least changes in plotline to help it match the changed Robotech universe as well as having the most fully realized characters. It also has the most character development of the three. The second part was interesting, especially in how the lead female character was re-written to be Max and Miriya's daughter, but the series was pretty much a shoot-em-up western using robots and ray guns instead of horses and revolvers. The third involves a guerrilla band trying to free Earth from the Invid invaders.

I have always said that any series that has a main character die is worth a little respect. This is because it is always a dramatic risk to have one's audience become attached to a beloved character only to have them lose that character. One risks losing that audience. I can't think of any American series that did this before Robotech/Macross, an even now it is mostly a plot device to explain the loss of actors due to contract changes and the like (See Highlander and Star Trek: DS9). Sadly, it is the so-called 'Children's programming' that takes this risk (See Roughnecks and Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy) rather than the 'serious drama' of prime time.

The Macross portion loses 2 main characters during it's run, followed by similiar sacrifices during the 2nd and third portions leading to a tragic tale of love, adventure, courage, and loss. All 3 original series are said to be better that the Robotech version, I haven't seen them, so I see no reason to deny it. I CAN say that I see no reason to knock THIS series. Unlike Star Blazers (Which I love to death) this one didn't even think of trying to coverup the deaths of characters whenever possible. It instead took the challenge head on and gave it to us complete with a mourning inter-racial lover.

There were plans to have a second series to follow up on this one, but due to rising production costs, as well as the fall of the American dollar against the Yen, the second series became the movie/video Robotech: The Sentinals. A very dry and flat production at best.
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Best Anime of a generation
hectorsrodriguez21 November 2006
I'm biased admittedly---but this was THE series that introduced America to Anime (along with Captin Harlock). I think its one of the greatest series of ALL time regardless of genre.

As a child I would get up at 5ish just to catch this show on the ole satellite dish----there was nothing like it in the world.

The show combined cool animation (for the times) with an engaging storyline. Adult themes were fairly easy for all ages to grasp---such as love,loss,betrayal,victory,defeats---and most important, hope for a better future even in the face of devastation. It has a "Star Trek" feel in that the hope is for humanity to come together.

An alien technology is introduced to the Earth, when the SDF-1 crashes in the Pacific. It helps to end decades of intra-planetary war in the process as humanity focuses on trying to figure this thing out. From there a series of events ensues including the devastation of the earth, the rebuilding of society, the search for the Robotech Masters and of course the successful invasion of Earth. All these combined to make an outstanding series that is being revived for a new generation of anime fans. Oh how long we've waited!
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In my opinion the best animated series
starlord-124 April 2001
This was a childhood favorite of mine, and although I'm not going to sum up the social consequences, the only bad thing about this movie was lynn minmei. It is awesome. I just don't think that anything else has to be said. If you watch this film you won't be disappointed if you like action/adventure/romance/suspense it's all in there and more. Enjoy
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One of the best anime of it's time...
Robotech is an interesting cartoon that reflects on more of war and destruction, and views death on many characters. I thought the show was pretty good at times and showed many things that could happen when all hell (war) breaks loose upon the world. The characters were well made and the storylines are impressive. Asides from the original Voltron, this show was one of the best.
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Robotech is awesome
videogamefan100028 December 2001
Robotech rules it's one of the best anime of it's time. I've only seen half of the macross saga but it's really good so far. The animation I didn't really like in some episodes but the plot is good and the characters are cool. This anime is for most audiences and you'll like it if you like anime such as gundam wing and etc.
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An Anime Classic !!!!
amwcsu15 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I have been always intrigued by the saga of Robotech even as a kid back in the mid-1980's when this first came on American TV. The characters are well-rounded, you cared about what happens to them, and it had this "soap opera" element which gave them personality as people caught up in a devastating war not just one-sided military folk. This is an intriguing anthology, one of the best in animation history.

However, the dialog is the most laughable and calling it "cheesy" is an understatement! First of all it way to melodramatic for today's audiences, who are used to humor and sarcasm. "What human beings would actually talk like this?" "Even if they don't practice profanity, who would talk like this?" The other thing that I need to get off of my chest, is the series of huge plot holes. For example: the final installment of the Macross Saga. As the SDF-1 bites the dust, where the hell were Breetai and Exedore? Couldn't they help their new comrades? Not only that: the final scene showed Lisa and Rick as the only people in the world to rebuild the RDF forces. Come on, here? You could've put some more information into this, you know. Show some rescue operation to put some clarity and some meat in this send off the first generation of Robotech defenders! But no, they have to put plot holes the size of...well a Battlefortress. Did you know that when Commander Leonard spoke of the deceased, he didn't mention Vanessa's name in the Eulogy in the Master's Saga? If this were a true saga, you would've answered the previous question and Admiral Gloval's successor and UEG leadership.

The second saga, explained a lot about the purpose of the SDF-1 as the Protoculture factory. My major complaint was the mecha and design. The vehicles and uniforms were poorly designed and hideous at best. More thought could've been used in the development process. It wasn't as involving and detail oriented as the first and third installment. Still, it would've been better if you do a follow up of the Pioneer mission of the SDF-3. Overall, despite the cheesy linguistics, the PG feel to it, Robotech is still one of the greatest anime sagas on the market.
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Steering away from nostalgia, I now can't bear watching it
algenicus00211 October 2006
OK, so Mr. Agrama's company (which is involved in some dubious business with former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi) produced a horrendous mish-mash by a Mr. Carl Macek.

What is this horrendous mish-mash I'm talking about? Well, Macek took three entirely unrelated Japanese sci-fi animated series (namely, Macross, Southern Cross and Mospeada), added TONS of dialogue - believing firmly that the American audience is too dumb to understand the narrative and artistic virtue of silence - , edited the whole lot heavily for violent content, added some metaphysical mumbo jumbo, dubbed it using some of the worst voice actors this side of acting Hell (Reba West's singing was - and still is - unbearable and a total outrage, especially compared to Mrs. Mari Iijima)... And the result was an 85-episode series with hundreds of continuity problems and plot holes.

Of course, the mecha were cool to look at (especially those in the "Macross Saga") and the plot parts that remained unscathed were good. But whatever was good about Robotech was not the result of Macek's work or the "voice talents" he recruited. It was because of the toils and efforts of the (uncredited - why? would I be too bold to accuse HG of plagiarism here?) Japanese creators. Those of us who eventually got wind of the real deal and compared the originals to Robotech now wish we had never been exposed to Robotech. The originals are so much better, naturally, and make a lot more sense.

Robotech, however, DID something worthwhile: it prompted legendary anime creator Leiji Matsumoto to start a campaign for the protection of Japanese anime creators' intellectual property from such unauthorized and uncalled-for reworkings that talentless people like Carl Macek produce.
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FACT: Macross was a hit...Robotech is good for what it is...
captain809 December 2003
Robotech was a great children's show, offering something lacking in television at the time, a realistic look at war (be it via an alien invasion). It also had some of the best mecha designs, and most importantly introduced many of us to anime.

That being said, as an adult I recently watch the original Macross series and must say it is far superior. It has much more depth than Robotech. I believe anyone who enjoyed Robotech: The Macross Saga would love the original version and appreciate it as an adult. The original run was 23 episodes, with 3 initial add ons during production and a quickly added 10 episodes at the end due to the early tv ratings success. In 1983 there was a feature film version, this does not happen for flops! Scores of series later, as a matter of fact Macross Zero is currently being released in Japan, toys/figures, merchandise, soundtracks and video games (both arcade and console) sort of discredit the Macross flop theory. Additionally. until recently, there has been a huge gap between Robotech offerings.

Granted, Orguss and Mospeada were not popular and probably did have more success in the Robotech universe. However, until I view the original through my adult eyes I will hold judgment.
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A landmark series best viewed in context of its time.
Ken-1202 May 1999
This series is one of the great animated shows in the 1980's for a variety of reasons. Remember, when this show came out, violence in American animation was sanitized to remove any real consequences of it. GI Joe, for instance was notorious for furious shooting battles with no one ever getting hit or wounded.

Robotech, however had the guts to show the real horror of war. Death is everywhere and even major sympathetic characters were killed off. While that was shocking to some kids and some squeamish adults at that time, I appreciated its honesty and courage to be like that. As such, the events in the show had a genuine impact that made for compelling drama that American TV animation was able to approach until Batman: The Animated Series.

Furthermore, this was the show that laid the ground for the current popularity for Japanese animation, although Akira was the film that took that base to kickstart it. In short, the producers of this show helped the Western World see once and for all, that that Japanese animation offered something that can appeal directly to adults and a new audience for that work was born because of this extraordinary show.
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The year was 1999
asuliveres12 September 2018
It was actually 1986, I would RUN home from school to watch this on television. This is my all time favorite animated series. I have watched the first three seasons...or generations several times over. Here began my love for technology and space. If you haven't seen it, watch it.
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80s gold that's got a special place in the hearts of anime fans!
Robotech is one of those shows that guessed where the human race would try and be in the 2000s: colonizing the stars and setting up shop on Mars and so-forth. It's a fun space-opera that deserves to be seen by any true sci-fi fan or anime junkie like myself. You could consider this, and its predecessor Super Dimension Fortress Macross, to be the equivalent of Star Trek in the anime world. I reckon both Trek and Macross are great space operas through and through. Robotech is just as much fun as them.

I love my retro-TV stuff; and Robotech is another one of those goodies!
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classic Saturday morning cartoon
SnoopyStyle1 January 2017
In 1999, an empty alien space fortress crashes onto Macross island in the South Pacific. World leaders stop their global war to concentrate on rebuilding the fortress and exploiting the new Robotechnology. Ten years later, the fortress has been rebuilt using a mix of human and alien tech. Then the Zentraedis arrive to capture the lost ship of the Robotech Masters. Captain Gloval executes a hyperspace fold which takes most of Macross Island with it into space near Pluto. This original 85-episode series is split into three war periods. After the Zentraedis, the Robotech Masters arrive to produce protoculture. Finally, the Invid conquers the Earth.

This is one of the best Saturday morning cartoon back in the 80's. Sometimes, it does get a little soap opera cheesy. I'm looking at you Min Mei. There are some lost in translation moments. Rick Hunter is the Luke Skywalker type. This was addictive sci-fi fare and beyond anything produced before. It's also completely rewatchable. The three era work individually and as a series. I like the different techs and the surprising additional elements. The final guerrilla war era adds yet another story telling element to the series.
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Robotech is more enjoyable than any of the three original series.
Nic_hse10 May 2004
Actually the original Japanese Macross series was NOT an immediate success. It did flop initially. The other two original series that made up Robotech (Mospeada and Southern Cross) are flops period. This is why Carl Macek had the approval of the original Japanese producers to change the Macross source material. Do you see any other anime that's as drastically rewritten as Robotech? The answer is no. It's unheard of. These shows were originally flops that's why they were allowed to be changed so much. I own many episodes of the original Macross series and even that lame(and very boring) Macross movie: "Do you Remember Love". I dare you to tell me this movie was good. It was torture to sit through it (damn was it long). The original Macross is not as deep a series as Robotech is. Macross wasn't meant to be. Macek added so much background to the Robotech saga that it's much more complex then any of the three original series.

None of the characters in the original Macross are better developed than their Robotech counterparts. The names for the characters in Macross are horrible. Robotech's Rick Hunter is named Hikaru in Macross. Maximilian Sterling is named a goofy an overly descriptive name like Maximilian Jenius (Genius get it?). Lisa Hayes is named Misa Hayase. None of these characters look the least bit Japanese. So why the Japanese names? I'm sure some of the characters are not even Asian. Figure that one out.

Macross isn't anymore adult than Robotech is. If you believe that Macross is, then your deluding yourself. The same loss of life, love relationships occur in both series. As a watcher of Robotech and Macross, I wouldn't say Robotech or Macross is more mature then the other. That would be silly. I do say that Macross isn't as deep as Robotech is. Carl Macek took three series ranging from good to just OK and made them deeper by linking them together on the common element of Protoculture. Macross (and the other two series) would have probably flopped here in America if it was released in 1984. I just think most people would have passed on it.

I like the original Macross but Robotech with it's more interesting characters and the many novels and comic series which followed provided me with much more enjoyment. By the way, just because Japan has produced a lot of video games based on Macross doesn't mean it's a hit. Japan has and continues to produce many video game series based on very obscure and sometimes downright awful anime and Manga. Even if a series has a small cult following they will make a game or a series of games based on it anyway. Anyone who buys import Japanese video games knows this. So that alone doesn't mean squat.

My adult mind still enjoys the Robotech saga much more than the original Macross series. That's a fact.
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Hot damn!
Knuckle4 April 2006
Sure the animation isn't great, the voice acting is kind of lame, and the characters grate on your nerves, but Robotech holds a soft spot in my heart, having occupied so many after school afternoons during my youth.

In Robotech (Macross) the earth gets plastered by the Zentradi - a race of genetically engineered giant warriors, who are in search of a crashed alien ship. There's something about protoculture and the Robotech masters, but truth be told, the whole story is pretty secondary to watching gigantic robots blasting gigantic chicken-looking Zentradi walkers to smithereens.

Second only to the Transformers cartoon - and it is a mighty close race. Robotech loses out because Minmei is the suckiest character ever in animation history.
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