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Season 27

3 Oct. 2010
Bad Medicine
Newly qualified doctor Scott Clarkson is found tortured and murdered in an empty warehouse. Two London detectives, Moretti and Casey, the latter an old friend of Burke, arrive in Glasgow whilst investigating a similar case, though Jackie and Robbie do not warm to them. Scott's girlfriend Lucy, another medic, is arrested for manufacturing recreational drugs and admits that Scott also made and sold Ecstasy to pay his student fees. Lucy is arrested and commits suicide in custody after a visit from the London policemen. Were Jackie and Robbie right to be suspicious of the...
10 Oct. 2010
Abuse of Trust
Coming out of a meeting with employers Seaward Systems over job losses, union activists Cam Beattie and Will Ramsey are shot, in the latter's case fatally. A colleague claims Will was about to disclose 'something big' and the Seaward boss tells Burke that he was about to accept a deal with him. Beattie discharges himself from hospital and is attacked again. The workers' clubhouse is torched but union man Patrick Carr admits he only did it to dissuade them from accepting the deal and denies murder. Jackie, however,interviewing Beattie's wife and daughter, uncovers dark...
17 Oct. 2010
Silent Truth
Farid Mamood,son of an Iranian refugee family is burnt to death in an alley way. Joined by liaison officer Mita Rahim,the team initially discount a racial motive and believe a family member may be hiding something. Then,after Jackie has discovered graffiti relating to Lockerbie, Farid's sister Delkash is also attacked. Another sibling, Yusi,who is gay,also dies after trying to bribe immigration officer Kirkwood into extending the family's stay,putting Kirkwood in the frame along with Iraqi veteran Billy Geddes,who married into the Mamoud family and smug local ...
24 Oct. 2010
Fallen Angels
Unemployed depressive Peter Ferguson hangs himself after apparently killing his four children with drug over-doses,though one,Callum,survives. However pathologist Duncan believes that Ferguson died some while before the children. Lou,the widow,was once the baby-sitter for a child who died in her care,whose mother never forgave her. Furthermore Lou was having an affair with work colleague Greg and someone alerted Peter to the fact. And Peter was due to give evidence at a tribunal over his dismissal. The truth,when it comes,is ultimately both simple and shocking,...
30 Oct. 2010
Noel Cash's battered corpse is found dumped by the motorway. His father Eddie, unaware of his son's fate, complains to the police that the lads from his boxing gym are being lured into cage fighting by shifty Don McGreevy, at whose fight club Robbie is a regular visitor and where Noel boxed to get himself out of debt. Texts on Noel's phone lead to pole dancer Anita, who also worked at the fight club and whose boy-friend, pimp Bomber Dunne, was jealous of her friendship with Noel. When Eddie is also murdered, Burke leans on McGreevy's right hand man, ex-boxer Alamo ...
7 Nov. 2010
Ends of Justice
Whilst Jackie is celebrating her promotion to inspector Robbie is beating up a pusher in his efforts to wean Katie,a drug addict he has befriended,off heroin. However he is reported,put under investigation and suspended from the investigation into the murder of busker Jacko. CCTV places council official Clark Donovan and gangster Benny Docherty in the area,both photographed together by art student Micky Dawson,taking photographs for a project. Micky is placed in a safe house but shot,due to Robbie's disclosure of his whereabouts to Docherty,who has abducted Katie. ...

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