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Sex & Nudity

  • A man is shown fully nude, his butt visible.
  • A woman's shirt and skirt are ripped open, revealing her bra and panties.
  • A man removes a woman's dress, revealing her breasts. they kiss. It is implied that they have sex. Another man comes in and caresses her naked body. Her breasts are visible as she puts on some lingerie and poses.
  • Some girls are shown in bikinis. One takes off her top, revealing her breasts. Another woman is topless kissing a man. The man removes her bikini bottoms and her butt is visible.
  • A woman in lingerie removes the lingerie, revealing her breasts and butt.
  • A few women are sitting around a hot tub topless, breasts visible.

Violence & Gore

  • Some guys chase a girl. One grabs her and she knees him in the groin. More catch her and force her to kiss them. They rip off her top and skirt.
  • A man fights a few guys. No blood.
  • A man forces himself on a girl. She retaliates by kicking him and then hitting him in the head with a lamp.
  • A man is shot.
  • Another man is shot a few times. Some blood on the wall.
  • A man fights a few men, ending when he is shot. One of the men he was fighting cuts his chest with some blood. Another man comes in and fights the men the first man was fighting.
  • A gun fight happens with several people being shot and killed. Some blood.
  • A woman is tortured a bit.
  • Another gun fight with several people shot and killed.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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