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Horror at the Oscars Part 2: This Time It's Personal

Horror fanatics are still buzzing like chainsaws over the Academy Awards’ genre montage. Anywhere there could be a conversation about it online, there was one. Many were upset over the Twilight ‘tweens’ participation, as if their mere presence sent a message about the state of scary in Hollyweird, USA.

A few seemed happy, though, to just get a glimpse of their beloved Evil Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 if only for a few seconds. But many called the selections generic and thoughtless, demanding the likes of Demons and TerrorVision instead (well, maybe not TerrorVision; that was just me).

How about Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer? Re-Animator? It’s Alive? Tombs of the Blind Dead? Coffin Joe? No list is perfect, but with a bit more care and a phone call to any one of us, the Oscars could have elevated that section into a real scream. Or maybe they
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Writer And Producer Of Television Thrillers Dies

George Eckstein was a leading producer and writer for television from the early 1960s, who was best known for his work on the hit ABC drama series The Fugitive. He penned the 2-part series finale in 1967 that saw the long suffering title character, played by David Jannsen, clear his name by finding the one-armed man who murdered his wife. The episode set a record for a viewing audience that lasted for over a decade.

Eckstein was born in Los Angeles on May 3, 1928. He scripted his first tele-play, an episode of The Untouchables, in 1961. He wrote for several other drama series during the decade, and penned several episodes of the sci-fi series The Invaders. His work on that series included scripting the acclaimed 1967 episode The Summit Meeting.

He later produced many tele-films, including Death Takes a Holiday (1971) starring Monte Markham as the physical embodiment of death, and the thriller Duel (1971) which
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Rip David Carradine

  • Fangoria
The Associated Press has reported that actor David Carradine was found dead this morning in his hotel room in Bangkok, an apparent suicide. Carradine, who was in the Thai city to shoot a movie, was 72.

The actor was discovered by a hotel maid hanged with a curtain cord, and a preliminary police investigation found no signs of foul play. Further details are being withheld out of consideration for his family. Carradine’s long career ranged from the art house to the grindhouse and everything in between, with horror credits including Larry Cohen’s Q, Gary Graver’s Trick Or Treats, Robert Martin Carroll’s Sonny Boy, Anthony Hickox’s Sundown: The Vampire In Retreat (pictured) and Waxwork II: Lost In Time, Fred Olen Ray’s Evil Toons, Ethan Wiley’s Children Of The Corn V: Fields Of Terror, Mitch Marcus’ Knocking On Death’S Door, Mark Lambert Bristol’s The Monster Hunter,
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