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  • Many of the changes have been made in the movie including merging 2 books, "The book of Three", "The Black Cauldron" into a rushed movie.

    1. Many of the characters has been left out of the movie. Important characters including Coll, Prince Ellidyr, Prince Gwydion, Gwystyl, Adaon, Kaw the crow, Medwyn, King Smoit, horses has been left out.

    2. Taran tries to forge a sword but fails while Coll gets mad at him, he also tries to touch the book but gets hurt doing so. The movie has Taran playing with his pig Hen Wen and also has her show the prophecy to Taran.

    3. Taran in the book runs after Hen Wen and meets Gwydion while in the movie he walks with Hen Wen but loses her in the forest, he then chases after Hen Wen who's taken to the castle and Gwydion is absent.

    4. Taran and Gwydion get captured by the Undead Cauldron Born and taken to Achrens castle where they are tortured and Achren the witch breaks Gwydions sword. The movie has Taran sneaking into the Castle of the Horned king.

    5. Taran finds a magic sword Dyrnwyn and he escapes with Princess Elionwy and Fflewddur Flam and the castle crumples to the ground. The movie has them escaping with the guards chasing after them but the castle still stands.

    6. Doli and King Eiddileg are Dwarves and Doli doesn't get to be invisible until the second book. The movie depicts them as Fairy Folk and Doli can be invisible anytime he wants.

    7. In the Marshes of Morva, Taran trades with the 3 witches for by giving Adaons Brooch for the Black Cauldron. The movie has Taran trading his Drnwyn sword instead.

    8. Taran and his friends meet with the Morgant army and get captured by them. Prince Ellidyr sacrifices himself by jumping in the Black Cauldron and destroying it, and his horse jumps off the cliff and dies. The movie has Gurgi jumping in the Black Cauldron and destroying the undead army but the Black Cauldron remains undamaged.

    9. The Horned King chases after Taran and his friends on horseback in battle and fights Taran who tries to use the sword Drnwyn but a word is said and the Horned King burns up and dies. The movie has Taran shoving the Horned King into the Black Cauldron and the castle crumbles to the ground.

    10. Taran, Gwydion and his friends honors Ellidyr who died to destroy the Black Cauldron. The movie has Taran demanding the 3 witches to bring Gurgi back to life by trading the Drnwyn sword. Edit (Coming Soon)


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