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Bubblegum Crisis 

Baburugamu kuraishisu (original title)
A female mercenary team, armed with unique power armor suits, battle the forces of the corrupt mega-corporation, Genom in futuristic Tokyo.




1991   1990   1988   1987  


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Series cast summary:
Yoshiko Sakakibara ...  Sylia Stingray 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Kinuko Ômori Kinuko Ômori ...  Priscilla 'Priss' S. Asagiri 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Michie Tomizawa ...  Linna Yamazaki 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Akiko Hiramatsu ...  Nene Romanova 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Nozomu Sasaki ...  Mackie Stingray 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Toshio Furukawa ...  Leon McNichol 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Ken'yû Horiuchi Ken'yû Horiuchi ...  Daley Wong 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Shûichi Ikeda Shûichi Ikeda ...  Brian J. Mason 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Kazuyuki Sogabe Kazuyuki Sogabe ...  Largo 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Kiyoshi Kawakubo Kiyoshi Kawakubo ...  Quincy 8 episodes, 1987-1991
David Arnold David Arnold ...  Quincy 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Elizabeth Becka ...  Linna Yamazaki 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Nicholas Bottom Nicholas Bottom ...  Executive B 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Jack Bowden Jack Bowden ...  Additional Voices / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Joyce Leigh Bowden Joyce Leigh Bowden ...  Interviewer / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Pierre Brulatour ...  Largo 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Jay Bryson Jay Bryson ...  Additional Voices / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Dick Bunting Dick Bunting ...  Miriam 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Katherine Burton Katherine Burton ...  Ann 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Marshall Carroll Marshall Carroll ...  Dailey Wong 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Shigeru Chiba ...  Dr. Miriam Yoshida 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Sean Clay Sean Clay ...  Additional Voices / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Annabelle Clifton Annabelle Clifton ...  Harmonies For The Replicants / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Clifton Daniel Clifton Daniel ...  Frederick 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Ted Davis Ted Davis ...  Sho 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Chuck Denson Jr. ...  Additional Voices / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Kevin Dowling Kevin Dowling ...  Professor Stingray 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Jemila Ericson Jemila Ericson ...  Sylia 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Hadley Eure Hadley Eure ...  Additional Voices / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Mark Fincannon ...  Mr. Chang 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Marc Garber Marc Garber ...  Additional Voices / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Nathan Gray Nathan Gray ...  Guard 1 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Susan Grillo Susan Grillo ...  Nene 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Jon Gutman Jon Gutman ...  Flint 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Kyôko Hamura Kyôko Hamura ...  Sho 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Zach Hanner ...  Additional Voices / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Eddie Harrell Eddie Harrell ...  McLaren 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Maiko Hashimoto Maiko Hashimoto ...  Reika Chang / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Megumi Hayashibara ...  Nam 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Aya Hisakawa ...  Lisa Vanette 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Tom Holmes Tom Holmes ...  Doctor 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Geoffrey Honaker Geoffrey Honaker ...  Fargo 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Jean Hrdlicka Jean Hrdlicka ...  Irene Chang 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Miki Itô ...  Irene 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Hiroko Kasahara Hiroko Kasahara ...  Cynthia 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Belinda Keller ...  Female Boomer / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Chuck Kinlaw Chuck Kinlaw ...  Additional Voices / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
David Kraus David Kraus ...  Additional Voices / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Steve Lalla Steve Lalla ...  Additional Voices 8 episodes, 1987-1991
J. Patrick Lawlor ...  Additional Voices 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Barbara C. Lewis Barbara C. Lewis ...  ADP Commander 8 episodes, 1987-1991
David Long David Long ...  Ebisu President 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Mindi L. Lyons Mindi L. Lyons ...  Naomi / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Tomoko Maruo Tomoko Maruo ...  Meg 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Loren Mash Loren Mash ...  Young Sylia 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Marc Matney Marc Matney ...  Additional Voices / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Yasunori Matsumoto ...  Kou 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Mike McGovern Mike McGovern ...  Manager 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Yûko Mizutani Yûko Mizutani ...  Anri 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Brad Moranz Brad Moranz ...  Leon McNichol 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Senri Nakajima Senri Nakajima ...  Sho's Mother 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Sinda Nichols ...  Priss Asagiri 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Patt Noday ...  Deputy Commander / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Ken'ichi Ogata Ken'ichi Ogata ...  Raven 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Eric Paisley Eric Paisley ...  Mason 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Amy Parrish ...  Harmonies Of The Replicants / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Eliot Preschutti Eliot Preschutti ...  Additional Voices / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Steve Rassin Steve Rassin ...  Additional Voices / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Kevin Reilly Kevin Reilly ...  Additional Voices / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Silivea Robinson Silivea Robinson ...  Sings Of The Replicants 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Masaharu Satô Masaharu Satô ...  Chief 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Martha Ellen Senseney ...  Sylvie 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Kaneto Shiozawa ...  Gibson 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Mayumi Shô ...  Naomi 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Gray Sibley Gray Sibley ...  Additional Voices / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Scott Simpson ...  Additional Voices 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Michael Sinterniklaas ...  AD Police Officer / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Tammy Starling Tammy Starling ...  Lou 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Matt Sullivan Matt Sullivan ...  Company Man A 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Yoshino Takamori Yoshino Takamori ...  Sylvie 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Urara Takano Urara Takano ...  Kate Madigan 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Amanda Tancredi Amanda Tancredi ...  ADP Receptionist / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Michael Titterton Michael Titterton ...  Dr. Raven 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Sophia Tolar Sophia Tolar ...  Additional Voices 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Frank Trimble Frank Trimble ...  Mackie Stingray 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Hank Troscianiec Hank Troscianiec ...  Additional Voices 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Yumi Tôma Yumi Tôma ...  Lou 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Steve Vernon Steve Vernon ...  Additional Voices / ... 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Timothy J. Walsh Timothy J. Walsh ...  C&G Chairman 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Michael S. Way Michael S. Way ...  Commander Swarz 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Cyndi Wheeler Cyndi Wheeler ...  Sings Of The Replicants 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Kôichi Yamadera ...  Fargo 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Emily Young Emily Young ...  Kate 8 episodes, 1987-1991
Teiji Ômiya Teiji Ômiya ...  USSD Chief 8 episodes, 1987-1991


This eight-part OVA (Original Video Animation, or made-for-video) series is set in the giant megalopolis of MegaTokyo in the year 2033. The story chronicles the battles of four women in power armor against an evil mega-corporation called GENOM. BGC is one of the most popular series among fans of Japanese animation ("anime"), as well as fans of the cyberpunk genre. Written by Christopher E. Meadows <cmeadows@nyx.cs.du.edu>

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10 December 2014 (USA) See more »

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(8 episodes)



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Did You Know?


The series was originally planned, according to some sources, to be 13 episodes long. However, due to contractual obligations, specifically for Kinuko Ômori, the seijuu (voice actor), Priss's character was originally written to be killed during episode 6: Red Eye's, but Ms. Omori's contract was extended. The heavy beating Priss receives in this episode is mostly from the original plans for Priss's death. This would also have changed episode 7: Double Vision, as it is rumored that Vision would have taken Priss's place among the Knight Sabers. In fact, in episode 8: Scoop Chase, a clip of a Robocop-like spoof shown during the episode shows a brief glimpse of Vision in the hardsuit she would have worn. The series was cancelled after eight episodes, though sources say that Bubblegum Crash! was a compilation of the events planned in those last five episodes. See more »


Lisa Vanette: Do you know about the Knight Sabers?
Sylia Stingray: Uh-huh, I've heard about them.
Lisa Vanette: Why do you suppose they fight boomers? I hear they take their clients for lots of money, but... I wonder... if they're supposed to be the good guys.
Sylia Stingray: What do you think?
Lisa Vanette: I don't know... But fighting boomers means taking on Genom, doesn't it? For a mere four people to take on such a large corporation is just... well... Genom makes a lot of things that make wars possible. But they also make boomers that are useful to society. And ...
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References Thundercats (1985) See more »


Bara No Soldier
(Soldier of Roses)
Lyrics by Hayama Mari
Music and Arrangement by Makaino Kouji
Performed by Tsubokura Yuiko
English Performance by Silivea Robinson
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User Reviews

Quite good overall, but don't believe the hype too much.
14 August 2001 | by vknSee all my reviews

Considering the large following and high reputation this series has, one imagines it must be quite good. Oddly, it never struck me as mind-blowingly fantastic as the fan hype makes it out to be, but I did quite like most of the series.

Many praises are sung about the soundtrack, and those are very true indeed; great rock songs with very good pace and vivid vocals accompany the action. They work a treat, and a lot of the songs stick with the viewer for very long.

Alas, the raving over the music is probably the only point where the hype got it right. For the rest, the actual series seems a bit underwhelming compared to what one might expect. For example, the supposedly excellent character development is a much-trumpeted point that falls a bit flat. Not to say that the characters are poor by any means. They're very likeable, and they do have their own distinct personalities, but they don't seem all that revolutionary. Our four heroines, Priss, Nene, Sylia and Linna basically consist of respectively the tough rebellious youth, the pink-haired girly "cute" computer whiz, the mysterious and only -really- interesting one, and...err, the other one (yup, poor Linna is badly under-used and shows very little distinct character traits). It's true that this is a cast formula that was innovative for it's time, and that it has been copied very often, but maybe that's exactly why the whole thing sometimes seems a little below it's reputation. There are tough, rebellious youths and pink-haired squeaky cute computer geniuses all over the place on the anime market. The fact that they're all female is hardly a novelty anymore either.

That might be the main problem here; time hasn't been too kind to Bubblegum Crisis. Those who first saw the series and became loyal followers in the 80's had every reason to be impressed back then. Alas, by now, the same formula has appeared so often, be it under different guises, that there's little left to be amazed about for one watching this series for the first time now. Somehow BGC doesn't really manage to hold up a feeling that it's the founding father of a whole generation of anime series.

Animation quality has aged a bit better though, with only the first episode looking genuinely old hat by now. Episodes seven and eight are still lovely to look at (probably due to the nice and somehow "softer" color palette used for ep. 8). The mecha action scenes -another highly hyped point- are indeed fast and furious, and have some very intense moments. The mecha designs as well are admirably intricate and innovative sometimes. But like most over-hyped elements of BGC, the fights have flaws as well, namely that they are sometimes cut short a bit. The way the main villain in the sixth episode (who is utterly brilliant, by the way) is finished off struck me as rather too sudden, as was the end of the battle in episode 5. It's supposed to be a very dramatic moment, but it went a bit too fast and thus didn't have all the punch it -could- have had.

There still is lots going in favor of BGC, however. Several minor characters are very likeable and amusing, and manage to actually be more entertaining than the four heroines. The adorable Daley springs to mind, not exactly because he's gay -homosexuality is very common in anime- but because during his few moments in the spotlight he's always delightful (and damn it all, he's -cute-). Most of the one-shot characters that only appear in one or two episodes are also handled with style and become very vivid. A very nice bunch, basically. And that goes for the minor nasties as well. The four heroines are also entertaining enough, despite not being all that full of surprises.

The storyline also manages to present some interesting themes. Revenge is one of them, as is the blurred borderline between machines and living beings. There's also a very intriguing triangle between Sylia, minor nasty Mason and more impressive nasty Largo. There are also hints that Sylia might be more than meets the eye. All these themes and possible subliminar messages are only established in the background and hardly ever mentioned in so many words. One could very easily miss them altogether.

Subtelty is all very well, but it's a shame that none of these possible deeper plot threads are ever tied up; the end of episode 8 is -not- a proper ending. The series was supposed to continue on for a few more episodes, but alas the project ran into murky waters at that point. And that's why BGC is so tricky to judge; it's an unfinished piece (a sequel tried to sort of tie everything up but didn't really succeed). It's as if Return of the Jedi was missing from the first Star Wars trilogy, for instance. And that's quite a shame, as the -promise- certainly is there.

If the series had lived to see it's originally planned ending, it might have become the masterpiece it's -said- to be. As it stands, it's a good, solid series with plenty to enjoy and a few flaws that don't get in the way too much. Give it a go, see what you think. You probably won't be blown over with amazement, but chances are high you'll have a very plain good time all the same.

(just note that you should avoid the dub if possible. It's tolerable, but the songs are dubbed as well, and as a result suffer overall. Besides, dubs are always inferior to the original)

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