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The UK 4-Front/Arrow films video release (1997) is uncut, as are all later DVD releases. The cinema version had been cut by 34 secs by the BBFC with edits to the killing of Rhodes, Miller's neck being bitten by a female zombie, Miguel's arm amputation and shots of Rickles's fingers being bitten off, and the same cut print was used for early video releases.
Canadian version released by Media Home Entertainment in 1986 is missing most or all of the gore. The editing was done very sloppily: the removal of scenes of zombies' brains being blown out causes the sound effects to be cut as well, so zombies are shot without the noise of gunfire.
The German Video-Release is heavily cut. nearly all gore is missing. The uncut version was re-released by Astro Video
The film was released in Australia on the Roadshow Home Video label, and is the complete, uncut version.
Video version released in Sweden (by the formerly distributor Odox, now House of Horror) is uncut, according to the company.
The version released by Anchor Bay Entertainment is the complete uncut version, containing all the gore and violence.
Scenes removed completely from the 1986 British video release (as opposed to merely trimmed).
  • Red meat and sinew tearing free from Miller's throat after the Old Lady zombie bites him.
  • Rickles having his fingers bitten off after being pulled down outside the corral and then having his cheek peeled back to the bone.
The Brazilian version has a different soundtrack in the first 30 minutes
On the 2003 Anchor Bay, 2-disc, Region 1 release some of Steel's (Gary Klar) dialogue has been overdubbed. This is most noticeable when Steel and Rickles realise the elevator has been sabotaged and Steel says "fuck" instead of "Jesus" as in the original version. The voice used is not Gary Klar's and sounds nothing like him.

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