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Alternate Versions

UK cinema and video versions were cut by 1 min 5 secs by the BBFC with edits to eye gougings, a hand being mutilated in the wheel of a bike, a demon vomiting blood and bile on a woman, closeups of a woman's teeth falling out during her transformation into a demon and a scene where cocaine is scraped off a woman's breast with a razor-blade. Some cuts were restored for the 2000 DIVID release (minus 42 secs from the cocaine scene) though the Platinum DVD, released at the same time, mistakenly featured the uncut print. The cuts were fully waived in 2004 for the reissued 'Director's Cut' Platinum DVD.
The United States release features a mono sound mix. But It also features additional sound effects, such as the demon growl and slicing sound when the title "Demons" appears. All other release prints feature the original Dolby Stereo mix.
The 1999 re-issue of "Demons" on videocassette and DVD from Anchor Bay's "Dario Argento Collection" feature the original Dolby Stereo mix for the first time in the U.S.
North American version features different dialogue and voice dubbing for Nina the punk rock girl.
The Canadian video release on the Norstar label is the censored-for-Ontario version and is missing a few minutes of graphic footage.

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