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  • The Metropol opened its doors on October 25, 1906, as both a theater and concert hall. In time, the theater section became redundant. Five years later, the building then functioned as a movie theater, the Lichtspiele Mozartsaal, and, during 1926, UFA took over its running. In 1930, a new look brought modifications and the look of Art Deco. By 1942, its name became Nollendorf Palast. In 1951, it became the Metropol, which, also, had known many names: Mozartsaal, Mozartsaal Cinema, Nollendorf Palast, and the Neue Scala. In the 1970s, disco was its outlet and club kids enjoyed what was then the most popular nightspot in West Berlin. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There are three available versions of Demons in the UK. The DVD by Divid 2000 lacks a scene of cocaine getting scraped off a young woman's breasts with a razor blade.

    Approximately one minute was censored in the old British BBFC 18 VHS by Avatar or Caleco. Some more or less gruesome shots were deleted. All cuts were waived for the most recent DVD releases. Edit (Coming Soon)


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