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  • A group of random people are invited to a screening of a mysterious movie, only to find themselves trapped in the theater with ravenous demons.

  • Art imitating art is the basis of this demonic tale of a group of invited guests who are granted a free lunch in the form of a screening of a horror film that brings naturalism to life. Baited and penned in, this walled-in feeling quickly turns to screams and fear as those who are dead lust after the flesh of those living. The free lunch has turned full circle in the cinema of hell and it is only a question of time before the demons from the abyss are asking for second portions.

  • Several people are invited to join the opening of a new movie theatre. As the horror film shown to the guests gets more and more violent, the people start to transform one by one into bloodthirsty demons. The remaining guests begin the desperate battle for their lives.

  • A new theatre is to be inaugurated and people are invited to watch a movie. A woman tries on a mask, the mask pierces her skin and this causes her to transform into a demon. She then bites others and they turn into demons, turning slowly the whole theatre into mayhem, only few survive the blood-thirsty demons.

  • A mysterious man in a metallic mask (actually the assistant director) is handing out free tickets to the premiere of a film entitled _Demons_ at a new cinema renovated from an old gothic structure. Cheryl and her best friend decide to skip music class to see the movie. A bald, black pimp and several of his whores are bothering people in the lobby. One tries on a demon mask, and it cuts her face. The cut will not go away, and eventually starts to fester, turning her into a green-drooling demon, which transforms people with her nails. Two guys sit down with Cheryl and her friend viewing the film documenting a similar case to what is happening in the restroom, associating it with the prophecies of Nostradamus. Eventually the theatre becomes a walled-in trap, and those who survive have to rely on some disgusting punks who snort coke from a Coke can to come to the rescue, riding their motorcycles around in the theatre. The guy who prefers Cheryl becomes a gun-toting Ash-like hero, while the others transform into demons for the slaying one-by-one.

  • While young Cheryl is riding the West Berlin subway, a strange man in a metallic mask hands her tickets to a movie at a newly renovated theater. She invites her friend Kathy to go with her, and they meet up with 2 young men in the lobby. A pimp and 2 of his girls are checking out displays in the lobby, one of which is a demon mask from the film. One of the prostitutes tries on the mask and is cut while removing it. While the film (a violent horror movie) is starting, the woman's wound starts oozing green slime...and in seconds she becomes a hideous, fanged & clawed demon! She attacks anyone who crosses her path, and soon the theater is filled with people turning into demons - and those trying to avoid attack. The theater exits have disappeared. Even stopping the film doesn't help, as newer demons appear. Cheryl & George (one of the young men) start a desperate battle for survival, as George rides a motorcycle wielding a samurai sword through the theater, killing demons as he goes. But will the two of them succeed in escaping the evil demons who now inhabit West Berlin's streets?


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  • While riding the subway to class, music student Cheryl (Natasha Hovey) is given a free pass to a movie theater by a silent, imposing man wearing a metal mask (Michele Soavi). She persuades her classmate, Kathy (Paola Cazzo), to skip class and go to the film with her. There they meet two young men, George (Urbano Barberini) and Ken (Karl Zinny). Other attendees include a smoothly dressed black man, Tony (Bobby Rhodes), and his two girlfriends, Rosemary (Geretta Geretta) and Carmen (Fabiola Toledo), cranky husband Frank (Stelio Candelli) and bitter wife Ruth (Nicole Tessier), young couple Tommy (Guido Baldi) and Hannah (Fiore Argento) and blind man Werner (Alex Serra) and his daughter Liz (Enrica Maria Scrivero). In the lobby of the theater, Rosemary tries on a prop demon mask that leaves a cut on her cheek.

    Kathy is upset to learn they have come to see a horror film, even though George and Ken offer to "protect" her and Cheryl. In the film, a group of college students ride their motor bikes to the ruins of an old castle rumored to be the burial place of Nostradamus. One of the characters puts on a demon mask identical to the one in the lobby, and it cuts his face. At this moment, the scratch on Rosemary's cheek begins to throb. She goes to the bathroom to take care of it but instead transforms into a demon -- mirroring the character's transformation in the film. Rosemary mauls Carmen, who had followed her to the bathroom. Badly injured, Carmen crashes through the movie screen just as the possessed characters hacks at his friends with a knife.

    As the horrified audience crowds around her, Carmen transforms into a demon and kills Frank, while Carmen strangles Liz and gouges out Werner's eyes. She and Rosemary then chase the rest of the audience members through the theater. All of the exits have been boarded up somehow. Believing the film is somehow causing people to become demons, Tony leads Kathy, Cheryl, George and Kelly to the projection booth to shut it down. Finding no one there, they smash the projectors then barricade themselves in the balcony. Werner tells them the film isn't the source of evil, the theater itself is. Now also transformed into demons, Frank and Liz attack the others. Liz bites Tony in the leg while Frank vomits demonic blood all over Hannah.

    When four punks -- Ripper (Lino Salemme), Hot Dog (Giuseppe Maro Cruciane), Baby Pig (Peter Pitsch) and Nina (Bettina Ciampolini) -- manage to break into the theater, the now demonified Werner slips out into a street where he attacks two police officers. Hannah and Tommy try to crawl through a ventilation shaft, but Hannah has been transformed into a demon herself and kills Tommy. Believing the punks are there to rescue them, the survivors begin to tear down the barricades, but this only allows the demons to reach the balcony and attack them. Everyone except Kathy, Cheryl, George and Ken are slaughtered.

    George and Ken decide to use the ventilation shafts as well, but before anyone can enter, Kathy begins to transform into a demon as well -- she had swallowed some demon blood during the escape from the balcony. When Ken beats her with the air conditioning grate, a new demon bursts from her back and rakes him across the chest. George is forced to kill him with a prop sword from the lobby. He then rides a fully gassed up motorcycle, another prop in the lobby, to ride through the theater and hack to bits most of the demons, including the four punks.

    Then a helicopter crashes through the ceiling. George uses its propeller to kill the rest of the demons and then its winch and grappling hook to access the theater's roof. There the metal mask man attacks them, but George is able to kill him by stabbing him in the eye with a piece of rebar. George and Cheryl make it to the street only to learn the demonic infection has spread into the city, which now resembles a war zone. They are picked up by a man and his children, who have apparently stockpiled weapons for just such an event. As they drive out of the city, Cheryl transforms into a demon, having been infected at some point in the theater. The man's young son quickly guns her down, and they leave her body in the road.

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