Explorers (1985) Poster


River Phoenix: Wolfgang Müller



  • Darren Woods : [about "beings" on other planets]  Maybe it's a bunch of Amazon rainforest women that wanna breed a new race.

    Wolfgang Müller : You pervert.

  • [watching the movie "Starkiller"] 

    Wolfgang Müller : Explosions in space? It's impossible.

    Ben Crandall : What do you mean? You can hardly see the strings.

  • Wolfgang Müller : It's asking for coordinates on x-, y- and z-axes to locate a point in space relative to its terminal. How did you dream this?

  • [last lines in the film] 

    Ben Crandall : If this is all a dream, what's gonna happen when we wake up?

    Wolfgang Müller : I don't know, but I can't wait to find out.

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