One Magic Christmas (1985) Poster

Harry Dean Stanton: Gideon



  • Gideon : Can you keep a secret?

    Abbie Grainger : Yeah.

    Gideon : Well, uh, I'm an angel. A Christmas angel.

    Abbie Grainger : Oh, no, you're not, 'cause my dad told me you can't see angels. They're invisible.

    Gideon : Well, they're invisible sometimes, but sometimes they have to show up.

    Abbie Grainger : So, what's your name then?

    Gideon : Gideon.

    Abbie Grainger : Gideon? Was you a good person that died?

    Gideon : Good person? Well, I was a cow hand... out, out west. And one Christmas, a long, long time ago, I was riding along the Snake River, and I heard this little... kid, uh, yelling to somebody, and, uh, so I jumped into the river to save him. Well, I saved him, all right, but I got myself drowned. 'Cause I didn't know how to swim. And, um, after that they, they made me a Christmas angel.

    Abbie Grainger : What do Christmas angels do?

    Gideon : Well, my job is to, every Christmas, have to help one person, that's feeling down, to get into the Christmas spirit.

    Abbie Grainger : One person?

    Gideon : Yeah.

    Abbie Grainger : Could it be my mom? Could you make my mom like Christmas better, Gideon?

    Gideon : Yeah. I think so, if you'll help me.

    Abbie Grainger : Okay.

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