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Jackie Chan's Police Story Series 1985 - 2013

Recently I have been going through my old Hong Kong movie catalogue and have re-watched a number of classics and not so classics. With this I decided to recheck one of Jackie Chan’s most popular series of films, The Police Story series, which began back in 1985, with the latest instalment only being a few years ago in 2013. Police Story – 1985 Jackie Chan had previously tried to make it in Hollywood with Battle Creek Brawl (1980), The Cannonball Run (1981) and its sequel Cannonball Run 2 (1984), none of which used him to his best potential. In 1985 Jackie Chan tried once more to break the Hollywood market. His attempt at this turned out to be James GlickenhausThe Protector (1985). The film...

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Police Story: ranking the movies in order of quality




Police Story might just be the greatest action franchise of all time. But which movies are the best in the series?

After his disappointing experience in America filming The Protector, Jackie Chan returned to Hong Kong determined to make his own cop film his own way. The result - Police Story - kickstarted perhaps the greatest action franchise of all time; a series of films that still deliver thrills of a near-religious magnitude for genre fans.

Aside from the two reboots, the Police Stories revolve around Jackie's maverick Hong Kong cop Ka-Kui Chan (or Kevin Chan, in the English dubs) with frequent appearances from his lovably inept superior 'Uncle Bill' (Bill Tung) and his long-suffering girlfriend May (Maggie Cheung). The story continuity is a little ropey but instead each instalment offers a new, and usually more improbable, case for Ka-Kui to crack.

There's a blend of comedy,
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Moon lee: Interview With Martial Arts Screen legend

Moon lee is simply one of the greatest female fighters in Martial Arts film history. Her high tempo fight scenes and hard hitting action ranks her among the greats, along with Angela Mao, Cynthia Rothrock and Yukari Oshima.

Some of her early movies roles which spring to mind are as follows – Zu: Warriors From The Magic Mountain, The Champions, Those Merry Souls and The Protector. After that we got to see her in the first two classic Mr.Vampire movies, but it wasn’t until the movie Angel that we finally seen what she could do. “Girls with Guns” genre was born, Moon teamed up with Yukari Oshima and delivered big time that females could fight as well and tough as men do and wow, she was not wrong.

Moon Lee stepped away from making movies around 1995, but as always continued doing her main passion which is dancing, something she
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Chan Still Delivers A Knockout Punch

Whatever else you might want to say about Jackie Chan (and given certain comments, there's plenty to say), the man never had the identity crisis that plagued so many action stars of his generation. Across several decades and dozens of movies, his persona remained remarkably consistent, even as he moved between countries and genres. The only problem with that is that it makes many of his films seem largely interchangeable, and packaging two of them together like this serves only to reinforce that. Crime Story and The Protector are both perfectly fine movies on their own, though, so that's unlikely to dissuade Chan fans, nor should it.

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Life’s Too Short to Watch ‘Branded,’ ‘The Possession’ or ‘To Rome With Love,’ But ‘Wake In Fright’ Is a Buy

Welcome back to This Week In Discs! As always, if you see something you like, click on the image to buy it. Wake in Fright John Grant (Gary Bond) is a civilized man doing a stint as a schoolteacher in the Australian outback, but trouble arises when he tries to head home to Sydney and never quite makes it. His layover in a small, forgotten town leads to new friends and a night or two (or three) of drunken debauchery, gambling and animal cruelty. This lost then found again classic of Australian cinema is a dread-filled descent into a sun-baked and alcohol-fueled hell. Bond does a fine and frightening job moving from responsible man to lost soul, but it’s Donald Pleasance who stands out as a disreputable doctor with one foot in the crazy house. Director Ted Kotcheff captures deranged desolation to perfection and marks ’70s Australia one of the most terrifying places on earth. That
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DVD Playhouse--Dec. 2012/Jan. 2013

By Allen Gardner

Killer Joe (Lionsgate) William Friedkin’s film of Tracy Letts’ off-Broadway hit about a family of Texas trailer park cretins (Emile Hirsch, Juno Temple, Thomas Haden Church, Gina Gershon) who hire a cop-cum-hitman (Matthew McConaughey) to take out their troublesome mother, then foolishly cross him, is a stinging satire, given double-barreled audacity by Friedkin’s sure, and fearless, directorial hand. Earning its Nc-17 rating in spades, “Killer Joe” reminds us that daring, frank material like this is why movies exist in the first place. McConaughey gives the performance of his career, hopefully redefined after this. Also available on Blu-ray disc. Bonuses: Featurettes; Commentary by Friendkin; Trailer. Widescreen. Dolby and DTS-hd 5.1 surround.

The Dark Knight Rises (Warner Bros.) Christopher Nolan’s coda to his “Batman” trilogy finds Christian Bale returning as a brooding Bruce Wayne/Caped Crusader, this time faced with a hulking villain (Tom Hardy) with respiratory
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Blu-ray, DVD Release: Crime Story & The Protector

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: Jan. 15, 2013

Price: DVD $12.99, Blu-ray $19.93

Studio: Shout! Factory

Jackie Chan aims to take care of business in Crime Story.

Jackie Chan does some serious ass-kicking in two of his earlier—but not too early—action thriller movies: The Protector (1985) and Crime Story (1993).

Written and directed by James Glickenhaus, The Protector, an American production, stars Jackie and Danny Aiello (Once Upon a Time in America) as a pair of New York cops sent to Hong Kong to catch a drug lord who has kidnapped the daughter of his former associate. There’s a healthy amount of Chan’s trademark martial arts and stuntwork, but the Hollywood-styled action sequences definitely dominate the film in this case.

In Crime Story, Jackie is the proverbial police detective on the edge, who must race against time to solve a deadly kidnapping case. Based on the true story of a billionaire abducted in an ambush,
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Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima: They brought the action

If you hear the names Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima, then you will probably know that when they come to fight, they bring us hard hitting action. It was the movie Angel(1986) that made people stand up and take notice with Moon, along with her co-star Yukari Oshima now on their way to becoming action stars.

Moon Lee

Other names: 李赛凤

Lee Choi Fong

Moon Lee

Birth date: 14/2/1965

Nationality: Hong Kong

Workplace: Hong Kong

Selected Filmography

1983: Zu: Warriors From The Magic Mountain

1985:The Protector



1989:Princess Madam

1990:New Killers In Town

1992:Beauty Investigator

2008:Only The Way


From age 6 to 12, Moon lived in Kaohsiung, Taiwan for 6 years with her father, who had business there. She attended Youchang Elementary School. During her stay in Taiwan, she learned mandarin Chinese and developed her piano and dance expertise. As a result, she often had performances.

When she first
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