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Lovingly crafted from the finest sources, you can't help but cheer them on!
faisal_khan16 June 2005
I first saw Starchaser in 3D back in 1985 and for someone who grew up on the Star Wars trilogy I was hooked for life. A beautiful, heady mix of science-fiction, fantasy and all out action laced with humour, a little violence and excellent set-pieces Starchaser is lovingly assembled from the finest sources and has more love for it's source than the three prequels helmed by Lucas have shown. The story is straightforward: thousands of slaves mine crystals for robot overseers believing this to be the will of their God, Zygon. A young slave named Orin (superbly voiced by Joe Colligan) finds a glowing sword hilt buried in the mines that tells him of the forbidden world above and in an attempt to break free is taken under wing of surly smuggler Dagg Dibrimi.

Taking it's influence from Star Wars, whispering it's name with reverent pride, layering it with images and influences as diverse as Moebius, the cartoons of René Laloux and Ralph Bakshi's Wizards it's hard not to like this movie. It's well-animated, beautifully shot and surprisingly well written which is all the more remarkable given that it's an animated feature.

In almost any combination this would have been a lacklustre, disappointing affair along the lines of Titan A.E but under the direction of Steven Hahn it's becomes something much more special. Look at the credits and you'll see cast and crew steeped in sci-fi: Stargate: SG1's Carmen Argenziano as Dagg Dibrimi, Han Solo with the attitude of J.Jonah Jameson; Masters of the Universe star Anthony DeLongis' providing the silver-tongued menace of Zygon in the vein of an early Vincent Price are the two voice highlights among a near perfect cast. More sci-fi stars are found in the background, ranging from the voice stars of Transformers and DS9 to story-boarder Boyd Kirkland, who would later go onto direct Batman: The Animated Series' greatest episode 'The Grey Ghost'. Even after 20 years Belling's music holds up remarkably well, as much an integral character of the film as Les Tremayne's marvellously cowardly ship's computer. It kicks in at all the right places, has good strong recognisable themes for the main stars and above all doesn't overpower the movie or sound like one of John William's increasingly derivative scores. And unlike many animated features it doesn't feel the need to bolster the score with some contemporary rock or pop tracks, preferring a well-crafted mix of orchestral and synthesized soundtrack.

Watched 20 years on it's still as enjoyable. It doesn't run on for too long, still has that pleasing if eccentric aesthetic style prevalent throughout the film and above all is fun. It has a story to tell, does it with style and above all manages to make you care for the characters which is a rare enough thing in a live-action movie, and for an 80's animated feature something very much to be proud of.

Starchaser hasn't been commercially available for years aside from a VHS release some 15 or 16 years back but it has a strong and loyal fan base who'll welcome the fact it's finally been released my MGM on DVD. As an animated feature it still has a certain charm two decades on even without the 3D but where it really holds it's own is it's love for Star Wars. Anybody who felt disappointed by the three prequels and prefers the honest, simple storytelling style of the original will enjoy Starchaser.
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An incredible surprise and a brilliant Space-Opera! A must see.
Alcaminhante20 September 1999
One of my favorite STAR WARS rip-offs ever is an italian movie called STARCRASH, (see my review), but sometimes i can never choose between it and this amazing animated movie STARCHASER.

Don´t let the animation aspect of the whole thing put you away, because this is a magnificent Space-Opera. Twenty minutes after the beginning of STARCHASER, i already had forgotten that i was watching an animated feature.

True, the initial images are very disappointing, i swear i thought this was going to be one of those saturday morning cartoon shows for kids. But then something in this story started to grab me. First i noticed that the way that the story was being developed, didn´t exactly followed that cartoon for kids formula. Then a few minutes later an unexpected death of one of the characters ocurred and in a very crude way. From then on, i knew that this was watching something very different.

Then the battle sequences with the spaceship fighters appeared and i was totaly blowned away, by the animation, and by the direction. There are some fantastic flying action sequences in this movie, and they are planned and "filmed" in a incredible way. Every time i watch this even know i feel like i want to cheer for the characters who are flying the ships.

The animation of the spaceships is amazingly smooth, in fact they were done using computer graphics, but we only notice it because of the quality of the sequences, because there is trditional drawing covering the wireframes. In fact, although this is a very old movie, it still is one of the best integrations between traditional and computer animation i ever saw.

Then there is another good thing in the animation. Although technically very rough, we can see there was an effort to capture very human and elaborated gestures and motion, and the best thing is that it works very well indeed.

In the story aspect, obviously we find in STARCHASER a young hero, a rogue mercenary, a space princess, a cyborg villain, a pair of robots and all the Star Wars clichés you can think off. This might have been a terrible thing, but in this case all the stolen bits and pieces are perfectly blended resulting in a very good and interesting story, and in many ways much more imaginative than the classical formula followed by George Lucas. Anyway George got everything from the E.E.DOC.SMITH books from the 30´s, to "create" his saga, so it would be unffair now to call STARCHASER a STAR WARS rip-off for doing exactly the same. The characters are great specialy the two robots who have great dialogue, the action sequences are perfect and are a thrill to watch, specialy the flying scenes with the spaceships, the story is very,very good and imaginative altough it steals from everywhere, even from BLADE RUNNER, the animation is good and the soundtrack is perfect and stays in our mind forever. Maybe the only downside in this movie are the backgrounds wich altough very detailed, are always a bit blurred. But who cares !

This is a magnificent movie. And one of the best sci-fi of the 80´s. Don´t be discouraged by the animation aspect, because this is not a kids movie. Any person who likes si-fi has to like this for sure. Brilliant, brilliant and forgotten movie.

If you can find it. Don´t miss it!
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xanada7310 March 2002
I've been searching just for confirmation that this film existed for five years! For a while, I thought I'd just imagined seeing it, that no one had ever actually made it. Like many other people who have commented on this film, I too remember seeing it when I was maybe nine or ten. It haunted me ever since, because I couldn't remember the title or the names of the characters, only the well-crafted images. As I haven't seen it since then, and copies are indeed impossible to find, I will refrain from describing those images, for my memory may be faulty. Totally ripped off from Star Wars, yes, and horribly violent for a children's cartoon, but I loved it...
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The Rip-Off From Heaven
ReviloTwist28 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I should start by saying that this movie-length cartoon was a clear rip-off of the Star Wars Trilogy. The concept is very much the same, the plot follows a similar chain of events (although there are some interesting ideas added along the way) and many of the characters are no more than distorted mirror-images of their Star-Wars counterparts.

For example, the hero, Orin is more a innocent and stupid version of Luke Skywalker (although he surprisingly more entertaining to watch than Mark Hamil's wooden acting). He is assisted in his quest to defeat the evil dark lord Zygon by Dann, the intergalactic smuggler - a cigar-smoking, foul-mouthed Han-Solo who's romantic interest is a female droid (don't even begin to question the logic behind this lustful relationship). Also joining the cast is your average politically-inclined and astonishingly beautiful princess, an evil dark lord, desert-based gangster, endless waves of masked foot-soldiers, the ghost of an old man and an annoying wise-mouthed robotic ship who is obviously depressed about being no more than a machine (although he does make one good point - "After all, you're nothing but a machine made of flesh and blood. How would you like it if I went around calling you meat-brain?").

As B-gradish as it sounds, this animated feature has an astounding cinematic feel and many of the stylings of a blockbuster movie. Decent dialogue, exciting chases, huge battles and some very entertaining adult-orientated humor. The plot, whilst clearly Star-Wars inspired, moves with a satisfying sense of grandeur. The music suits the action, with numbers that John Williams himself could have composed. Some of the ideas in this film are admirable - kind of making you wish that George Lucas had included them in his opus - and as the tale develops, you get the sense of a complicated and interesting universe unfolding.

It's a shame that this film has faded into obscurity, obviously due to it's similarities to Star Wars. Despite it's clone-syndrome, I felt that this was a great film to watch, especially as a kid - when cynicism was a foreign word to me. It inspired my youthful imagination. That's why I give it a 7 out of 10.
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Great flick!
Blueghost26 June 2003
I'll just echo the comments of the other reviewers; this one's a keeper. I first saw the previews for this film at a drive-in, but could never track it down until Showtime aired it a few years later.

People could call it a Star Wars knock off, and in some sense it is. But as far as knock offs go it's one of the best. But that's perhaps a little too unfair, because despite borrowing some minor themes from Star Wars it's largely an original film told via good animation.

Despite it being an animated film I wouldn't call it a children's film. Some sexuality is touched on, one of the characters swears every so often, and there is a fair amount of violence (though not too graphic) in the film.

I've heard that this film was originally supposed to be a 3-D experience (schedualed to ride the coat tails of an attempt to revitalize the 3-D genre in the early 80's), but it stands well on its own as a regular film.

There's nothing deep about this movie, but it's a good ride all the same. It's very hard to find nowadays. Myself I was able to get a rare VHS copy of it, but the transfer, though good, really doesn't do justice to this film. One can only hope that it'll see a DVD rerelease. And by that I mean a good DVD release, not one of those fly by night companies that transfers old used projector films onto DVD format. I mean a DVD transfer with all the works; remastered film and soundtrack. :-)

If you can find Starchaser, then go get it. It's worth the effort.

July 6th, 2005 update; DVD review;

Wow! After many years I finally own a crisp remastered copy of one of my favorite animated sci-fi films. Presented in widescreen format, the viewer is no longer denied the other third of the camera's frame, and can see the full image as it was meant to be seen. It is a vast improvement over the old KVC Home Video VHS release.

Additionally the film is presented in full Stereo Surround sound. Having said that the audio does hit a little hard , but it's mostly the sound effects that peak into the red, and not the dialogue nor music track.

"Starchaser; The Legend of Orin" should have shown to the major studios in the 80's what sci-fi animation was capable of had they given it a chance. The industry's only recently played catchup in the late 90's, and even then they're a day late and a dollar short.

"Starchaser" isn't the best film ever made, and "pays homage" to other sci-fi films, but is still a fun experience all the same. I hope all sci-fi and animation fans enjoy it as much as I.
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Good call on the childhood memory
ferrarimatt16 August 2005
Man I was exactly the same. I seen this movie when i was a kid. I couldn't remember the name . only images. I wasn't sure myself if it existed. Anyways when the net started gaining popularity in 96-97 i tried everything to find this movie, after a few months of searching i found it. I remembered the name orin, and searched the name, and the movie popped up. Anyways i found an old school movie store that had totally old cartoons, like He-Man, Thundercats, etc.. and they had tgis movie. I was shocked and i rented it, totally brought back some memories, Great movie, and nostalgic. But tuff as hell to find now that everything is dvds.
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Bloody Marvelous Bit of Animation
hitman9 March 2001
Outstanding film, originally meant for 3D that hasn't suffered in the slightest from being banished to VHS rental tapes. A heady mix of Star Wars, manga influence and even a little Moebius take this Ten Commandments style film in fine style for a braethtaking ride, matched by beautiful set and character design, superb music and outstanding voices. Lobby for this one on DVD!
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lucas would have been proud...
mr_rat_66627 March 2000
I remember seeing this film years ago when i was younger and definitely have a memory of renting it out more than once from the video shop. For the past couple of years i've been searching around second hand video shops (in vain none the less)trying to find a copy. Looking back on it the comparisons between it and star wars are incredible; a diamond smuggler with an amazing ship (Han Solo perhaps), a young boy escaping from a very crap life to fight an evil bad guy with the use of his newly found sword (Luke and his light saber?). However despite this, it really was an enjoyable film and i'll spend another 4 years looking for it.
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I have to comment on a great childhood experience
loganalpha29 May 2002
When I think about this film all i can think about is how thrilled i was as a kid when i watched it, so has it lasted the test of time?, Sadly it does look dated but hell, its an animated feature film and as animation is one of my passions i cant help but tell you it was bound to happen. Lets just say think Titan A.E and your half way there a great film worth a watch if you can find it, as always e-mail me with any comments and if any one knows if you can get a dvd copy?
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jellopuke9 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Despite being a rip off of Star Wars in parts, the animation was solid enough and the story moved along at a decent clip. The action was interesting (for the time) and the villain was suitably harsh. The whole spirit of heroes past thing was odd, but any movie with the balls to kill off a character by brutal strangulation at the start of the story is got to be given a look.
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One of the greatest animated films of all time...
Daguon13a26 May 2004
This film along with Wizards, Lord of the Rings, Fire and Ice, Heavy Metal & Heavy Metal 2000, Rock and Rule, Transformers the Movie and G.I. Joe The Movie are some of the finest non anime examples that were ever produced in the 1970's and '80's (and 2000 for Heavy Metal 2000). They simply don't make films like this anymore as I stated in my comments on Fire & Ice. This is the stuff I grew up with. I am a huge fan of animation in general and this is something that has captured my imagination for years on end, ever since I saw it. The movie does a lot of borrowing from Star Wars but has an excellent story to compliment the excellent animation. Originally, from what I've heard and seen on the posters, it was supposed to be in 3-D but, I never did get to see it in theatres. Too bad the video isn't actually in 3-D...that might have been cool..maybe if they ever put this baby out on DVD someday they'll have the 3-D presentation of the film. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing and this movie brings back a lot of good memories. It's nice to see that so many others hold the same memories for the film as I do.

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I Can't Believe It's Not Star Wars!
DonaldDooD14 August 2014
Star Wars: A New Hope forever changed sci-fi in 1977. It influenced countless films to come...and inspired dozens of rip-offs. Starchaser is arguably the most shameless copy this side of The Man Who Saved the World. It's staggering. They "borrow" Luke Skywalker, Han Salo, Princess Leia, CP-30 (twice!), Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, the Millennium Falcon, and light sabers! Even its score is remarkably similar. Its completely derivative, and is just as shallow as its predecessor.

But...honestly? As far as rip-offs go...this is one of the better ones I've seen. The animation is pretty good (it was an early cartoon to use computer and traditional styles), it has enough action, and the acting isn't that bad. It also has quite a few ridiculous moments that separate it from George Lucas' vision. Just trust me, its pretty goofy.

When I first watched it, I was angry, because I thought it was supposed to be legitimately good. The ending was especially cheesy. But looking back, as a good bad movie, its pretty fun. Its funny, appealing, and campy. Something that a group can riff on without being infuriated. Its not "good", but when you're in the right mood, you might have a blast.
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Mental Popcorn
Shield-329 September 1999
One question: why does the potential overlord of the entire universe walk around dressed like a Chippendale dancer?

This is one of the those movies you can't take too seriously. I happened to check it out from my local library on a whim, practically wore out their copy. I found my own copy a few years ago, and every once in a while I re-visit it. It's one of those guilty pleasures, sort of a "Star Wars Lite."

A final note. I read someone's review of this film where they said Dagg Dibrimi looked like a cross between Burt Reynolds and Han Solo. It's pretty common knowledge in Star Wars circles that George Lucas considered Reynolds to play Han Solo before deciding on Harrison Ford. If you ever wondered what it would have been like if the decision went the other way... well, now you won't have to ponder that anymore.
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Star Wars and Star Trek are surly standards by which Sci-Fi is measured against but Starchaser holds its own.
A40FLASH18 November 2001
Basing its storyline in antiquity, it shows us the final battle in a war that has spanned centuries. The Kakan, Orin, learns of his abilities as he learns of the plight of humanity and the centuries long effort of Zygon to dominate all humans in the entire Universe.

While the storyline is another version of mankind against the machine, it is not as predictable as you might think. Orin escapes slavery and journeys through the known universe to finally come full circle to battle with the android mastermind on the eve of Zygon's fulfilling his plans for a Galaxy wide empire.

Since my wife tells me I am all thumbs, I can honestly give it ten thumbs up. A wonderful animated movie. One I have looked for, both online and off, for almost seven years to buy for my very own, whatever the cost.
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A most underrated animated Sci-fi treasure.
TalesfromTheCryptfan23 April 2006
Somewhere underground of a planet where a race of humans are enslaved to dig for a evil baron named Zygon, a young man named Orin discovers a magic blade-less sword to kill his enemies as he becomes the master of the sword. His quest is to dig up to the upper world to find the blade he seeks, during his mission he joins with a smuggler, a princess and two robots to save his home planet and free his people.

Often referred to as a "Star Wars" rip-off but i think it's a terrific and exciting animated Korean/U.S. made Sci-fi romp for adults ( not really for kids) in the tradition of "Heavy Metal" and The Story of Moses. For it's day there's some old school CGI and was originally in 3-D, i think the movie is a wonderful and nicely done animated movie that i recommend for fans of Sci-fi, animation and "Star Wars" alike.

Also recommended: "Rock & Rule", " Heavy Metal", "Titan A.E.", " Fire & Ice", " The Black Cauldron", "Star Wars Saga", "Krull", " Serenity", " Star Trek Saga", " Transformers The Movie", "Spaceballs", " Nausicca: Valley of the Wind", "Princess Mononoke", "Akira", " Ghost in The Shell 1 & 2", " Flash Gordon", "The Dark Crystal", "Prince of Egypt", " Project A-Ko", " Wizards", " Fantastic Planet".
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A must see for Kids!
danielaustin-735-48449714 August 2012
Brilliant fun!

I first saw this as a kid and I loved it! OK it's Star Wars but who doesn't like Star Wars? They have actually done a good job with the film. Very exciting and lots of fun! I know it's out on DVD but it's a little pricey. Hopefully they will bring it out on Blu ray and then it will be worth the money.

One of the best cartoon movies i have seen. It will keep the kid (and me) occupied for a few hours and you will get a good few watched out of it.

A classic from back in the day :)
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This cartoon brought me back to childhood.
cjsadko10 February 2011
This cartoon brought me back to childhood. Although earlier I never saw it. This is a tremendous atmosphere of cosmic stories of the eighties. Filled with buttons, spaceships and anthropoid robots. Not without influence of Star Wars. Jedi and the force is also present here. I am delighted as a child. 3D is simply a set of layers but it looks good on small screens like TVs revealing their full potential. But watching the projection of large size probably is not very good because too much parallax throughout the film. I want to believe that someone would reissue this cartoon now on BlueRay3D and I think that it will be claimed.
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Vague memories from the original release
DPWilson1 January 2005
So I have been searching the net trying to figure out what the heck this 3D sci-fi cartoon was that I saw in 1985, and I am thrilled to say I've found it in Starchaser. I saw the film at the ripe young age of 11. I have found a copy of it and just watched it again last night and here are my thoughts on it 19 years after its release.

Before watching it I had only vague recollections that this was a pretty cool film and a fantastic film-going experience, being a 3D film at the local AMC cinema. This 3d thing was not very common at the time--especially at an AMC mainstream theatre. I remember it being fairly dark for my 11 year old sensibilities and it was definitely influenced by Star Wars, which I personally like. It also reminded me of Logan's Run and of THX1138 a bit. It has a look not unlike Thundar the Barbarian or some of the other cartoons of that era: space ghost, He-man, etc. I saw that Matt Damon-voiced cartoon Titan AE not too long ago and couldn't help but feel like they were somehow similar in style or tone. I don't know... I was 11, like I said. I will say that overall I remember leaving the theatre with my brother who was 16 and we both liked it a lot. What's not to like about the human young hero kid trying to stop the super-villain and his army of robots?? I think there was even some sort of light-sabre sword thing that the kid had to struggle to use. That's all I can dig from the cobwebs of my memory. Don't blame me if it sucks.

Starchaser today… So I received my copy of Starchaser. It looks pretty official and I find it hard to believe, looking at this box that this is an unofficial copy of it. It looks pretty authentic.

Anyway, about the movie… Yes, it was okay. It was pretty much as I remembered it. It was pretty decent in its own way. You have to simply put the thing into context. Look at when it was made and most importantly, look at what it was made to be—a 3D sci-fi adventure. Seeing it like this… in 2D on my 16 inch TV, it doesn't really live up to what it was supposed to be, originally. I think being able to see it in 3D would be a great thing. I don't know if or how that could happen, but it should. I think this film could have a nice little cult following if it was re-released or released on DVD now with some 3D glasses in the box. It's a gem in its own way.

Yes, it does steal from Star Wars—and A LOT—but so does everything else. And really, it's not like George ever stole—hello, DUNE, anyone?! I don't really mind the stealing. And they stole from all sorts of places. There were quite a few sources referenced by these filmmakers: maybe a bit of Tron, Empire Strikes Back, Thundar the Barbarian, Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Black Hole, THX1138, Logan's Run…

But you know what? I liked it. I think that overall, they succeeded with what they were trying to do at the time. I think there were some weak spots. Some of the animation looked a little lame at times, the writing was a bit flat, there were blatant moments heisted from other scripts, but they put together an interesting film overall. It was fun, it was an adventure. And if you like the nostalgia that comes with watching something older, you'll probably enjoy it. The performances are pretty decent, and it was pretty well held together by the director. I give it a thumbs up out of a sense of nostalgia and a pretty good effort on their part, at that time, knowing what they probably had to go through in order to make this 3D adventure happen.

Yes, I noticed a few damns, a son of a bitch, a bastard, a death of a principal character early on, violence towards children, some scary and mean robots and cyborgs, some sexually charged moments (no nudity), and some adult humor. I think most of that was pretty tame by modern standards and would pass over most kids' heads. I thought that it was totally appropriate and if I had kids of any age, I'd let them watch it without question.
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Still holds up.
amesmonde9 February 2019
Orin, an escaped slave must free his people from an underground mine but first journey across the galaxy to fulfil his destiny.

Directed and produced by Steven Hahn, and written by Jeffrey Scott Starchaser borrows from Flash Gordon, Star Wars, the King Arthur Legend, even a bit of Blade Runner and many more. It's more young adult orientated, almost in the ballpark of Ralph Bakshi, there's disturbing 2000 A.D-like half-human, half-machine Man-Droids, Fembots. with some above PG choice language and surprise deaths, it offers an emotional clout and punch.

While the pace is at times is a little clunky like the Battle Star Galactica carbon robots, the animation (with no use of rotoscoping) is outstanding for the time. The music Andrew Belling is fitting. The characters, especially the robot leads are quite likeable, the evil overlord Zygon is notable. The voice acting is great and there's even a nice little twist to close of the proceedings.

Overall, refreshingly made before CGI it borrows from the best and worst of sci-fi and comes out on top. Recommend.
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80's space opera nostalgia
aleksandarsarkic13 December 2016
I see the view from many people that this is just bad rip off of Star Wars original trilogy, i agree that Starchaser is very similar in story to Star Wars but i not agree that this is bad movie. I remember that i have watched The Legend Of Orin as a kid, but looks like some distant dream, but finally i had an opportunity to watch it again after so many years and yes i had big smile when i finished watching it. The animation is okay for that time, it is typical for the 80s decade not good or bad, characters are okay, i mostly like smuggler Dag Diblirmi, he is most charismatic character yes he reminds a lot to Han Solo but has some uniqueness, also like the android girl Silica she is so sexy. Zygon is just fantastic evil character, Anthony De Longis did a really good job voicing him, another plus is music, it gives epic feel to the movie, really nice. In some parts the movie is very violent, it is mostly space opera movie, but i also see some Cyberpunk elements like man-droids in the swamps, android girls, big city sprawls full of corruption and crime. But mostly i like the Mining world and slaves who believe Zygon is there god and must obey him, looks somehow to our real world. I recommend this one to everyone who loves retro things and nostalgia and to all space opera and fantasy lovers, there are some cheesy 80's moments, bad script and Robot riding a horse but it gives that vibe that all we loved about the 80's. My grade 7/10.
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Thought I dreamt this movie up
wickednick26 May 2015
I thought this movie was a myth. Since a kid I had a vague memory of a movie where a couple of cyborgs are killed, that's all I could remember. I didn't think this movie actually existed until I saw it on a list of obscure animated films. You could only imagine how excited I was that it actually existed.

The movie is rather well animated, in atypically 80's fashion. The story is decent enough and the voice acting is pretty good. This is a movie from an era where people were trying to make epic animated movies, that were more adult. It's a shame this movie is as forgotten as it is.
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Star Blazer
hellraiser730 May 2014
To me as a kid it's always a joy whenever I see sci-fi in animated form which to me is something not done enough. This film is an under the radar gem, which I really like.

The animation I personally think is very good, it was revolutionary for it's time as it was a combination of both 3D visual technology, a bit of rotoscoping, and regular common animation. Personally I felt this was a beautiful combo and it predates the technique of the combination of 2-D animation with CGI and even 2-D and 3-D graphical design in video games. I really love the visuals on each of the worlds which are unique, really captured that sense of the broadness in space operas. And the character designs I think are great as well from the aliens, robots, and humans.

The music score is great, the theme song is one of my favorite themes of all time and I think one of the most underrated. It just has that adventurous and epic tone.

The story is solid, it's nothing too special it does takes it's cues from plenty of other space opera stories out there mainly "Star Wars" (no surprise), so it's nothing really new but everything done right. The characters are good/decent, their not really deep but they all serve their functions. Orin is solid the typical up and coming underdog young hero, but I like his motivation which isn't the typical want to save the universe but revenge, which I think is something a bit different and I don't see much anymore. Aviana is the typical beautiful sweet significant other that helps Orin, both of them have decent chemistry, I know not a great romance but I take this over any bad romance film any day; it's also kinda funny in a way since this character is voiced by the same actress that did Orin's slain significant other, so you can say it was fate giving Orin another chance.

However the character that stands out for me is Dagg, whom yeah is a rip on Han Solo but a good one and a fun character all the same. I kinda like his mannerism his sort of reminds me a bit of actor Burt Renalds whom always had this sharp and rough charisma, he has some solid lines, he's a bit reluctant but he does come though because well what else is he going to do action is pretty much his job anyway. I even like his back and forth with the female robot, Orin, but most of all the computer that helps run the ship, kinda like the computer Gideon in the anime series "Outlaw Star".

However were really in it for the adventure and is a good one at that. As I said I like the planets they explore, I even like that their not afraid to be a bit dark as we see a planet where there are aliens that steel body parts to continue to put themselves together. And the action is great, I really like the sequences when Odin uses the light sword, yeah I know a rip on the light saber but it still looks cool and I like the fact that you activate it with you mind whenever you want, and there is a little twist at the end with that weapon. The shootouts are solid but it's really the aerial assault battles that I love, those to me are the best action sequences in the film because the visuals and cinematography are just amazing, the choreography is sharp and when they flying in certain places it really looks and feels like their coming right at you.

Overall it's a solid animated film that like a star shines brightly and is worth looking at.

Rating: 3 stars
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Very likable and enjoyable sci-fi action/adventure winner
Woodyanders22 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Evil robot overlord Zygon forces his human slaves to live a miserable existence toiling away in a subterranean mining world. Brave young Orin discovers a sword hilt with mysterious magical powers that holds the key to freeing his people from a life of bleak servitude, but he must first find the blade of said hilt in order to accomplish this particular goal. Orin is assisted in his quest by gutsy and rugged rogue smuggler Dagg, sassy fembot Silica, and feisty and fetching princess Aviana. Director Steve Hahn, working from a compact script by Jeffrey Scott, relates the fun and engrossing story at a snappy pace, maintains a generally serious tone throughout, tosses in some surprisingly brutal bits of violence, and delivers plenty of dynamic and exciting action. Moreover, the characters are cool and colorful: Orin is an appealingly naive and determined wide-eyed innocent hero, Zygon makes for a perfectly ruthless and wicked villain, Arthur the whiny ship computer provides hilarious comic relief, and Dagg almost steals the whole show with his cocky cigar-chomping swagger and bold'n'brash Humphrey Bogart-like tough guy attitude. This film further benefits from such inspired funky touches as a helpful star fly that comes to Orin's aid and a memorably grotesque gang of hideous mandroids made out of scrappy spare parts. The fluid and vivid animation remains impressive even by today's more sophisticated standards. Andrew Belling's rich, lush, and spirited full-bore combo orchestral and synthesizer score hits the stirring spot. Best of all, this movie is done with a crackling verve and engaging sincerity that's impossible to either resist or dislike. An immensely entertaining cartoon feature.
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Ambitious, entertaining, fast-paced, somewhat original science fiction space opera adventure.
hu67525 April 2010
In the future, the humans has become slaves and the artificial intelligence has taken over parts of the galaxy. The slave known as Orin (Voiced by Joe Colligan) found an sword in the mines, which was deep buried in a subterranean Mine-World, which they are digging for crystals. Along with his girlfriend, they manage to escape from the mines but they were caught by robotic guards and their evil lord Zygon (Voiced by Anthony De Longis). When Zygon kills Orin's girlfriend, he manages to escape again, although Zygon thinks that he killed Orin, while he tried to escape. For the first time in Orin's life, he finds himself in the outside world and he becomes friends with an sleazy but well-intended crystal runner named Dagg (Voiced by Carmen Argenziano). Orin has an sword with mysterious powers and he needs to found out, what is the magical sword is good for. Now Orin has to free his people back in the mines to release them from their grim lives but he has to face Zygon again to free them.

Directed by Steven Hahn made an entertaining, well executed animated film is something of a cross between "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" at times. The movie even reminds me of "Heavy Metal" sometimes. But the script by Jeffery Scott (Who is a long-time TV Writer) has some ambitious ideas and the premise is very clever, although it is surprisingly dark premise for an then PG release back in 1985. Although forgotten by now but this movie does have an small loyal cult following.

DVD from MGM is presented in its original Widescreen aspect ratio of 2.35:1 format. Which the DVD is presented in an anamorphic format. DVD also has an good Dolby 2.0 Surround Sound. There's no special features on this underrated movie. The late Les Tremayne as Dagg's ship computer Arthur is the comic relief of the movie. Originally released in 3-D. Widescreen. (****/*****).
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