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DVD Review – The Slayer (1982)

The Slayer, 1982.

Directed by J.S. Cardone.

Starring Sarah Kendall, Frederick Flynn, Carol Kottenbrook, Alan McRae, Newell Alexander, and Ivy Jones.


Two couples visit a secluded island where they are attacked by a monster linked to one of the visitor’s dreams.

Brother and sister Eric (Frederick FlynnThe Forsaken) and Kay (Sarah KendallThe Karate Kid Part II), and their respective spouses Brooke (Carol KottenbrookThunder Alley) and David (Alan McRae – 3 Ninja Kids), take a holiday on a remote island with the idea of helping Kay to try and rid herself of the nightmares she has had since childhood and that are now becoming so real they are affecting her work as an artist. Once they land on the island they are informed by their nervous pilot that a hurricane is incoming and so he drops them off and leaves quickly to avoid being stranded there himself, leaving the
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It Came From 1980 X: 2 Films, 1 Cassette, $49.95?

Welcome to another installment of It Came From 1980X where I tackle the 80′s like a running clothes line fresh off the turnbuckle. Tonight we have a double feature for you straight from Continental Video. Don’t know Contintental Video? I’m not surprised, but I assure you by the end of this whole thing you most certainly will know them, fear them and maybe enjoy them a bit better. They’ve put out so much of what you love, but I don’t think they were marketed nearly as well as Midnight, Wizard, Canon or Media. For Christ’s sake somebody get me a T-shirt of this beautiful company. The double feature in question comes courtesy of Vhsps as is often the case. The Slayer and Scalps were released as a part of a special promotion as is stated on the cover of the VHS (or in this case handsome DVD rip).

2 Films.
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