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Great movie--wish I could find it somewhere
rwilliams-3324 July 2006
This movie is truly remarkable. It is a complete mystery to me why I can't find it for sale---when there is such drivel available in so many venues. If anyone has ideas I would truly appreciate it. I'd pay $50 if I could find it. Maybe I should copy all of these comments and send them to Blockbuster's CEO.

I am intrigued by one viewer's comments that this movie inspired controversy. Chamberlain is retired but surely he doesn't regret this effort. He did an outstanding job.

I made my kids watch this when it was on AMC once---surely someone can take this video and cut some DVDs.

I'm amazed that the Holocaust museums and the different Wallenberg foundations and related organizations don't have this for sale as an educational vehicle.
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Great movie
ccarval15 September 2005
I have written to NBC several times, asking if this series will be aired again, and to this date have not had a response. Can anyone tell me how I can get a copy of this movie? This was one of the greatest mini series that has ever been on TV. Richard Chamberlain did a fantastic job, it could not have been done better by anyone else. This happened in my era and is very heart warming. I have just about exhausted all avenues in trying to locate a copy of this movie. If anyone can help it would be appreciated. I would think that the way the world is today, you think that this would be the time to show the series again. It would be better then the stuff that they are showing on TV today.
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Fabulous tribute to a heroic and selfless man.
anombrerose3 March 2005
This is an excellent movie about one of the finest heroes of the 20th century. An attractive young scion from an old Swedish banking family reaches the point where he can no longer tolerate what he sees happening to Jews in Europe during WW2, and decides he has to do something about it. Conferring with a senior Diplomat, he gets himself some minor position in the Diplomatic Corp. and immediately begins to use that position to do something about it. What he does, and how he does it, is so simple, yet so amazing, and most of all, surprising, even shockingly successful.

Totally Politically Incorrect. Can we expect Hollywood, who dissed "The Passion", utterly, to appreciate this piece of work, either, and help market it? I think the fact that others have found this work so unavailable, from a proved actor of the caliber of Richard Chamberlain speaks volumes. This miniseries made many powerful enemies in its day. Sometimes if you bombard the classic movie channels with requests for an "oldie", they will eventually play it, perhaps a year later.
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This is a fantastic movie and another that seems i...
sparky-655 May 1999
This is a fantastic movie and another that seems impossible to locate. I recommend the movie as being one of Chamberlain's best. I would like to think that the man, Wallenberg, will not be forgotten. He was truly a hero and Chamberlain did an excellent portrayal.
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Copy of Wallenberg: A Hero's Story (1985) (TV)
momback128 February 2007

Like many others I was impressed and moved by this presentation. Though there are other productions about Wallenberg, I think this one is unmatched.

I too searched over the years in vain for a copy of the miniseries. I do not believe it is available commercially.

Nevertheless, after considerable and time consuming effort, I have been able to obtain a copy of the whole miniseries.

It was recorded on 4 CD-R disks and subsequently transferred to a single DVD disk.

The video an audio are good.

It is comparable to a good VHS recording.

Let me know if you are interested.
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Where can I get a copy of this film?
berniesheila6 March 2001
I loved this movie and for years I have been trying to get a copy of it. Will it ever be on TV again? Can anyone tell me? Richard Chamberlain as Raoul Wallenberg, is at his very best. Wallenberg was a man overlooked for the most part in our history of World War 2 The movie was done in just the right color and location. It was an excellent film. I wish it would be made possible to view it again.
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Touching miniseries honoring a true hero of World War II
morenoapb320 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
After much searching, I was able to obtain a copy of this miniseries though the tape is not all that clear, and some of the dialogue is hard to pick up. Since this has NEVER even been released on video, which in itself is ridiculous, I am just happy to have been able to view this wonderfully produced and acted miniseries based on the truly heroic Swedish Diplomat, Raoul Wallenberg. Filmed on location in 1984, the realistic surroundings add immensely to the depressing aura of that entire period, and Wallenberg's personal courage, charm, and sheer "balls" in taking on Adolph Eichmann and the Nazis in Budapest is very well represented by Richard Chamberlain's terrific performance, giving the audience a true sense of what Raoul Wallenberg was really all about. The supporting cast are all excellent as well, particularly the actors portraying Adolph Eichmann,(he bears a physical resemblance as well) and the actors portraying the members of the underground Jewish resistance in Budapest, who initially view Wallenberg's efforts to save Jews with great suspicion. Of course, being that this movie is based on true events, the ending is highly depressing.(SPOILER ALERT!) Because the War is now almost over, you would have hoped that Raoul Wallenberg would have been able to return to his privileged life from an aristocratic family in Sweden, and enjoy much praise and adulation for his courage in saving 100,000 Jews. Instead, sadly and horribly, he is snatched by the Soviets, never to be heard from again, despite many diplomatic efforts to find out what happened to him in the Soviet prison system. A most tragic end for a most wonderful and courageous hero!!
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Wallenberg: A Hero for All Seasons ****
edwagreen29 November 2007
Super outstanding film dealing with the exploits of Swedish diplomat, Raoul Wallenberg. He saved a great number of Hungarian Jews marked for extermination during the Holocaust.

Richard Chamberlain was never better in any of his mini-series. Proudly nicknamed the king of mini-series, Chamberlain etched an unforgettable portrayal of this hero for all times.

The story begins as Chamberlain, a young Swedish college student from an affluent family, mocks Adolf Hitler. Truth be told, the world didn't know the horrors that this all-time modern madman would heap on modern civilization.

How Chamberlain (Wallenberg) ran with Swedish documents and passed them out to Hungarian Jews was memorable. Instantaneously, the Hungarian Jews were Swedish citizens and therefore protected under Swedish authority.

Remember the miracle when, at the end of the war, many Hungarian Jews lost their protection and were placed in a barn that the Nazis were ready to blow up. Who can forget their faces as they huddled together and chanted the "shema" to sanctify the al-mighty's name? It would be left to Wallenberg to rescue them at the last minute from certain death.

Needless to say, the world was a much poorer place when Wallenberg was arrested by the Soviets,imprisoned, and never heard from again.

He is certainly a leading member of the righteous-those Christians who risked their lives to save Jews during the darkest period of history in this century.

Chamberlain gave a phenomenal performance which will long be remembered.
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