Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) Poster

Brian Oulton: Master Snelgrove



  • Master Snelgrove : [when Holmes is framed for cheating by Dudley]  Well, Holmes! It seems we've finally discovered the secret to your intelligence!

  • Dudley : Only seconds left, Holmes. I assume you've given up.

    Sherlock Holmes : Never assume anything, my good fellow.

    Dudley : But Holmes, I see no sign of a trophy.

    Sherlock Holmes : But I do.

    [Holmes picks up a vase and prepares to shatter it] 

    Master Snelgrove : Stop! Holmes, have you gone mad? This is an antique!

    [Holmes shatters the vase, revealing the stolen trophy] 

  • [Holmes has climbed onto the roof in search of a missing trophy] 

    Master Snelgrove : This is truly despicable. Imagine, a cultured student acting like a chimpanzee!

    Mrs. Dribb : He'll probably outgrow it. Oh Mr Snelgrove, he's just having a bit of fun. I'm sure you still remember what fun was?

    Master Snelgrove : Fun! Besides, this Holmes boy is too precocious, too egotistical, for his own good. Hell never find that trophy!

    Rathe : I'll wager a guinea he does!

    Master Snelgrove : Done!

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