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Season 1

5 Jan. 1986
Breathing Room (Pilot)
Alexander Blacke is a magician who after having a near death experience retires. But when his plans for retirement to turn out as he expected. He goes to a magician's convention where a fellow magician is attempting a dangerous stunt--being placed in a coffin and being submerged under water. When he is brought up, the man is dead but not from drowning; he was shot. Alex helps the police find out what happened.
8 Jan. 1986
Ten Tons of Trouble
When a statue disappears in a matters of moments. Alex is asked to investigate. And when Alex learns that the chief of security is being held accountable, he tries to solve it and clear the man's name.
15 Jan. 1986
Knave of Diamonds, Ace of Hearts
Alex is approached by a man who wants to prove that his vault is not impenetrable as it is claimed to be. Alex turns down the offer, but he comes up with a plan which Leonard decides to do while Alex is out of town. The next day, valuable gems which were what he wants taken are reported missing. When the police arrive, Leonrad offers to show where they are. And when they open the vault they find the man dead and the gems which Leonrad left after taking them out of the vault gone. When Alex returns he bails Leonrad out and they go on the run and try to find out what ...
22 Jan. 1986
The Revenge of the Esperanza
Leonard Blacke is recruiting investors to finance a group of young treasure hunters in search for an old sunken galleon.
29 Jan. 1986
Death Goes to the Movies
Alex Blacke is working as plot advisor in a movie production when the producer is killed in the studio.
12 Feb. 1986
Vanishing Act
Stuck in a small town, Alexander and Leonard get caught up in the mystery of lights in the night sky which may be more than anybody suspects.
19 Feb. 1986
Prisioner of Paradise
A man who swindled $122 million dollars from a lot of people who has been on the run for 18 years has been caught. Alex is asked by a U.S. Marshall who was in charge of bringing him back when he was caught five years but somehow he escaped, to help bring him back. So they go to the country where he was caught. They run into two men who had dealings with the man and photo journalist who wants to cover his transfer. When they learn he is being kept in his room, Alex suggests moving him to somewhere more secure. And the local police chief puts him in a room atop a tower....
26 Feb. 1986
Address Unknown
The husband of Alex's former assistant who works for a defense contractor claims there's some corruption going on. So he enlists Alex's help so that he could meet with his contact. When he meets the man, someone shoots at him so he goes off looking for the police but when they go back to where he says he met the man, the street where he met him is no longer there.
5 Mar. 1986
Forced Landing
Leonard Blacke is trying to sell an abandoned village when he accidentally witnesses the landing of an unexpected plane in the middle in the night. When the police gets on the plane, they find there is nobody aboard - not even a pilot.
12 Mar. 1986
Last Flight from Moscow
Alex is asked by the government to assist a wife of a diplomat to defect. First he must get her out of the Soviet embassy.
14 Mar. 1986
A Friendly Game of Showdown
Leonard and Alex are upset when an old friend might loose his toy company when a rival steals his toy robot prototype. They develop an detailed scam to get that prototype back.
2 Apr. 1986
It's a Jungle Out There
Alex runs into a nefarious man whom he crossed paths with before. He then sees someone going after him. And Alex learns the man has something on that person and unless he does what he is told it will be let out. So Alex and Leonard work out a plan to get the thing he has.
5 May 1986
Wax Poetic
Alex Blacke is asked to rule an auction for selling an original, unpublished script by Edgar Allan Poe.

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