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Season 2

9 Jan. 1987
The Greeter
A pharmaceutical chemist hires Ray to investigate some bogus drugs. When Ray arrives at the plant, not only is the chemist missing, no one in the company admits to having known him. With the help of a local Vietnam vet, Ray gets the information he needs about what's going on.
16 Jan. 1987
Someone from out of Ray's past is setting him up for murder. And the people he's helped before are either not helping him, or acting against him.
23 Jan. 1987
A test of a new self-contained research station goes awry and all but one of the researchers ends up dead. Ray goes in with a new team, which includes the lone survivor, to try and determine what happened.
30 Jan. 1987
Bring Me the Hand That Hit Me
A girl asks Ray to help her brother whom she thinks is in trouble. It seems that he and the guy he hangs with robbed a mobster. And they thought what they got wouldn't be missed but not only does the man want what they took from him. He also wants the hand of the man who struck him.
6 Feb. 1987
A sculptor that Ray helped in the past is once again being stalked, apparently by the very same man who is supposed to be dead. Ray is hired by the agent this time to safeguard the sculptor.
20 Feb. 1987
The First Time Is Forever
Ray turns down a journalist who shortly thereafter ends up dead. Recognizing he may have made a mistake Ray decides to look into things. As he investigates he keeps having hallucinations or flashbacks of killing people.
27 Feb. 1987
Ray gets hired by a beautiful blonde to look into the disappearance of her father. But things just aren't making sense. It appears as though a novelist is somehow setting situations up for him.
6 Mar. 1987
The Neniwa
Ray poses as a college anthropology instructor in order to investigate suspicious accidents occurring at a construction site on what may be an Indian burial ground. The site may be a sacred place to a local tribe, but the developer plans to go ahead with the project unless Ray can get the him to reconnect with his own heritage.
20 Mar. 1987
The Second Finest Man Who Ever Lived
Ray gets involved when a man he helped in the past dies under suspicious circumstances working at the docks. The man's developmentally challenged son agrees to take on his father's debt as Ray tries to work out what got the man killed.
27 Mar. 1987
Night Maneuvers
Ray shows up at a military academy as a Captain. He has enlisted mans Infantry brass on his lapels.
3 Apr. 1987
Cry Wolf
Ray is hired by an actor who's been having attempts on his life. The actor seems to have rather overly dramatic grasp of reality.
10 Apr. 1987
Blood Money
A Principal of an inner city school turns to Ray for help when a Fagin like criminal has his sights on three of his students who he thinks can do some good if they stay out of his clutches. So Ray goes as a teacher.
17 Apr. 1987
Anytime, Anywhere
Ray travels back to Vietnam to help retrieve a statue in return for a list of POWs still being held. During the transaction Ray is blinded and must learn to exist in a new world.
1 May 1987
Ray is asked to reunite a Soviet scientist with her father who escaped years before. Now, he's being smuggled in a container on a cruise ship as one thing after another goes wrong for Ray.
8 May 1987
One Way Ticket to the End of the Line
A crop duster who Ray owes a favor leaves a message for Ray that he's in trouble, and Ray should make sure his estranged daughter receives everything. Ray locates the daughter, a country singer, and they go searching together.

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