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Sex & Nudity

  • Bill and Brett are seen in bed together, covered only by a sleeping bag, implying sexuality.
  • In the beginning, in the background you can see some pornographic pictures from magazines covering a wall above a man's bed.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman is killed by her airbag while she is driving her car.
  • Many cars flip over when a draw bridge goes up while people are driving on it. Many people fall off the bridge or get ran over.
  • A man is hit by a semi-truck. Blood flies out of his chest and head. We later see the semi truck with blood on the front of the grill.
  • A woman's hand and foot are cut open by a turkey knife. Blood is on her arms/feet and the knife.
  • A man is killed when a soda machine shoots a can at his head. Blood is seen on his head.
  • A young boy is run over by a steamroller. The normal version shows him being run over with no blood, but the rare unrated edition shows his head exploding. In either version, his death is very clearly seen on camera, and is very disturbing.
  • A man is electrocuted to death.
  • Many dead bodies are seen in gruesome detail.
  • A bloody corpse is seen. The corpse is completely mangled and barely looks human. We later see that the body was run over by a lawn mower. Uncut version only.
  • Two people find a dead body. It is unclear how the man was killed.
  • A man is run over by a semi truck. we see the man's carcass fall into a ditch and blood all over a semi truck. In the uncut version, his face falls off.
  • A man shoots two semi trucks with a rocket launcher.
  • Another bloody corpse is seen rotting inside a destroyed school bus. The camera zooms in on the corpse's face. (uncut version only)
  • 3 people are shot with a machine gun. Their chests explode with blood and blood floods their clothes.
  • A woman is shot in the head. Her head gouges out blood.
  • The main building in the movie explodes. A man is killed.
  • We see an airplane that has crashed into a bus carrying many people.
  • We see a vehicle that has been destroyed by an airplane/helicopter that shot at it. The body of the driver is seen with a bullet hole right through her head.
  • A man is run over by a semi truck. briefly seen.
  • In the uncut version, a dead man is shown with a chainsaw in his neck.
  • A dead man is shown who has been killed by his car window.


  • A selling machine calls a man an asshole.
  • 19 F-Bombs and derivatives (motherfucker, fuckface, fuckerama, etc.), 14 uses of shit and derivatives (bullshit, shithead, shit-for-brains, ect.), 1 use each of the words "pussy", "dickweed", "cock", and "vagina", and many uses of words like hell, damn, ass, etc.
  • A kid curses.
  • Heavy profanity through out.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some minor smoking and beer drinking is seen
  • The movie takes place in a truckstop.
  • A character smokes a HUGE cigar throughout the entire film.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • a 9-year-old boy is run over by a steamroller
  • A man in ditch screams for help. We then hear one final scream and a truck horn. It is implied he was run over by a semi truck off screen.

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