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Spalding Gray: Earl Culver



  • Earl Culver : Welcome to our talent show under the stars. Before we begin, I want to just tell you a little story that I heard about Texas recently in a local tavern. It seems though God was working around the earth here, trying to make it beautiful just like the rest of the world. He had to knock off because it was nighttime. And He said, "I'll come back tomorrow and make it just as pretty as the rest of the world,with lakes and streams and mountains and trees." And He got back the next day, and saw that the ground had completely hardened, like concrete. And He didn't want to begin all over again. No! In His infinite wisdom, He had an idea. He said: "I know what I'll do. I'll make some people that like it this way!"

  • Earl Culver : Here's a field... take a look out. Picture a house... Picture a lot of houses. What else is a field good for but building houses?

  • Earl Culver : Mainframe. Microprocessor. Semiconductor!

  • Earl Culver : Let me show you what I think is going on...

    Linda Culver : Do you hear music?

    Narrator : [to Larry, sotto voce]  Is there something wrong with your sister?

    Earl Culver : Main... frame! Micro-processor! Semi-conductor!

    Linda Culver : All right, Daddy!

    Larry Culver : [simultaneously with Linda]  All right, Dad!

    Earl Culver : Now. If this is the town... and here is the workplace...

    [starts arranging the food ont he table to make a map] 

    Earl Culver : with its goods... and distribution network... Now, most middle-class people have worked for large corporations, like VeriCorp. Or for the government itself. But now, all that's starting to change. Scientists and engineers are moving off from those large corporations like VeriCorp, and they're beginning to start their own companies, marketing new inventions.

    Narrator : Excuse me, Mister Culver... I forgot what these peppers represent.

    Earl Culver : A-ha! It all spins back to the middle! Here we are right here, in Virgil. Our way of doing business has been based on the past! That's why we have to keep these guys in Virgil, even though they DO leave VeriCorp. For the time being, it's created confusion! And chaos! They don't work for money anymore, but to earn a place in Heaven, which is a big motivating factor once upon a time, believe you me. They're working and inventing because they like it! Economics is become a spiritual thing. I must admit it frightens me a bit; they don't seem to see the difference between working, and not working. It's all become a part of one's life. Larry! Linda! There's no concept of weekends anymore!

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