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Frightfest 2018: ‘Chuck Steel – Night of the Trampires’ Review

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Features the voices of: Mike Mort, Jennifer Saunders, Paul Whitehouse, Dan Russell, Jonnie Fiori, Samantha Coughlan, Romano Marenghi, Geoff Robbins, Jonnie Price, Mark Richard Jones, Laura Tofarides | Written and Directed by Mike Mort

It’s not 1985 anymore… it’s 1986! And Chuck Steel is the maverick, lone wolf cop on the edge, who doesn’t play by the rules and must prevent the worst plague ever to hit Los Angeles – a scourge of deadly Trampires, mutant hybrids of vampires and bums.

Beginning life as a 2013 animated short, it has taken some time for this feature-length version of Chuck Steel’s adventures to come to the big screen, a shorten version having previously screened at Frightfest in 2013… Was it worth the wait?

In a word (or two). Hell yes!

Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires is like Aardman animation but if said animation was seen through the eyes of a kid in
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Class of 88: Hack-o-lantern: Sometimes a Good Memory is Better Than a Good Movie

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In what I thought would be my final feature for the Class of 88 series, I sang the praises of Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers as the kind of trashy goodness that’s quite separate from movies we watch just so that we can rag on them for being so terrible. As luck would have it, earlier this month I stumbled on a movie very much on the opposite side of the equation, Jag Mundhra’s schlockfest Hack-o-Lantern. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to at least briefly talk about one of the most entertainingly terrible movies I’ve seen in recent memory.

To provide some context, I’d never even heard of Hack-o-Lantern until I saw it being advertised at the Mahoning Drive-In, a bastion of genre cinema nestled in the Pocono Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Hack-o-Lantern was the first billed movie for their second annual Drive-In VHS-Fest,
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Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami director Sophie Fiennes on the real Grace Jones

Grace Jones has been an enigmatic performer for decades. Whether you know her from her music, or from her acting roles in Conan the Destroyer, A View to a Kill, Vamp or Boomerang, the mystery and unknown have been central to her mystique. Jones reveals herself in the documentary Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami. Filmmaker Sophie Fiennes, who has been friends with Jones for 15 years, filmed her recording and performing, while opening up on camera in between. Fiennes spoke with Monsters and Critics by phone this week before Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami opened. The film is in theaters […]

The post Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami director Sophie Fiennes on the real Grace Jones appeared first on Monsters and Critics.
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The Best Halloween TV Episodes You Can Stream Right Now

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The Best Halloween TV Episodes You Can Stream Right Now
For most, Halloween is more of a state of mind than a holiday, but for those too shy to celebrate, a fun way to feel the thrill of Oct. 31 might be through TV’s favorite characters. What is Halloween without Ted Mosby’s Slutty Pumpkin or trick-or-treating with the Belchers?

Whether it’s seeking some pop culture costume inspiration or seeing your faves partake in particularly spooky behavior, here are the must-watch Halloween episodes available for streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

“30 Rock”

“Stone Mountain,” Season 4 Episode 3

What it’s about: Liz and Jack go to Stone Mountain, Georgia, to search for new talent in “middle America.” Meanwhile, Jenna is trying to suck up to the writers so they take care of her when the new cast member comes, and the writers are focused on throwing their annual Halloween party.

Why it’s the best: Even with all of that going on,
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Poster for Marcel Walz’s remake of ‘Blood Feast’

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Check out this cool poster for Seed 2 director Marcel Walz’s forthcoming remake of Herschell Gordon LewisBlood Feast, which stars genre veterans Robert Rusler (Nightmare on Elm St. 2), Caroline Williams (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6), and Sophie Monk (The Hills Run Red).

Blood Feast will make its Us debut on June 23rd.

Fuad Ramses (Robert RuslerA Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, Vamp, Tales of Halloween) and his family have moved from the United States to France, where they run an American diner. Since business is not going too well, Fuad also works night shifts in a museum of ancient Egyptian culture. During these long, lonely nights he is repeatedly drawn to a statue representing the seductive ancient goddess Ishtar. He becomes more and more allured by the goddess as she speaks to him in visions. Eventually he succumbs to her deadly charms.
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Poster for the Blood Feast remake

Ahead of its Us release next month, a new poster has debuted for Marcel Walz’s upcoming remake of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1963 splatter horror Blood Feast which stars Robert Rusler, Caroline Williams, Sadie Katz, and Sophie Monk; take a look below…

“Fuad Ramses (Robert RuslerA Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, Vamp, Tales of Halloween) and his family have moved from the United States to France, where they run an American diner. Since business is not going too well, Fuad also works night shifts in a museum of ancient Egyptian culture. During these long, lonely nights he is repeatedly drawn to a statue representing the seductive ancient goddess Ishtar. He becomes more and more allured by the goddess as she speaks to him in visions. Eventually he succumbs to her deadly charms. After this pivotal night, Fuad begins a new life, in which murder and cannibalism become his daily bread.
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Tom Hanks' film debut was a drama about Dungeons & Dragons

Ryan Lambie Mar 29, 2017

Mazes And Monsters provided the first feature role for a young Tom Hanks in 1982 - and warned against the perils of Dungeons & Dragons...

Where there's great popularity, there's sometimes an equal and opposite backlash. Pokemon has occasionally been accused of promoting everything from Satanism to animal cruelty. The book Why Knock Rock, published in 1984, warned of the morally corrosive dangers hidden in the music of Judas Priest, Kiss and Led Zeppelin.

Before all this, there was the moral panic surrounding Dungeons & Dragons. From humble beginnings, the role-playing game quickly became a phenomenon in the 1970s, taking the company behind it - Tactical Studies Rules, founded by Gary Gygax - from a tiny cottage industry to a 600-strong firm by the end of the decade.

Dungeons & Dragons' brilliance lies in its freeform design; with only a few raw materials - dice, counters, a rulebook - the game conjures
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Practical-ly Perfect: 30 Years of The Lost Boys (1987)

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Later this year, Joel Schumacher’s landmark horror comedy The Lost Boys celebrates its 30th anniversary, and to celebrate the milestone, author and filmmaker Paul Davis is embarking on his newest project, Lost in the Shadows: The Story of The Lost Boys, which is a book that chronicles every aspect that went into bringing the vampires of Santa Cruz, and those who fought against them, to life.

Over the weekend, Davis (whose recent print retrospective for An American Werewolf in London sold out in record time) hosted a 30th anniversary panel at Imats (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show) 2017 Los Angeles to celebrate the brilliant special effects of The Lost Boys, and he brought a few friends along with him, including co-stars Alex Winter, Jamison Newlander, and Billy Wirth, as well as legendary makeup artists Ve Neill, Greg Cannom, and Steve Laporte.

Even though we recently ran our Practical-ly Perfect column for this month,
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Daily Dead’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaways: Day 9 – Horror Lego Figures, Arrow Video, Last Shirt on the Left, Monster High & More!

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Welcome back for Day 9 of Daily Dead’s fourth annual Holiday Gift Guide, readers! Once again, our goal is to help you navigate through the horrors of the 2016 shopping season with our tips on unique gift ideas, and we’ll hopefully help you save a few bucks over the next few weeks, too. For today’s gift guide, we’re showcasing several of the amazing Arrow Video releases of 2016, and we're also featuring the work of IBTrav Illustration & Design, the Mondo soundtrack release for Deathgasm, more enamel pins, a book celebrating Marvel’s Doctor Strange, Horror LEGOs, recent Monster High releases, and so much more!

This year’s Holiday Gift Guide is sponsored by several amazing companies, including Mondo, Anchor Bay Entertainment, DC Entertainment, and Magnolia Home Entertainment, who have all donated an assortment of goodies to help get you into the spirit of the season. Daily Dead also recently
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Review: Arrow Video Releases the Classic Vampire Flick 'Vamp'

Reviewed by Kevin Scott,

Vamp (1986)

Written by: Richard Wenk, Donald P. Borchers

Directed by: Richard Wenk

Cast: Chris Makepeace (Keith), Robert Rusler (A.J.), Dedee Pfeiffer (Allison), Sandy Baron (Vic), Gedde Watanabe (Duncan), Billy Drago (Snow), Grace Jones (Katrina).

Sometimes some pretty influential stuff by some pretty talented filmmakers has to season into its own. After being around long enough to see something make its debut, fall into obscurity for a couple of decades, be lovingly put on life support by loyal fans, and then rise like a phoenix to the accolades it deserved all along, I’ve got some perspective. That perspective is more than affirmed with “Vamp”. This 1986 horror comedy was well ahead of its time, and was influential in more ways than one.

Vamp had the pedigree of being a New World Picture. That may or may not seem obscure, but Cannon and New World
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Blu-ray Review: Vamp [Special Edition]

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If you read our "Class of 1986" issue of Deadly Magazine from earlier this year, then you know Richard Wenk’s Vamp is a film that is near and dear to my horror-loving heart. The 1980s were an exceptional time for vampire-themed cinema, with films like Fright Night, The Lost Boys, Near Dark, and The Hunger immediately capturing the imaginations of filmgoers during that era. But the one film that has been grossly overlooked over the last 30 years has been Vamp, and it’s great to see Wenk’s incredibly clever and funny take on a very popular sub-genre celebrated in grand fashion with the recent Special Edition Blu-Ray release from Arrow Video.

For the uninitiated, Vamp follows college students Keith (Chris Makepeace) and Aj (Robert Rusler), who are desperate to move into their fraternity house to escape dorm life, but before they can start packing their bags, they’re tasked
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Richard Wenk's 1986 horror comedy is even better than we remember -- funny, reasonably scary, and stylish. Grace Jones' vampire queen is intimidatingly strange, and great makeup effects and polished direction insure that the jokes and chills get equal attention. Vamp Blu-ray Arrow Video 1986 / Color / 1:85 widescreen / 93 min. / Street Date October 4, 2016 / Available from 29.95 Starring Chris Makepeace, Sandy Baron, Robert Rusler, Dedee Pfeiffer, Gedde Watanabe, Grace Jones, Billy Drago, Brad Logan, Lisa Lyon. Cinematography Elliot Davis, Douglas F. O'Neons Makeup Effects Greg Cannom Editor Marc Grossman Original Music Jonathan Elias Written by Richard Wenk story by Wenk, Donald P. Borchers Produced by Donald P. Borchers Directed by Richard Wenk

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

There's a lot of love for '80s pictures out there, mainly because the kids who went to see them back in the day are now in their forties and are beginning to feel pangs of nostalgia,
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October 4th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Vamp, The Purge: Election Year, Swiss Army Man

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Happy October, everyone! As expected, our favorite month is kicking off with a ton of horror and sci-fi home releases – 25 to be precise – and there’s a great selection of new and old titles coming our way on October 4th. As far as recent movies, The Purge: Election Year, The Mind’s Eye, Swiss Army Man and Fender Bender all arrive on both Blu and DVD this week, as well as the stunning South Korean horror film The Wailing. Several great cult classics are getting the HD treatment on Tuesday, including Terence Fisher’s The Earth Dies Screaming and Richard Wenk’s Vamp (both hugely underrated films, in my opinion).

Other notable Blu-ray and DVD releases for October 4th include X-Men: Apocalypse, House of Manson, Daughter of Dracula, Sharknado: The 4th Awakens, They’re Watching and Chosen Survivors.

The Earth Dies Screaming (1964) (Kino Lorber, Blu-ray)

Their target: Humanity.
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Horror disc round-up: Ghoulies, The Burning, Frogs vs Slugs

Nick Aldwinckle Oct 25, 2016

Fancy some horror? We've been taking a look at the discs of Ghoulies, The Burning, Psychomania and more...

“Have you ever heard a frog scream?”, the tag-line to George McCowan’s 1972 ecological horror Frogs (out now on Arrow Blu-ray) should have read. Indeed, for any of you readers that have ever been rudely awoken at 2am by the sound of a traumatised frog being gifted to you by your pet cat/furry psychopath, an amphibian cry of terror is probably the second worst sound there is (behind, of course, Kaiser Chiefs).

See related Will Arnett confirms more Arrested Development Arrow's Stephen Amell stars in Lego Batman 3 Dlc trailer

Not that frogs themselves are inherently evil, though viewing this classic dose of seventies green-themed nastiness might convince you otherwise. Slugs are Ok, too, though we’ll get on to them later on in this month’s vague
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Release Details & Cover Art for The Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast Collection, Dark Water (2002) & Vamp Blu-rays

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Bloodsuckers, the water-soaked paranormal, and a Herschell Gordon Lewis film collection are coming out on Blu-ray this October from Arrow Video, and the official special features lists and cover art for The Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast collection, Dark Water (2002), and 1986's Vamp tease plenty to enjoy on all three releases:

"Mvd Entertainment Group furthers the distribution of Arrow Video in the Us with several new titles in October...

Dark Water [Blu-ray + DVD] (October 11th)

After terrifying audiences worldwide with the blockbuster J-horror classic Ring and its sequel, director Hideo Nakata returned to the genre for Dark Water, another highly atmospheric, and critically acclaimed, tale of the supernatural which took the common theme of the "dead wet girl" to new heights of suspense and drama.

Based upon on a short story by Ring author Koji Suzuki, Dark Water follows Yoshimi, a single mother struggling to win sole custody of her only child, Ikuko.
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Arrow Video to Release Vamp (1986) on Blu-ray

This fall, Arrow Video will take viewers back to the After Dark nightclub with their Blu-ray release of 1986’s Vamp on October 4th in the Us (in addition to a UK Blu-ray and DVD release on October 3rd):

Vamp Us Blu-ray details from Amazon: “Two fraternity pledges head to a seedy part of town to find some entertainment for their college friends but are faced with bloodthirsty vampires!

Keith (Chris Makepeace, Meatballs) and Aj (Robert Rusler, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy s Revenge) want to make the right impression at college and so they devise a plan to get them into the best frathouse on campus. They head to the After Dark Club where they want to find a stripper for a party their friends won t forget, instead they find themselves among vampires led by Kinky Katrina (Grace Jones, A View to a Kill)!

Almost certainly
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‘Countdown’ VOD Review

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Stars: Nick Nemeth, Glenn Jacobs, Katharine Isabelle, Josh Blacker, Alexander Kalugin, Michael Kopsa, Alan O’Silva, Catherine Lough Haggquist, Jennifer Cheon, Luke Roessler, Zinaid Memisevic, Alexander Mandra | Written by Michael Finch, Richard Wenk | Directed by John Stockwell

Now this is more like it! After finding success in the horror genre and taking a step up in the world with big(ger) budget films starring big name stars, such as Halle Berry in The Call and films like Oculus, WWE Studios have seemingly returned to the low-budget, WWE superstar featuring action movies that originally peaked my interest in the “studio” back in the early 2000s – in the days of The Condemned, 12 Rounds and The Marine – with Countdown.

Countdown sees the WWE give one of their most charismatic underdog “characters” Dolph Ziggler (aka Nick Nemeth) a chance to shine in an action hero role as Ray Thompson, a take-no-prisoners-get-the-job-done cop haunted by
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TVLine Items: The Simpsons Goes Live, Big Bang Cast on Conan and More

TVLine Items: The Simpsons Goes Live, Big Bang Cast on Conan and More
Fox has officially lined up its next live television event — and this one is going to be really animated.

The network announced Tuesday that an upcoming episode of The Simpsons will feature a completely live segment, in which Marge, Lisa and Bart turn the show over to Homer, who will address his fans by commenting on the events of the day.

RelatedThe Simpsons Renewed: Fox Orders Seasons 27 and 28

Fans can tweet their questions to the cartoon patriarch using #HomerLive from Sunday, May 1, until Wednesday, May 4. The live portion — taking place on Sunday, May 15, at 8/7c — will air during both
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Blake Shelton Hosts SNL: What Were the Best and Worst Sketches?

Blake Shelton Hosts SNL: What Were the Best and Worst Sketches?
Blake Shelton has been the breakout comedic star of The Voice since its premiere in April 2011, and yet it’s taken ’til January 2015 for him to land a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live? (Whoever’s in charge of cross-promotional synergy at NBC has clearly been in a professional freefall since the demise of Law & Order: La.)

Better late than never, though, I suppose. The country music star proved an absolutely terrific choice of emcee — scoring laughs in a wide range of scenarios and not relying on cue cards nearly as much as you’d expect for a neophyte. I
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31 Netflix Instant Titles to Get You Ready for Halloween

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With every horror fan’s favorite time of year just right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of 31 genre-related titles currently available on Netflix Instant that undoubtedly will get you ready for the Halloween season.

Happy Haunting!

Invaders from Mars (Tobe Hooper)

David is the only one who knows the truth about the aliens invading his small town in this remake of the 50s science-fiction classic.

Re-Animator (Stuart Gordon)

Based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft, this campy send-up follows an egotistical medical student who develops a serum that miraculously revives the dead.

Fright Night (Tom Holland)

When Charley Brewster discovers that his suave new neighbor is a vampire, he seeks help from actor Peter Vincent, famed for portraying a ghoul hunter.

Creepshow 2 (Michael Gornick)

Join the rotting but amiable Creep as he introduces this anthology of three gruesome tales written by the master of horror,
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