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4 Jan. 1988
The Bum Out Front
Frank has a problem with a homeless man that will not leave the Chez alone.
11 Jan. 1988
Dueling Voodoo
One of Frank's Dad's possessions is a apartment from which a Voodoo woman refuses to move. Frank needs to evict her, but needs some help from another local Vodoo worker to do so.
18 Jan. 1988
Where's Ed?
Ed, a fellow Driver club member has died, but this has not stopped his fellow Drivers from taking him from the funeral home to the Chez for one last drink. Instead of taking him back, the Drivers leave him at the Chez the next morning.
3 Feb. 1988
Night Business
Business is bad in the evenings, so Frank hires a consultant, who decides on some radical changes.
15 Feb. 1988
Shorty's Belle
Shorty falls in love with a woman who may spell trouble for him.
22 Feb. 1988
Frank's Place - The Movie
A movie is being shot at the bat. Frank finds himself drawn to the actress but holds back because he doesn't want to jeopardize his potential relationship with Hanna. But the guys tell him he should try.
7 Mar. 1988
Cultural Exchange
Some East African musicians come to the Chez and one of them decides to defect.
15 Mar. 1988
The Recruiting Game
Calvin is a basketball player that is being courted by several colleges that seem to lean more toward his athletic career than his education. His Mother, reaches out to Frank to fend off the recruiters and make a sound college decision.
22 Mar. 1988
The King of Wall Street
A Charmain of a major corporation visits the Chez, but he finds out that his Board is trying to vote him out of his own company and he has to figure out his future.

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