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Jan Sewell (‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ makeup and hair) on capturing Freddie Mercury from the mustache to the teeth [Exclusive Video Interview]

“It was something I had to take quite seriously,” says makeup and hair designer Jan Sewell about her work on “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Turning Rami Malek into “Queen” frontman Freddie Mercury was a daunting challenge given that “everybody knew who Freddie was, and he was hugely loved. So I knew it was a big responsibility.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Sewell above.

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Yet Sewell, who previously turned Eddie Redmayne into Stephen Hawking for “The Theory of Everything” (2014), believes “it’s not about making someone look exactly like them. It’s about the essence of the person.” So she set about changing “lots of small, little things” about Malek’s face, such as his nose and hair. Luckily for her, the actor “was totally up for everything.”

The film covers several years in Mercury’s life,
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Sally Phillips interview: Ferdinand, Taskmaster, Smack The Pony, Veep

Louisa Mellor Dec 15, 2017

We chatted to actor and writer Sally Phillips about comedy, European accents, special cuddles, writing films and more...

“I’m quite keen to meet a Finnish shaman, have you seen them?” asks Sally Phillips three minutes into an interview that’s supposed to be about her role in new family animation Ferdinand. Scrolling through her phone, she presents me with a photograph of a fearsome looking woman with Pris from Blade Runner eye make-up, wearing an elaborate headdress and holding a tambourine.

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“Look at the expression! Very, very miserable, tambourine, excellent eye make-up” says Phillips, delighted. “I play a character who looks a bit like that in Zapped! and I did something else recently where they painted a black chicken on one eye. I thought, well, it’s slowly, slowly happening, I’m turning into a Finnish Shaman.”

Despite not having visited Finland,
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BBC Christmas 2017 TV line-up announced

Louisa Mellor Nov 28, 2017

Here's a pick of the BBC's drama and comedy for this Christmas, including Doctor Who and The League Of Gentlemen...

Get ready to mentally circle a few items in the festive TV planner; the BBC has officially announced its Christmas 2017 line-up.

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Our priorities first: Peter Capaldi’s outgoing Doctor Who episode in the leading role, Twice Upon A Time. The episode is written by Steven Moffat, directed by Rachel Talalay and stars Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Mark Gatiss and David Bradley.

According to the official synopsis, Twice Upon A Time will see Twelve and Bill “team up with the first ever Doctor to battle the enchanted glass people before he regenerates into the 13th Doctor”. Expect that to air on December the 25th as usual (we’ll confirm the time as soon as it’s announced).

Next up are three (hooray!
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Baywatch, Björk and mimicking Madonna: 30 years of French and Saunders

With surreal silliness and spot-on parody, the comedy duo – who return to TV screens this Christmas – altered the face of comedy

At the TV Baftas in 2009, French and Saunders were given a joint fellowship in celebration of their comedy career. They walked on stage to the sound of Here Come the Girls, as was the legal requirement for every woman achieving something from the period between 2008 and 2012. They got a standing ovation from the crowd of TV insiders. The applause went on, and on, so much so that Jennifer Saunders had to shout at the audience to quieten them down: “Shut up, shut up! That’s very embarrassing. Far too long.”

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French and Saunders film version of The Handmaid's Tale in Christmas special

Comedians Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders prepare parodies as they revive sketch show 30 years after its first outing

Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders are to return to TV screens this Christmas, 30 years after the first series of their sketch show was broadcast.

The BBC1 festive special of French and Saunders will feature the double act’s most popular sketches from the past three decades, plus rarely seen footage and new material.

Continue reading...
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The Outsider’s Opinion: Who Can Play the New Doctor Who?

Tom Jolliffe with an outsider’s opinion on who could play the next Doctor in Doctor Who

There’s a certain level of fandom reserved for a select type of film or TV show. Think of Trekkies, or Star Wars nuts, or Adam Sandler fans…okay, forget Adam Sandler, but as well as those who know the exact design breakdowns of the Enterprise or the Death Star down to the amount of coffee dispensers, there’s also a group of fans who know all there is to know about Doctor Who. They can explain exactly the science behind the Tardis, or that screwdriver thingy that the Doctor uses. Hell, they know what that thingy is called. Maybe they’ve been avid fans since the relaunch in 2005, or perhaps some of the elder Who geeks have stood by since the days of the Bakers’ or Davison, Pertwee, McCoy etc.

I’m not a Who fan.
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French & Saunders: watch their best movie spoofs here

Simon Brew Louisa Mellor Nov 25, 2016

As Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness announce their own TV show of movie spoofs, we celebrate the work of Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.

The news today that Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness are joining forces for a new primetime ITV series of movie spoofs has, well, not been particularly well received (we're sticking vehemently to our rule of not judging something until we've seen it. Even on a project like, say, this one). Their new show, The Keith And Paddy Picture Show, will arrive on Saturday nights at some point in 2017. But the pair will have a high bar to aim for.

For it can’t just be us that holds in high regard the exemplary movie parody sketches of Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. The pair gradually began to get higher and higher budgets from the BBC to make their spoofs and parodies
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Compelling, seductive horror: have you been watching Penny Dreadful?

With the introduction of Helen McCrory as a bewitching villain, a gripping romance and a new accent for Billie Piper, the undead gothic mystery has found a new lease of life

The first series of Penny Dreadful was a bloody mess. No surprise there, you might say. What else is a spooky, sensational Victoriana drama about a possibly-possessed medium, an Quartermain-ish adventurer, an American gun-for-hire who’s secretly a werewolf, and Dr Frankenstein and his many monsters going to be? Throw in a legion of vampires pursuing and being pursued by our heroes – it alternated between chasing and being chased, a bit like the end credits of The Benny Hill Show – and it’s not exactly a recipe for Downton Abbey.

So, we had blood and guts, slicing and dicing, vampires chained up in basements, corpses reanimated and then ripped in half, sub-Exorcist demonic mutterings that French and Saunders
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Tim Key Q&A as it happened

Enigmatically droll comedian Tim Key is in Edinburgh with his show Single White Slut, and hes answered your questions from what it was like being trussed in tinfoil for the Alan Partridge movie to considering wrestling with Shaun Murphy on a snooker table onstage in Sheffield

2.31pm BST

And with that, Tim heads off into the Fringe. His show Single White Slut is at the Grand until Monday 25 August thanks to him and to everyone who asked questions.

2.19pm BST

Gingification asks:

If I could only watch one show at the fringe this year with slut in the title, which show should it be?

One with that in the title would be Single White Slut. 9.40 at The Grand. One without would be Monsieur Butterfly, by Alex Horne. I watched it last night and it blew my mind. He's at 8.10, so we don't clash.

2.17pm BST

DonBricks asks:

What is the best rhyme for wooden?
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The House of Elliott Complete Collection

  • bestbritishtv
House of Elliott

Mr Selfridge, Downton Abbey and The Paradise have introduced a new generation of TV watchers to early 20th century fashions. Therefore, Acorn Media’s November 5 release of House of Elliott will have a ready-made audience. Set in 1920s England, it tells the tale of two fashionistas who are left virtually destitute when their father unexpectedly passes away. They sell his assets to clear the family’s debts and use the little money that remains to found a clothing business. Before long, the House of Elliott is a well-renowned fashion house that caters to the wealthiest and most snazzily dressed “flappers.”

Fashion is the glue that gels the show together but the episodes focus on the sister’s personal lives as well as their professional trials and tribulations. Evie is a bit of temptress who leaves a trail of broken hearts in her wake as she fully embraces
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Anna Wing obituary

Actor who became a household name in her 70s as Lou Beale in EastEnders

When Anna Wing took on her most famous role, in EastEnders in 1985, the Sun ran the headline: "Enter the dragon ... Lou Beale!" As hard as nails and as brittle as pressed flowers, Lou was one of a declining breed, an East End widow whose power indoors was absolute, but whose attitude towards the outside world was one of mounting fear and alienation. She played Albert Square's indomitable matriarch for only four years but Wing, who has died aged 98, became synonymous for many with her character.

The original character outline by Julia Smith and Tony Holland, creators of EastEnders, described Lou Beale thus: "The changing face of the area (especially the immigrants) is a constant source of fear to her, but then she doesn't go out much. She prefers to be at home, or on a trip down memory lane.
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Jennifer Saunders: 'BBC can't afford new French and Saunders'

Jennifer Saunders has said that there won't be another series of French and Saunders.

Along with comedy partner Dawn French, Saunders has appeared in seven series of the sketch show which ran between 1987 and 2007.

Despite reuniting for a charity episode in 2009, the pair have ruled out a new series due to the BBC's lack of budget, reports The Mirror.

The 54-year-old explained: "When we first made the show there was a good budget. You could afford to make it look how you wanted it to look and you could do what you wanted.

"Nowadays we wouldn't have that and it wouldn't look as good as the ones we've done before."

In 2009, the comedy duo joined Morecambe and Wise as the only double acts to have been presented with a BAFTA Fellowship.
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Miranda the Mad March wedding planner | Zoe Williams | Saturday sketch

The comedy spinster led the last-day stunt for Comic Relief as she helped a couple from Kent prepare to tie the knot

Miranda Hart is more than a force of nature: she is a force of entertainment; she is like a whole genre made of person. She is so purely Comic Relief that you wonder how it got by before she existed.

Yesterday marked the final event in Miranda's Mad March, a week of self-abasing activities that, as these things so often do, had to be performed in a babygrow (I don't accept the "onesie" terminology – you can take the baby out of the garment; you cannot take the association of baby out of the garment). She's launched a band in Birmingham and a dog show in Oxford. She's hurt her knee in a freak accident on a low heel. Everybody whispers very respectfully about the knee.

Yesterday, by
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Miranda Hart: 25 reasons why I love Comic Relief

As Comic Relief celebrates 25 years of fundraising, Miranda Hart shares her favourite things about Red Nose Day

Donate to Comic Relief here

• I love the idea of doing something Funny for Money to raise cash for Comic Relief. Right now, I'm on The BT Red Nose Challenge: Miranda's Mad March, being set ridiculously fun but tough challenges around the UK. On my first day, I tried to set a new Guinness World Record by waxing 16 armpits in less than three minutes. It was pretty hairy. I got closer to "real" beauty than anyone should ever have to.

Reading this on mobile? Click here to view

• I love all the Smithy sketches for Red Nose Day. I was open mouthed as I watched him berate the England football squad, and tell off the entire audience of Sports Personality of the Year. But my favourite has to be the infinite round
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Grammy Winner to Perform at the 87th Academy Awards Show

Norah Jones: Grammy winner to sing Ted song at 2013 Oscar ceremony Norah Jones, the Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, will perform Walter Murphy and Seth MacFarlane’s “Everybody Needs a Best Friend” from the movie Ted at the Oscar 2013 ceremony, telecast producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron announced yesterday. That will mark Norah Jones’ first time performing on an Oscar show. (Photo: Norah Jones.) Norah Jones’ music and movie career Norah Jones’ breakthrough hit was her 2002 album “Come Away with Me,” which sold more than 10 million copies and earned Jones no less than five Grammy Awards. Jones’ subsequent solo albums include “Feels Like Home” (2004), “Not Too Late” (2007), “The Fall” (2009), and “Little Broken Hearts,” which came out last year. She also took part in two albums with her country collective, The Little Willies, while in the 2010 compilation “…Featuring Norah Jones” she’s heard singing alongside the likes of Herbie Hancock,
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Top TV spoofs: 'Don't I know you from Lark Pies To Cranchesterford?'

From the House of Idiot to Uptown Downstairs Abbey to Hunderby there are a host of pitch-perfect pastiches. But what makes a good spoof? And is it just period dramas that are ripe for imitation?

It was "The House of Idiot" wot dun it. Ever since French and Saunders' pitch-perfect 1993 pastiche of The House of Eliott, the Beeb's hit Sunday-night drama about a haute couture fashion house during the roaring 20s, I've been unable to watch a period drama without subconsciously looking out for historical anachronisms, budget-saving trickery – just two vintage cars and a penny farthing, then? – and clunky attempts to establish context. ("Don't forget we're between the wars here, Evie!").

This is a particular problem during Downton Abbey, a show that teeters on the edge of soapy self-parody anyway. A highlight of last year's Red Nose Day was "Uptown Downstairs Abbey", from "the Oscar-winning writer of something similar" and starring Victoria Wood,
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Take five: classic TV drama box sets

There's plenty of top-class British TV if you want to dodge this summer's sport, from Brideshead Revisited to House of Eliott

If no amount of British sporting fortitude, personal triumph and parental tear-fountains can make you love the Olympics or Paralympics then you'll be looking for other ways to fill your flat-screen between now and mid-September. These classic British box sets will transport you from Lycra-based festivals of sport to somewhere altogether more tweedy. Britain is not just brilliant at cycling and rowing; we also make some quite brilliant TV drama.

Brideshead Revisited (1981)

Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews star as university friends in this pleasingly languorous adaptation of the Waugh classic. Charles Ryder (Irons) becomes entangled with the aristocratic Flyte family when he befriends the peculiar Sebastian (Andrews) at Oxford. There follows 659 minutes of Catholic symbolism, forbidden love and beautiful photography set against the backdrop of the titular homestead, played
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Dawn French on 'Superstar's Andrew Lloyd Webber: 'He is a tiptop gent'

Dawn French on 'Superstar's Andrew Lloyd Webber: 'He is a tiptop gent'
Dawn French has described her Superstar colleague Andrew Lloyd Webber as a "tiptop gent". French, Jason Donovan and Mel C have joined Webber on his search for a new theatre star to lead the cast of his Jesus Christ Superstar rock opera revival. Commenting on what it was like to work alongside Webber, French said: "I am far too over excited about my involvement on Superstar. I am counting the days to it, like you do at Christmas when you're a child. "I haven't worked with Andrew before, but I have actually portrayed him when we did a parody on French and Saunders. "I have met him a few times and he is a tiptop gent and I'm (more)
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Coles revamps Flybuys loyalty scheme in ad offensive featuring Dawn French

Coles has launched a new campaign to introduce a “supercharged” version of its loyalty scheme Flybuys.

Vicar of Dibley and French and Saunders actress Dawn French, who has appeared in ads for Tesco in the UK, is to appear in the campaign that breaks tomorrow, a Coles spokesman told Mumbrella.

According to a press release from the retailer, Coles customers will now earn one point for every dollar they spend – previously the offer was two points for every $5.

And in what the retailer claims is a ‘world first’, Coles is introducing My5, which gives Flybuys customers 10% off five products of their choice.

Also, through a service called Flybuys Dollars, Coles customers can go online and convert points to Flybuys dollars.

The agency behind the campaign was Big Red.
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Seth Green set to make animated Star Wars comedy within "next two years"

As a Robot Chicken enthusiast - made obvious via this review - I've long since heralded the mad genius of Seth Green. As unconventional as they come, Green has given us some of the best animated Sci-fi comedies (what a mouthful!) of all time, taking his genuine passion for the genre and highlighting the obvious comedy within; much of which we had missed.

While Robot Chicken gave Seth Green and Matthew Seinreich - the show's co-creator - an outlet with which to express their...let's say was unable to appease this sci-fi lust. So, after two incredibly successful seasons - gaining much public attention and the number one spot at Adult Swim - the boys pitched a 40 minute long episode, to be shown in its own right and revolving entirely around the Star Wars franchise, to their producers; and the rest, as they say, is history.

At this point,
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