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13 Feb. 1988
Cactus Jack's Last Call
J.J. goes to meet a friend, Cactus Jack who's a gambler. While they're out driving, someone runs into them. Cactus Jack is killed, J.J. is injured and ends up in the hospital. Later a man posing as a priest enters J.J.'s room and sees him going through his things. He later meets him again at his friend's memorial and learns he's conman Tenspeed Turner, who's also a friend of Cactus Jack. They set out to find why was he killed. When a man whom Cactus Jack made a wager with also has a brush with death, they think it might have something to do with the wager.
20 Feb. 1988
A Song from the Sequel
J.J.'s in L.A. to finalize a charitable project. He then meets a young man who appears to be homeless and curious as to how someone so young ended up like that. He approaches him and talks to him. Eventually he finds out that his father was the head of a movie studio who was murdered and he was the prime suspect cause they had antagonistic relationship especially when it came to his step-mother whom he pegged as a gold digger. He thinks she did it but she had what appeared to be a solid alibi. So the focus turned to him but when the murder weapon was not found the D.A...
27 Feb. 1988
Permanent Hiatus
A friend of J.J.'s who has a TV show on a TV station J.J. owns, is facing the possibility of cancellation. So he tries to eliminate his competition by framing her for killing her assistant, he was trying to lure away from her. He even uses J.J. as an alibi. J.J. decides to help the woman and he has Tenspeed check out things at the station.

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